Video Explains Many "Oddities" Now Occurring"

Published: Thu 24 Dec 2009 09:43 AM
A Video That Explains Many of the "Oddities" Now Occurring
Spirals in the air over Norway, floating pyramids in Russia, unexplained waves of color in the air, violent weather, lights, crafts in the skies that no one can identify and nervous behavior by leaders around the world. People around the planet are asking themselves, "What is going on?" It is obvious that the financial mess that currently exists was "engineered." This was stated by Berlusconi shortly before he was clobbered in his car leaving that speech. (He also mentioned that the Kennedy brothers and Abraham Lincoln were killed a week after trying to delink the US from the privately-owned Federal Reserve) But what about all the other things that make no sense?
The revelation of the fabrication of data to justify the cap and carbon trading scam did not surprise scientists as much as it surprised environmentalists. Some of what has been going on was explained by Jesse Ventura's new show, "Conspiracy Theory" being shown in the US on, but there are still so many unanswered questions.
There is a conspiracy. It is larger and more pervasive than the people of this planet can imagine. Explaining it cannot be done in one email. It took too long for the current situation to arise and for any audience (including relatively sophisticated editors) to accept the facts, they have to acquire a new perspective on the world and knowledge.
I would like to begin sharing what I have discovered over the last 6 years of research. I have a Master's degree in Mass Communication and 20 years of experience writing about high tech, economics and politics. It took me three years to dig the facts up and another 3 years to convince myself that what I was finding was correct.
Let me begin by sharing a video that I found in 2008. Rather unexpectedly, this video appeared to confirm some facts in a letter from a French scientist to Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project. The French scientist stated that it was an absolute necessity for the United States to tell the truth about what they knew about UFOs and technology recovered from UFO craft including "anti-matter" technology. This man's statements about "anti-matter" dumbfounded me.
If you go to this link: you will find a video and a series of photographs that will astound you. Given that this is not a studio release and that, as far as I know, this project wasn't commissioned by any branch of the US military, the videos and photos shown would be difficult to put together on an independent studio's budget. The filmmaker lives in France, but I discovered the URL on a site in the Netherlands.
There are photos on this site that astounded me as I am sure that they will you. I don't know if they are for real and I have not yet investigated the site ownership, but I plan to. I wanted to get other people looking at this video and digging into the facts.

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