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Published: Tue 12 Nov 2002 08:18 AM
Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: US Election Vote Fixing Reports Hit The Mainstream
SCOOP EDITOR’S NOTE: Scoop has in the past 48 hours published several real deal media commentaries ( C.D.Sludge , Michael Ruppert , John Kaminski ) pointing to problems with the electronic voting systems used extensively in Tuesday’s mid-term elections ...
2: Elle Intimates Strips Off With Billboard Campaign
Rush-hour traffic was treated to a striptease in Auckland today as the second of two new Elle Mapcherson Intimates billboards were unveiled by a pair of Kiwifire dancers.
3: UQ Wire: Gore Vidal‘s The Enemy Within
Gore Vidal is America’s most controversial writer and a ferocious, often isolated, critic of the Bush administration. Here, against a backdrop of spreading unease about America’s response to the events of 11 September 2001 and their aftermath, we publish ...
4: Wellstone Plane Was Out Of Control – Media Survey
The following is a summary of the facts available at this time via the media, surrounding Senator Paul Wellstone's airplane crash of 10-25-02. Judge for yourself, was this more likely an assassination or an accident?
5: Republicans Make the US Elections Voting Machines
The story is not about allegations of fraud — it's about an appearance of impropriety that is stunning in its magnitude. Unfettered by any disclosure regulations about ownership or political affiliations, just a few companies create and control almost ...
6: Sludge Report #143 - Think People!!! The Fix Was In
In This Edition: Think People!!! The Fix Was In - Who Now Rules The World
7: Marc Ash: Terror On the Hill
A Republican reader of ours called in yesterday and asked, "You don't really believe that Paul Wellstone was murdered, do you?" What could I say to him? He asks what I ask, what you ask -- what every one of Wellstone's colleagues has asked themselves.
8: CNN Said It So It Must Be True, Or Not?
The shifting sands of online message boards are a notoriously unreliable place to find information. Yet today just such a source has been quoted by CNN for a report that Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the Bali bombings on October 12th. Mo ...
9: Scoop Interactive: Dim Son Caption Competition
Scoop readers have produced a few corker captions for the following picture - circulating widely on the Interent - of U.S. President George W. Bush apparently looking across the Korean DMZ.
10: ACC Issue Wont Go Away
Calls for a full public inquiry into ACC gathered strength over the weekend when the Sunday Star-Times exposed more revelations about the Corporation's practices which has caused claimants to write to ACC Minister Ruth Dyson advising her to make ...
11: Top 10 gripes of NZ's professional cricket players
Top 10 gripes of New Zealand's professional cricket players
12: Maori Cyberterrorism Vs LEGO Leads To Reprisals
New Zealand website has been threatened with hacker attacks from a group calling itself the Army of Free Speech following a denial of service hacker attack earlier this week on a website run by a subsidiary of LEGO by an anonymous ...
13: Recovered History: U.S. Election Fraud Circa 2000
The August 25-27 Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention 2000 in Cincinnati, Ohio, affirmed what the Supreme Court has ruled in Wesberry v. Sanders "the right to vote is the highest right that we have as citizens and if that right does not exist, then ...
14: Scoop Cartoon: The GOP Takes Congress & Senate
Cartoon by John Chuckman
15: Scoop Feedback: New Zealand News & Views
In This Edition: Immigration and Trade - Telecomination - Small Medium Enterprise Strategy - I Really Really Hate Banks
16: UQ Wire: William Rivers Pitt - Worse Days
There have been worse days. The day bullets flew in Dallas and virtually tore President Kennedy's head from his shoulders, spraying his wife with brain matter and bone meal, was worse. The day a bullet ripped through the throat of Martin Luther King, Jr., ...
17: PM says Peters muddleheaded and confused
Prime Minister Helen Clark today described Winston Peter’s latest diatribe as muddleheaded and confused.
18: Julz’ World - High on life in Holland
One of the inexplicable peculiarities of Europe is that each nationality has its distinct character traits, despite the countries being connected on the same plot of land. Case in point: the Dutch.
19: Scoop Feedback: A Trio Of Views Of ACC
In This Edition: Should ACC Be Paying Me? - Feedback Re: ACC - ACC/Fishing
20: Media asked for restraint when reporting Peters
Green MP Metiria Turei is calling on the media to show restraint in repeating the racist utterances of Winston Peters.
21: ACT - New Zealand's Liberal Party
ACT Leader Richard Prebble's opening address to the Wellington ACT Regional Conference, November 10 2002.
22: Challenge for Peters to define "One People"
Winston Peter’s extremist views on immigration are divisive and do nothing to progress New Zealand, says National Ethnic Affairs Spokesperson Pansy Wong.
23: PC's Opinion: That Expectant Hiss
People my age or older (down, Josephine) might remember the shiver of anticipation they once felt when putting the needle down on an eagerly awaited new record - the expectant hiss as the stylus cut through new, unplayed vinyl in that brief but magical ...
24: Scoop Feedback: International News Reaction
In This Edition: The Dirty And Deadly Secrets Of Khamisiyah - Re: The Plane Crash That Killed Paul Wellstone - Cartoon by John Chuckman - I Believe Everything In Your Report To Be True, But... - Thank You For Al Alamein Story - Palestine - The Objective ...
25: EEO Trust Board appointments
Labour Minister Margaret Wilson and Women’s Affairs Minister Ruth Dyson today announced two Public Sector appointments to the Board of the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust.
26: Guest Opinion: Why US Election Votes Won't Matter
So, you're going to cast your vote to prove that you live in a democracy, are you? Guess again, Chuck. Your vote does not matter. It might not even be counted, assuming you're allowed to vote to begin with
27: Commerce Commission appointments
Commerce Minister Lianne Dalziel today announced two new appointments to the Commerce Commission.
28: New Zealand First Convention Seeds of Sectarianism
Against all the predictions of the so-called experts, New Zealand First had an outstanding election campaign. This convention celebrates our success and pays tribute to those who worked so hard for it: party members and supporters; the Parliamentary team; ...
29: Clark's Appeasement on Moutua Will Breed Thugs
Pleading for negotiations when a lawless invasion of property is threatened in Wanganui is nothing more than appeasement, ACT Justice and Treaty of Waitangi Spokesman Stephen Franks said today.
30: Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn - New Mexico Transcript
Transcription of Arundhati Roy reading and Ms. Roy and Howard Zinn in conversation Lensic Performing Arts Center Santa Fe, New Mexico 18 September 2002
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