Scoop Today - New Cabinet Lineup Announced Early

Published: Fri 3 Dec 1999 04:43 PM
Scoop today features coverage from this afternoon's press conference announcing the new cabinet lineup....and lots of news about trade...
PM Elect Announces Her Cabinet
Post Cabinet Press Conferences Back - And Sweetalk from Bill
- Labour Leader Helen Clark today brought forward the announcement of her cabinet team after an election was held at caucus today. Scoop’s Alastair Thompson attended the press conference where Clark also answered questions on her phone call with US President Bill Clinton this morning. See... Clark Announces Cabinet And Rethink On F-16s [1] in the headlines wire.
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Clark Announces Labour Cabinet Positions
- Labour Leader Helen Clark has announced the Labour members of the cabinet after a ballot was held today by the Labour caucus. It is a predictable announcement with no surprises. Scoop’s Alastair Thompson was at the press conference and will have photos soon. See... Clark Announces Labour Cabinet Positions [1] in the Parliament wire. Also see Labour’s press release announcing the positions… Labour elects Cabinet ministers [2] in the Parliament wire. ACT Leader Richard Prebble says the Labour caucus' decision not to elect to cabinet their ACC spokesman and former president is a strong sign that the caucus believes renationalising ACC is a silly policy. Prebble also offers some more analysis. See... Cabinet line-up means ACC rethink? [3] Also in the Parliament wire.
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HARD NEWS: This Week is Another Country
- GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... it is a new dawn, is it not? Well, it was a hell of a night anyway, and perhaps we ought to leave the Tony Blair stuff well alone. The news is this: the mood has lifted. Auckland has been fine and mild all week and… See... HARD NEWS: This Week is Another Country [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Northern Ireland Set Free
- For the first time in 25 years Northern Ireland has taken control of its own affairs with power being devolved from London at midnight local time (1pm Thursday NZ time). See... Shortland St Interrupted For Irish Peace [1] in the Headlines wire for a report from Greg Meylan in Dublin. Dublin Scoop reports that the episode of Shortland St which was interrupted was: "The one when Rangi is in a wheelchair and he and his friends, also in a wheelchair, steal a boat to go fishing. Shortland Street is widely regarded as the worst soap opera ever made over here. They lack appreciation for finer things in these parts."
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Aid Agency Oxfam Calls On WTO To Slow Down
- UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, says many rich countries had cut tariffs less than poor ones and aid-agency Oxfam is calling on the WTO to slow down, take stock and give all people a say. John Howard reports. See... Aid Agency Oxfam Calls On WTO To Slow Down [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Anti-capitalism Violence Escalates In Manilla
- While tens of thousands of people were protesting around the world against the WTO, a Philipino group dealt its own blow to Shell, according to a recent report on the n30 - - internet mailing list. See... Anti-capitalism Violence Escalates In Manilla [1] in the Headlines wire.
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Prime Minister Urges Caution On Trade Policy
- The incoming Government should be exercise great caution before advocating a unilateral shift in New Zealand's trade policy because the future prosperity of New Zealand and the employment of many workers could be at stake, Prime Minister Jenny Shipley says. See... Prime Minister Urges Caution On Trade Policy [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Clinton On Helping The Poor
- Clinton today released more details on his plans to end world poverty. See... Clinton: Market Access for Least-Developed Nations [1] and Fact Sheet on US Agenda for New Trade Round [2] in the Business wire.
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Out-going Government delivers strong economy
- Crown accounts released today confirmed that the out-going Government had delivered a strongly growing economy and left the Government books in good shape, Treasurer Bill English said. See... Out-going Government delivers strong economy [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Retail Sales Continue to Grow
- Statistics New Zealand's retail trade figures show the trend in retail sales has now been growing since mid-1998. Total sales have increased 7.1 per cent since October 1998. See... Retail Sales Continue to Grow [1] in the Business wire.
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Greens see red over imported socks – Urge Boycott
- The Green Party is urging Kiwis to boycott the red socks Team New Zealand has imported from Korea for its Americas Cup fundraising campaign. See... Greens see red over imported socks [1] in the Parliament wire.
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Finally - Jean Martin Payout Revealed
- Radio New Zealand has finally revealed just how much the former head of the Fire Service Jean Martin was paid out when she left. The sum which the old government would not provide was $64,000. The Fire Service have said this is untrue.
Rape Crisis Welcome Preventative Detention For Wellington Rapist
- Rape Crisis applauded today a minimum sentence of 12 years imposed on the man took a boy in his care out on the town to rape. See... Rape Crisis Welcome Preventative Detention [1] in the General wire.
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Massey Fees Up 11 Per Cent Average
- Students at Massey University will have to find around an average of $350 more for their studies next year after the university council voted to accept an average of an 11 per cent fee increase. Massey was the last university to increase fees and rejected students calls for a fee freeze. All universities have now increased fees, some by up to a third.
More Young Voters Call For Cannabis Law Reform
- Visitors to the Prebble's Rebels web site have used an online poll to call for the legalisation of cannabis. See... More Young Voters Call For Cannabis Law Reform [1] in the Politics wire.
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Tranz Rail's Knuckles Rapped Yet Again
- The National Transport Safety Organisation has said inadequate inspection and monitoring of train lines by Tranz Rail led to a commuter train derailment in Wellington last October. The derailment was caused by a worn switch which, had Tranz rail met their own code of standards, should have been detected.
New government kicks exporters in the teeth
- The new Labour/Alliance government has fallen for tactics that are deliberately aimed at slowing down the freeing up of trade, says ACT rural spokesman Owen Jennings. See... New government kicks exporters in the teeth [1] in the Parliament wire.
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