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Published: Wed 12 Jul 2000 08:42 AM
Yesterday's top 20 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Letter from Wellington: A long time in politics
RICHARD PREBBLE'S Letter from Wellington: A week is a long time in politics - Some Real Questions - Did he mislead Parliament? - Peoples Bank Progress Report - Hospital Waiting Lists - PM gone walkabout - Employment Relations Update - PM gone walkabout ...
2: Wayne Smith Regrets All Black Announcement Delay
All Black coach Wayne Smith regrets the delay in announcing the All Black team for Saturday's test with Australia. "I'm really sorry, but it's not my fault," an angry Smith said today.
3: Counting the cost of power pole carnage
Alongside every road in New Zealand is a slender strip of ground that soaks up the blood of people killed or maimed in daily collisions with electricity networks.
4: We Oppose Attacks on the Medical Confidentiality
"The Christian Right is really responsible for New Zealand's high rate of adolescent pregnancies, the associated health risks of teenage pregnancies, any sexually transmitted disease epidemics, and teenage abortions." Craig Young, ALRANZ Research Officer ...
5: Upton-on-line: The East Timor/Indonesia Conference
Last week, upton-on-line took two days away from the tawdry depravity of the House of Representatives and indulged himself at a seminar which gathered together an unrepresentatively bright and thoughtful audience devoted to picking over the entrails of the East Timor ...
6: Latest Figures Confirm Export Growth
The provisional value of merchandise exports for the May 2000 month was $2,579 million, according to Statistics New Zealand. This confirms preliminary estimates which showed export growth. The export figure compares with $2,389 million for imports and results ...
7: Eco-Economy: Job machine misses great opportunity
Jim's job machine won't work. So disappointing, such an oppportunity for regional development, but just the wrong model! The publicity so far omits all mention of the best banking models for financing small businesses and it looks unfortunately ...
8: Scoop Images: The Missile That Wasn't Shot Down
A Greenpeace photographer caught these shots of a Minuteman II missile launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base - part of the US government's failed Star Wars test on 7 July.
9: Focus On What’s Between Ears Not Between The Legs
Gael Donoghue, Christian Heritage Health Spokesperson, says the results published from a recent study finding 10% of New Zealand children had sex under age 12, and 40% have lost their virginity by 14 years, underlines the need for parents and schools ...
10: GE conference rehashing tired myths
Green MP Nandor Tanczos today said it was little wonder the public were suspicious of genetic engineering when the biotechnology industry kept rehashing tired myths as fact in an unscrupulous effort to justify their work.
11: Student Loans:The more you know, the less you like
The student loans scheme is facing a crisis of confidence with borrowers' resentment towards the scheme increasing the longer they are in debt according to research commissioned by Inland Revenue Department.
12: Sludge Report #21 – Beasts In The House
The following are a series of colourful quotations made by members in the NZ Parliament. As can be seen, the remark made by Grant Gillon on Tuesday is not the first offensive remark made in the house linking members and animals.
13: Domainz Change Underway
Following the election at its AGM of nine new councillors to the Internet Society of New Zealand (ISOCNZ), the first meeting of the newly elected Council saw the start of the transition to the proposed new business structure for Domainz, the ".nz" ...
14: Staunch Launch -Youth Take Off!
Staunch, the Alliance youth wing, held it's first national gathering over the weekend, and elected two spokespeople, Tom Haig and Julie Fairey. Over twenty youth activists from around Aotearoa-New Zealand met in Wellington, enlivening the fusty halls of ...
15: Goff On Muanikau Accord
Foreign Minister Phil Goff said today that the Government was hopeful over signs that hostages would be released this Thursday after the public signing of an Accord between the military and the Speight Group.
16: MPs asked to reject liberalisation of drug laws
A group representing 12 key educational organisations is so concerned about the moves to decriminalise cannabis, that it has written to every Member of Parliament asking them to reject any change.
17: John Tamihere - Personal Statement - Allegations
JOHN TAMIHERE (NZ Labour – Hauraki): I seek the leave of the house to make a personal statement in relation to allegations that have been circulated about me, which I consider impugn my integrity as a member of this House.
18: The Government’s transport strategy - Mark Gosche
Eight months ago, when I became Minister of Transport, I decided that I would use my first few months in office to talk to as many people in the transport sector as I could.
19: FBI Training Focuses On Holocaust
Trainee FBI agents in America are, for the first time, focusing on the role played by Hitler's police during the Holocaust as part of their training. John Howard reports.
20: Cutting corners on police training is unwise
The decision to decrease the amount of training given to new Police recruits could create serious problems down the track, National's Police spokesman Brian Neeson said today.
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