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Scoop is NZ's largest independent news source; respected widely in media, political, business and academic circles for being the place on the internet for publishing “what was really said”, and for the quality of its analysis of issues. The audience of the are optimistic and intelligent, affluent technology users, free thinkers, confident, media savvy and informed. They want to be leaders not followers and they are likely to be in positions of influence. Scoop also attracts a discerning general readership seeking an alternative to other major news media.



Werewolf is edited by Gordon Campbell. Gordon has been a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery since the mid 1980s, and was a feature writer and columnist for the NZ Listener magazine from 1978 until 2006. Since being appointed as Scoop's political editor in 2008, Gordon has been writing thrice-weekly columns of political reporting and analysis for the Scoop site. He has also been writing, editing and publishing Werewolf, an online journal of politics, art and culture that has contributors from around New Zealand, the US and Britain. Werewolf is a source of insight and in-depth journalism that is a must read for anyone looking for comprehensive reporting on the big issues.



Scoop also has a growing range of special interest sites. One of these sites 'Wellington.Scoop' has made a significant impact on Wellington current affairs under the editorial leadership of Lindsay Shelton. Shelton is well known for his work in journalism and film since he began his career as a journalist on The Dominion newspaper in Wellington in 1956. He is also a Member of the Order of New Zealand for his services to film (in 2000).

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