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Published: Thu 9 Dec 1999 06:15 PM
1. CABINET - The PM elect has laid down a clear policy challenge to her Cabinet when it comes to dealing with Maori issues. TV1 looks at the main portfolio allocations. Helen Clark says the Government's number one priority is sustainable economic growth, but improving the disparity between Maori and Pakeha is also a priority. The new Government is promising a new approach to Maori issues including a complete audit where all money spent on Maori goes and if it is spent wisely. Being in office brings the new ministers a higher rate of pay.
2. SPENDING - Helen Clark is promising a crack down on spending in the public service. High spending public servants are on notice and Helen Clark is promising to keep a tight reign on her people. WINZ boss Christine Rankin is clearly on notice. It is uncertain if the Government will have to pay out if they sack her.
3. MISSING PAPERS - Police believe the missing voting papers were innocently lost. They have no effect on Simon Power winning the seat anyway.
4. TAURANGA - National is to challenge Winston Peters small win in Tauranga with a judicial recount.
5. AUCKLAND - As part of the Cabinet portfolios one Minister has for the first time been given the job of keeping the Prime Minister informed on what is happening in Auckland.
6. CABINET - Linda Clark says the Cabinet is allocated in many ways to thank Maori for voting for Labour. She says the Alliance didn't push for social areas they wanted more emphasis on economic portfolios. The final result is still not known from the election night some time tonight, there are still uncertainties about how Parliament will shape up MP wise.
Alastair Thompson
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