Wallace & Manning - Why Maxim's Poll Backfired

Published: Mon 10 May 2010 08:39 PM
KiwiFM Audio: Wallace Chapman & Selwyn Manning – Why Maxim's UMR Poll Backfired
KiwiFM Audio: Wallace Chapman and Scoop's Selwyn Manning discuss how Maxim Institute, a conservative think-tank, commissioned a survey asking New Zealanders whether they support an increase in GST, land tax, cuts in Government spending, including cuts to Working For Families, KiwiSaver, and free interest rates for student loans.
If Maxim's hope was to identify support for the Natonal-led Government, it backfired. The majority of those polled supported policies advanced by the former Labour Government. Why is this so?
Click here to download the Maxim Institute's UMR Survey (pdf)
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