Daily Voting News For November 1, 2007

Published: Sat 3 Nov 2007 02:36 PM
Daily Voting News For November 1, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
Last Nov. 55% of the voters in Sarasota Co Florida spoke with their votes for optical scan voting and for a meaningful audit of the ballots. Before the measure went on the ballot the county and state went to court and argued that the charter amendment would result in a violation of the state constitution. The court disagreed and the voters won. Yesterday a state appeals court decided against the will of the voters and for the county Supervisor of Elections and the SoS. The ruling was partially moot because the county is going to optical-scan machines, as is the state due in part from the pressure from passage of the amendment. However, the voters lose the ability to have an audit that will mean anything at all. They voted for an audit of 5% of all precincts. Instead the state is working on an audit of 1 to 2% of the precincts in each county and one race on those ballots AND this audit cannot happen until AFTER the election is certified....
NAtional: Ellison wants to ban photo ID as requirement for voting LINK
National: Uncle Sam Wants to Know How You Feel About E-Voting Machines LINK
National: Comment on new voting system guidelines online LINK
National: Smashing secret vote counting in San Francisco, giving away the vote in New Hampshire LINK
California: San Francisco County - Absentee Ballots Already Slowing the Count in San Francisco Election LINK
Connecticut: Bridgeport, Conn., Voting Machines "Held Hostage" Says Secretary of State LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Voting audits can't vary, court says The ruling is aimed at the Sarasota County charter amendment on balloting LINK
Kansas: Johnson County - Votes on paper could cost county more money LINK
Pennsylvania: Fayette County - Brownsville voters want poll overseers LINK
Tennessee: Rutherford County - Voting in 2008 may require some patience LINK
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