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Published: Wed 18 Apr 2001 10:13 AM
Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were…
1: Maharey’s Future Is In Rankin’s Hands
Minister of Social Services and Employment Steve Maharey’s future hangs on the legal action instigated by WINZ Chief Executive Christine Rankin, ACT Employment and Social Welfare Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman said today.
2: Howard's End: A Rat Is Detected In U.S. Policy
If there's one thing that is fast becoming evident from the standoff between China and the U.S. over the spy plane incident, it's that diplomats and strategists in the West have little understanding of China's ancient culture. John Howard writes.
3: Big News: Arguing Whether God is Still Dead
Theologian still argues whether God is still dead but still won’t confirm either way
4: 'Highly Appreciative' Of Tiananmen Square Murders?
Libertarianz Leader and Coromandel Candidate Peter Cresswell demanded that the Prime Minister explain whether the outrageous comments in the Communist Chinese Government controlled paper "People's Daily" about improving defence relations with ...
5: Scoop Images: 'Struan's War'
The World War II images and experiences of New Zealand Division gunner Struan MacGibbon will be revealed during April, in a new book and photo exhibition.
6: Three Judges To Do The Job Of One
National's Justice spokesman Wayne Mapp says he supports the independent profile of the Police Complaints Authority but there is a risk of it becoming overly bureaucratic.
7: Action Of Nick Smith Immature And Illegal
"The actions of one of the parties to the dispute currently surrounding the waterfront industries in various south island ports, in leaking a copy of the mediators draft report to Nick Smith can be only be interpreted as an act of bad faith on their ...
8: Labour party pressure in waterfront mediation
Labour Party political pressure is evident in the government-appointed mediator's handling of the waterfront mediation, National's Industrial Relations Spokesperson Lockwood Smith said today.
9: Restructuring not the answer, says PSA
The PSA is disappointed with the announcement to re-merge the Ministry of Social Policy and the Department of Work and Income. "The decision has been rushed through without consultation or adequate thought", says PSA national secretary ...
10: Sludge #57 Feedback: Allegory Oversimplification
Sludge's allegory whilst entertaining is somewhat of an over simplification of international relations, particularly between large powers. As such the truth behind its message is more than a little blurred.
11: Sack Harre For Role In Waterfront Dispute
ACT Leader Hon Richard Prebble said today that Associate Labour Minister Laila Harre should be sacked for her role in the waterfront dispute.
12: Stateside: A Few Of My Favourite Things
Was it a trick of the dawn's early light? The cold air? The rain-slicked streets? Whatever it was, when I threw back the curtain and threw open the window early one morning last week I was instantly back in a Taranaki childhood morning. Having come ...
13: HURRICANES edge Highlanders in heartland
HAWKE'S BAY hosted an epic encounter Saturday night as the Hurricanes earned a crucial win 35-33 by overcoming a stirring Highlanders challenge in a high-octane game that sent the heartland Napier masses wild with appreciation.
14: Lindsay Perigo: A (Revised) Sermon From The Mount
Lindsay Perigo's daily Politically Incorrect editorials are broadcast weekdays at noon on his 'Politically Incorrect Show' on Radio Pacific, and can be downloaded at
15: Subaru's WRX Tries On A Suit For Size
It's been years since Subaru launched the WRX and the latest all-new version has been eagerly anticipated. But all would agree, it is a very different car from its predecessor. The big question is - will the punters buy it?
16: SHARP COMPUTING: Improved Windows Error Messages
A collection of sharper, improved, Windows error messages, prepared in the style of Japanese Haiku poems.
17: Keith Rankin: Political Economy of Foot and Mouth
Although it no longer dominates the news in this country, Britain's foot and mouth epidemic continues to rage and many thousands of healthy animals continue to be slaughtered. Further, we are told that the introduction of foot and mouth disease into New Zealand, ...
18: Scoop Images: Fox News Broadcasts Message From God
A series of images from last night's broadcast on TV2 of an truly extraordinary documentary... See Scoop's review of the show... Jesus Christ Tells FOXNews He Wants To Hug World .
19: Howard's End: Magnesium Opportunity Raises Issues
The Government says it is seeking partnerships with local authorities to help drive economic development forward, but it's behaviour suggests something quite the opposite. John Howard writes.
High living and low life in the hospitality capital, brought to you by Stella Artois, "serving rogues and knaves since 1366".
21: Warner Bros. Launched “Harry Potter” Website
Warner Bros. Have launched the official “Harry Potter” Web site, ( in the United Kingdom). The much-anticipated site offers a rich, dynamic environment that will evolve and grow over time as exclusive features ...
22: Howard's End: U.S. Consumer Confidence Critical
Consumer confidence indicators due out this week will be the critical factor in determining whether the U.S. economy slips from merely sluggish performance to negative growth signaling the start of a recession. John Howard writes.
23: An Open Easter Letter: 'Give Us Our Daily Beer'
Why are the police opposing Bar licences for Good Friday? Are they now our moral guardians? Surely their job is to protect our lives and property, not save our souls. But perhaps they¹re too short staffed to maintain foot patrols in the central city, ...
24: Scoop Archive: 'Highly Appreciative' Of Tiananmen Square Murders?
Libertarianz Leader and Coromandel Candidate Peter Cresswell demanded that the Prime Minister explain whether the outrageous comments in the Communist Chinese Government controlled paper "People's Daily" about improving defence relations with ...
25: Libz Launch In Whangarei
" Libertarianz will take Whangarei by storm" predicts Helen Hughes, the Libertarianz Candidate for Whangarei at the next elections. " I have been speaking to hundreds of people in the area, and they are fed up with the present government ...
26: Poll Shows Govt Misjudges Defence
Today's National Business Review poll confirms Prime Minister Helen Clark is totally out of touch with what New Zealanders want in defence, with a resounding 58 percent against the Government's defence cutback plans, National Defence Spokesman Max Bradford ...
27: Tranz Rail Wins Roger Award
By now, you will have realised by elimination that the winner must be Tranz Rail, the first TNC to have the ignominy of winning this award twice. It was selected because it scored badly on so many criteria.
28: Research sheds new light on Pacific history
New research data are helping to answer some important questions on how the ancestors of modern day Polynesians came to settle Oceania and have provided some exciting new insights into the process of recent human evolution in the Pacific.
29: TVNZ Takes New Team NZ Partnership Role
TVNZ is to reposition its relationship with Team New Zealand to allow a new sponsor to be introduced. One of the founding sponsors of Team New Zealand, TVNZ will now be recognised as a Partner of the sailing team and will retain its broadcasting rights ...
30: Greens Want Gov't To Examine Compensation Question
Green Party Health spokesperson Sue Kedgley said today that the Government should consider whether compensation, including lumpsum, for medical misadventure is adequate in light of the Gisborne cancer smear inquiry findings.
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