Daily Voting News For October 25, 2006

Published: Thu 26 Oct 2006 04:54 PM
Daily Voting News For October 25, 2006
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"The use of electronic machines to count ballots cast in last year's municipal elections was a fiasco, Quebec's chief electoral officer said Tuesday. The machines weren't quicker, more economical and more accurate than manual counting" said Quebec, Canada's chief elections official. One of the suppliers of electronic voting machines underestimated its ability to simultaneously service several municipalities. Sound familiar? / "Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho has a starring role in a new HBO documentary that raises serious questions about the security of vote-counting machines used in Florida and many other big states. The program, titled "Hacking Democracy," is scheduled to debut on the cable channel on Nov. 2, running through most of the month." / Diebold, as seems to be their nature, is punishing Maryland for asking voters to vote absentee. They print the state's ballots and they are late in delivering them a majority of the ballots to many counties....
National: Watching the Vote 2006 LINK
National: Report Warns of Potential Voting Problems in 10 States LINK
National: Sancho to star in HBO documentary LINK
National: CNN's Lou Dobbs: New Report Says Electronic Voting a 'Giant Problems Across The Country' LINK
National: Watching The Vote LINK
National: Demos: Poll Worker Training, Staffing Shortages Expected to Create Problems On Nov. 7. Troubles with Machines and Training During 2006 Primaries Illustrate Long-Term Under-Investment LINK
National: Voter Registration Lists May Foil Voters LINK
National: REPORT: DoD's New, Untested, Secretly Developed Overseas Military Voting Scheme for General Election 'Poses Significant Security Risks' LINK
National: Pull the Plug on E-Voting LINK
National: Editorial - Electronic Elections LINK
Arkansas: Candidates rally supporters as Ark. early voting begins LINK
Arkansas: St Francis County - Additional ballots ordered for SFC in general election
Commission errs on side of caution with high early vote turnout expected LINK
Arkansas: Washington County - Commission rejects new voting machine distribution date LINK
Colorado: Vote security sets city back
Extra rules, cost have officials considering reverting to mail ballots next year LINK
Colorado: Big trial for new ways of voting
Coloradans can cast their votes on a variety of machines, but none has been totally trouble-free. LINK
Delaware: Delaware's voting machines are still safe and dependable LINK
Florida: Federal judge rules against state limits on voter exit polling LINK
Florida: Osceola County - Judge: Osceola must revise discriminatory election plan LINK
Florida: Osceola County - Commissioners to consider options in federal lawsuit LINK
Florida: Pinellas County: : Did every vote count? LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Computer problem slows early balloting LINK
Georgia: Georgia escapes election group's trouble-spot list
Voter ID issue not enough to warrant watch LINK
Illinois: How safe is your ballot? LINK
Illinois: Chicago - City withholds payment for voting machines LINK
Illinois: Chicago, Cook County to Withold Voting Machine Payment Until They Find Out ­ During a Live Election! ­ Whether or Not Their New Sequoia Machines Actually Work LINK
Illinois: Chicago - Voter security glitch fixed
Site's data vulnerable at least 5 years, say city election officials LINK
Maryland: Younger election judges sought LINK
Maryland: Late Paper Ballots Create Problems For Md. Election Boards LINK
Missouri: Voting watchers, state hope problems resolved LINK
Ohio: Suit calls Ohio's voter ID law a mess, asks court to void it LINK
Ohio: Suit Filed to Stop Ohio’s New Voter ID Law; Groups Worry Votes Won’t Be Counted LINK
Ohio: No Counting Until Election Day LINK
Ohio: Summit County - Summit absentee ballots delayed to fix errors LINK
Ohio: Summit County - Official calls for probe in ballot delay
Democrat suggests conspiracy; firm blames legal, technical issues LINK
Pennsylvania: Centre County - County tries to ease voting jitters
Citizens group still worries about lack of paper trail from touch-screen ballots LINK
Pennsylvania: Luzerne County - Probe ends with no voter registration fraud found LINK
Pennsylvania: Union County - Are New Voting Machines Secure? LINK
Texas: Older East Texans Encouraged To Vote Absentee By Mail LINK
Texas: Nueces County - Voter vigilance a must with 59 ballot combinations
County clerk suggests double-checking vote before making it final LINK
Virginia: Virginia e-voting machines truncating candidates' names LINK
Virginia: Ballot glitch concerns Democrats
Webb's last name cut off on part of electronic ballot in three cities LINK
Virginia: Glitch occurs in City's electronic election ballot LINK
Virginia: Hart InterCivic Voting Machines Cutting off Name of Democratic Candidate Jim Webb in Hotly Contested Virginia Senate Race LINK
Vermont: Voting Integrity Halted in Vermont LINK
West Virginia: Belmont County - Poll Workers In Demand LINK
CAnada: Quebec - Evaluation Report of New Methods of Voting LINK
CAnada: Quebec - Plug pulled on electronic voting
High-tech balloting cost 25 per cent more LINK
CAnada: Quebec - Use of electronic voting machines in Quebec municipal elections was a fiasco LINK
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