3 Great New Election Integrity Music Videos!

Published: Tue 28 Oct 2008 03:17 PM
3 GREAT New Election Integrity Music Videos!
Jesse Dyens' 'Steal the Election' | Ellen Bukstel & Nancy Wuerzburger's 'They Lost My Vote!' | Emma's Revolution's 'Why Cant They Count Our Votes?'...
By Brad Friedman, The BRAD BLOG
Three --- count 'em (and watch 'em!) --- three great new Election Integrity songs/videos. The first of which, how could I not love, with lyrics that include...
So tell your sister and your uncle and your Mom,
Better get yourself onto
They're each must-see/must-listen, and they each follow below...Pass 'em on...
First up... Brand new and just out --- and totally frickin' rockin' --- is from Jesse Dyen, songwriter of perhaps my favorite Anti-War, Anti-Bush tune, "Sons & Daughters". In addition to the lyric mentioned above, Jesse's new tune "Steal the Election" also includes (among many great ones) these lyrics:
While voter fraud is a big fat myth,
It's sure to push the ACORN off the cliff
So ask your brother and your grandma in St. Louis
"How come nobody ever heard of Clint Curtis?"
Please watch it! And pass it on! (audio here,video link here)...
Next up...One of my favorite classic Election Integrity songs (and I've got a few of them), "They Lost My Vote!", as performed by Ellen Bukstel, is now a great music video! And not a moment too soon. Thanks, by the way, to Ellen for being on this one so early! Like years ago when few others were paying attention! Enjoy...
Finally...One more...Courtesy of "Emma's Revolution" out of Charlottesville, VA (where, you can bet, they will be having trouble "counting" votes this year!), asking "'Why Can't They Count Our Votes?"...
(Hat-tip on that one to David Swanson!)
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