Christchurch Joins Global Pro-Capitalism Rally

Published: Tue 27 Nov 2001 10:39 AM
November 25, 2001 Media Advisory: Street Event
Christchurch will be one of over 100 cities around the world on December 2, 2001 to host the WalkForCapitalism - the first annual Global Rally for Capitalism.
Barry Cole and Mark Tammett, organisers of the Christchurch leg of the world wide Walk for Capitalism, have issued the following media statement.
“We would like to speak out in support of Capitalism, given the irrational and growing anti-globalisation movement, the climate change Kyoto con; and especially since the vile attacks of September 11.”
“Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of human individual rights, including property rights, where the individual does not live by permission of others, but by inalienable right.”
“Capitalism offers free enterprise, achievement, profit and excellence. Capitalism is the free market - the freedom to succeed as well as the freedom to fail; it¹s voluntary human interaction and the exchange of value for value; it¹s individual freedom and responsibility.”
“Unfortunately capitalism suffers because too many pragmatists, appeasers and cronies infiltrate seeking privilege, position and power. Capitalism needs reasoning, rational and motivated defenders, willing to stand tall and win the battle of ideas - that of individualism over collectivism.”
“Opposing capitalism are various forms of altruism: socialism, communism, fascism, tribalism, fundamentalism etc - forcing man to become a self-sacrificial beast; his brothers keeper, therefore, his brothers slave - the cause of much human conflict.”
“We must support capitalism and celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by joining the Walk for Capitalism on December 2. This is the only path to world peace and prosperity” they say.
The point will be to celebrate & highlight the benefits of capitalism. For more information see http://WalkForCapitalism.ORG
For further information or interviews:
CHRISTCHURCH COORDINATORS Mark Tammett (e-mail or phone 025 966020)
Barry Cole (e-mail or phone 03 3381865)
Barry Cole
86 Sparks Road
Hoon Hay
Christchurch NZ
+64 3 3381865
Email: info@WalkForCapitalism.ORG
BACKGROUND: Melbourne, Australia's internet radio presenter & professional street performer, PRODOS, is founder & international coordinator of WalkForCapitalism. "The spirit of the rallies will be festive & positive," he said. "We offer a hand of support & friendship to the independent thinkers, creators & producers of the world - to whom we owe so much."
He described anti-capitalist activists as "nihilists who openly endorse using violence against anyone disagreeing with them," & said that there was no place for this in a civilised society. "It is time for the world to choose between the kind of positive, constructive capitalist principles that built the World Trade Centre versus the kind which fuelled its vicious destruction, killing & injuring thousands of innocent people."
Prodos emphasises, however, that WalkForCapitalism is a positive celebration, not a reactive or anti-terrorist movement. Planning & organisation of the Rally began months before the September 11 attacks ­ but the wave of terrorism has caused an increase in participation, probably because so many people feel they want to DO SOMETHING to show their support for the United States, & for the free enterprise system that has made America the greatest success story in the history of Mankind.
PARTICIPATING CITIES: Cities scheduled to take part now total over 100 around the world, including Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Whangarei, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, New York, London, Stockholm, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, Delhi, Hong Kong, & Seoul.

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