The Attack On Gaza; Jews Against The Occupation

Published: Fri 16 Jan 2009 10:27 AM
Statement On The Attack On Gaza By Jews Against The Occupation-Sydney
Jews Against the Occupation - Sydney is appalled and horrified at the events in Gaza following the Israeli military attack. Coupled with the economic and political siege against the population of Gaza, the attack is collective punishment and must be identified for what it is: an international war crime.
The Israeli government remains convinced that military force will solve political problems. Instead, this approach only deepens and exacerbates the conflict. Israel's vastly superior military, economic resources and foreign alliances have, since 1967, allowed the country's governments almost unfettered action in regard to dealing with the Palestinians.
Yet, two limits on the Israeli government's capacity to continue its actions are also the seeds for a different future.
First and foremost, Palestinians themselves, despite oppression and deepening dispossession from their lands, having withstood decades of assault, and continue to struggle for basic human rights: self-determination and equality.
Second, and less recognised, are those Israelis (both Jewish and non-Jewish) who struggle against the militarization of Israeli society and the continuing oppression of Palestinians. These include Israeli soldiers imprisoned as conscientious objectors and peace activists protesting and organising rallies inside Israel.
Strengthening those currents of Israeli society will be an important contribution towards a lasting peace.
JAO-Sydney supports calls for an immediate cease fire and an end to the
siege of Gaza, with the lifting of controls on all civilian movements. We call for solidarity with all organisations working for peace in Israel/Palestine. We urge the Australian government to condemn the Israeli government's attack on Gaza and call for an immediate cessation of all Israeli military activity.

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