Daily Voting News For October 26, 2006

Published: Fri 27 Oct 2006 02:41 PM
Daily Voting News For October 26, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
Lou Dobbs has taped a one-hour "Democracy At Risk" special to be aired at various times on CNN this coming Sunday. Be sure to tune in. / The Washington Post has found that new system boards were installed in Diebold voting machines used in Maryland. These modifications were made in several thousand machines in 2005. The modification was meant to fix a problem with touch-screen freezes. The WaPo investigation seems to reveal that the modification was made without the knowledge of State Board of Elections members. / The cutoff of names by Hart machines in Texas is frustrating for election officials. "I don't like it. We've been asking the vendor to address this issue for a couple of years now,"Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir said. The names are cut off because of the size of the letters onscreen, which "causes longer names to truncate," Hart InterCivic Vice President Phillip Braithwaite said. / “It’s really terrible,” said Robert J. Antonetti Sr., elections administrator in Prince George’s Co Maryland about the late delivery of paper ballots by Diebold. “Time is running out. It’s going to deny people the right to vote.” I ask again; is Diebold doing to Maryland what they did to Kevin Shelley and Bruce Funk and attempted to do to Ion Sancho?...
National: Stand Up, Be Counted: Grassroots Docs Warn of Flawed Electronic Voting Systems LINK
National: New Voting Systems Face Midterm Exam LINK
National: Opinion – Paul DeGregorio - Your vote will count
Hype over hacking shouldn't shatter confidence LINK
National: Reistered voter list errors might impede some
Act requires state registration lists' accuracy by Nov. 7 LINK
National: Omaha prints own ballots as others wait LINK
National: How to steal an election by hacking the vote LINK
National: Penetrating The Voting Vortex LINK
Arkansas: Paper Or Touch-Screen? Ark. Voters Go Paper In Early Voting LINK
Arkansas: Washington County - Voting machines to get fix after audit trail prints right vote for the wrong district LINK
Arizona: Opinion – Bill Bradbury - Guest opinion: Vote by Mail best way to safeguard democracy LINK
California: Los Angeles County - L.A. County to audit touch-voting machines LINK
California: Los Angeles County - County to audit touch-screen voting systems
Handful to be tested in wake of concerns about accuracy LINK
California: San Mateo County - Missing: Absentee ballots
County Elections Office a week behind; A toll-free number has been set up for voters' missing ballots LINK
California: Ventura County - Some in Ojai Valley receive wrong ballots LINK
Colorado: CBS4 Investigates Security Procedures For Voters LINK
Florida: Florida's elections chief defends bid for Negron-Foley poll signs LINK
Florida: Early voters find few problems
Thousands of voters in South Florida have already cast their ballots during early voting this week. So far, only minor machine problems were reported in Broward. LINK
Florida: Broward County - Thousands in South Florida cast early ballots LINK
Florida: Volusia County - Democratic poll watchers outnumber Republican oberservers LINK
Illinois: PFAW Foundation Recruits Thousands of Tech-Savvy College Students to Ensure Voting in Chicago and Cook County Runs Smoothly on Election Day LINK
Maryland: Md. Voting Machines Had Part Defect
Key Component Was Replaced in Touch-Screen Units After Repeated 'Freezes' LINK
Maryland: CNN's Lou Dobbs: Maryland Trains Poll Workers So Diebold Can't Blame Them For Diebold's Failures LINK
Maryland: Diebold Quietly Repaired Vote Machines LINK
Maryland: Keeping watch on Election Day LINK
Maryland: Diebold machine glitch fixed quietly LINK
Maryland: WaPo Reveals Hidden Work by Diebold in Maryland as Thousands of System Boards Were Replaced in Secret! LINK
Maryland: Columnist - Diebold's secret code keeps voters in the dark LINK
Maryland: Late paper ballots creating problems LINK
New Jersey: Essex County - Awaiting the exit poll on electronic voting machines LINK
New York: Voting machines alarm democracy LINK
New York: Board Of Elections Tests Next Generation Voting Machines LINK
New York: Krueger Cautions State Against Rushing Into Compliance LINK
Ohio: Absentee ballot counting has to wait until Nov. 7 LINK
Ohio: Voting machines, new ID rule for Ohio LINK
Ohio: Tuscarawas County - Voter SS numbers exposed LINK
Pennsylvania: Centre County – Commissioner Exarchos warning: Don't tamper with voting machines LINK
Pennsylvania: Dauphin County - New voting machines spur battle over write-ins LINK
Texas: Voting machines chop off candidates' names
Computer glitch affects eSlate machines used in Travis, Hays counties; error cannot be fixed by Nov. 7. LINK
Texas: Hart Intercivic Voting Machine Screen Displays in Texas Fail Like The Ones In Virginia LINK
Utah: Utah's New Election Audit and Recount Procedures Found Lacking by Utah's Desert Greens Party and Utah Count Votes LINK
Utah: Some Question Security of E-Voting Machines LINK
Utah: Salt Lake County - Expect delays on Election Day LINK
Virginia: James H. 'Jim' who? LINK
Virginia: F.C. Election Chief Says Problem With Voting Machines Identified a Year Ago LINK
Virginia: Lawmakers Pushing for Paper Trail As Backup LINK
West Virginia: Kanawha County - Votes to be counted by precinct LINK
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