Full Coverage: ETS Deadlock, Cost Corrections

Published: Wed 18 Nov 2009 09:50 AM

Environment: Even Glaciers Suffer From Shrinkage
The National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has just released the results of its annual end-of-summer survey of the snowline on key South Island glaciers, showing continued loss of glacier mass. More>>
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Greenwash II: Government Baits Guardian Columnist
"When New Zealand's sink forests are harvested in the 2020s, as is likely, all that carbon will return to the atmosphere.
The government of New Zealand responded with some irritation to my column last week, which castigated a national strategy for meeting its Kyoto climate targets by allowing greenhouse gas emissions to rise by 22% from 1990 to 2007 ... " More>>

Images & Report: Medical Professionals Write Parliament An RX
Medical professionals representing the OraTaiao: New Zealand Climate and Health group delivered oversized prescription forms to Parliament today, urging lawmakers to reconsider the current changes proposed to the emissions trading scheme (ETS), changes they believe will harm the nation's health as well as the economy. More>>
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Background Link: World On Course For Catastrophic 6° Rise
The world is now firmly on course for the worst-case scenario in terms of climate change, with average global temperatures rising by up to 6C by the end of the century, leading scientists said yesterday. More>>
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Medical Advice: ETS Changes Will Cause Forehead-Slapping Epidemic
Senior doctors today said that the intended changes to New Zealand’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) will not only threaten our future survival but will be an extravagant waste of public funds, describing the legislation process as a fiasco. More>>
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Greens: Smith’s ETS Should Be Shot
Revelations that Climate Change Minister Nick Smith’s proposed changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme are going to cost taxpayers an extra $105 billion is something really worth swearing about, Dr Russel Norman, Green Party Co-Leader said today. More>>
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Scoop Editorial: Launching "Imagining 2020"
Therefore a group of New Zealand websites has decided to get together and encourage discussion of the positive side to climate change mitigation. Afterall - how many of us really believe that the way the world is currently run is optimal - both for our personal lives as well as for the environment. More>>

On The World Stage: Guardian's 'Greenwash' vs New Zealand
As the world prepares for the Copenhagen climate negotiations next month, it is worth checking out the greenwash that has followed the promises made 12 years ago when the Kyoto protocol was signed. More>>
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Scoop Satire: Submission On ETS Amendment Bill
The most notable change brought about by this bill would be giving polluters, to 2050, one hundred billion dollars... I am right behind that idea, but the proposed system for delivering the money is unnecessarily complicated. More>>
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