Attorney Calls Trump's Anti-Muslim Ban "UnAmerican"

Published: Tue 15 Dec 2015 01:15 PM
Immigration Attorney Calls Trump's Anti-Muslim Ban "UnAmerican" - Presidential candidate Donald Trump's call to ban Muslim immigration could fly in the face of the US Constitution and be "reprehensible", but he could ban certain visas in a manner that was totally lawful, if elected.
The comments came in an article published by legal news site and written by San Francisco-based immigration attorney Shah Peerally.
Mr Peerally, a Muslim American who frequently writes and comments on immigration issues, said that Muslims living in America could be banned from returning after travelling abroad in a manner described in immigration law as "inadmissability".
"Donald Trump’s call for a complete and total ban of all Muslims in the US is antithetical to the way our system was designed and would set back various immigration reforms as well as possibly violate the United States Constitution.
We would be harkened back to a time of discriminatory policy akin to policy advocating Japanese Internment during World War II or the Chinese Exclusion Act during the 1880s."
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