Daily Voting News For September 22, 2006

Published: Mon 25 Sep 2006 01:57 PM
Daily Voting News For September 22, 2006
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org
San Mateo Co California planned on using all Hart eSlate machines at polling sites. They are concerned about the voters and poll workers not having enough time to get acclimated to the machines so they will now have just one machine and ask the voters to use paper ballots. Warren Slocum, the county's Chief Elections Office, should be applauded for caring. / Connecticut has now announced plans to do random audits of their LHS (Diebold) optical-scan machines / Today is the last state primary (Hawaii) this season. / A judge in Colorado has found that though the state can still use DREs in Nov. they will only be used with increased security and that they will all be decertified following the election and reports are that the new certification may make it impossible to get DREs certified in the state in the future. This sounds like a resounding success and there will surely be a lot more....
National: Opinion - GOP fights for the new poll tax LINK
National: Editorial - Rage against the voting machine LINK
National: VotersUnite.Org Announces Support of the Let America Vote Act LINK
National: Latino Elected Officials Still Confront Significant Discrimination at Election Time LINK
National: CNN's Lou Dobbs: The Governor Of Maryland Is Concerned About E-Voting Machines LINK
California: San Mateo County - E-voting plan hits roadblock LINK
California: San Mateo County - An Election Official With Integrity and Who Cares LINK
Colorado: Columnist - Legacy of ballot chads hangs on LINK
Colorado: Rocky election seen regardless of ruling on vote machines LINK
Colorado: Judge could issue ruling on computerized voting machines LINK
Colorado: Election Officials: Paper Would Be 'Pretty Risky' LINK
Colorado: Garfield County - Voting machines are secure, says Garfield County clerk LINK
Colorado: Judge To Issue Ruling On Computerized Voting Machines LINK
Colorado: Candidates say voting security a priority LINK
Colorado: Vote machine tests skipped, expert says. Professor testifies in lawsuit that seeks to bar use in Nov. LINK
Colorado: Verdict expected in voting machine suit LINK
Colorado: Judge in voting case signals intent LINK
Colorado: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Judge Finds in Favor of Voter Lawsuit Against E-Voting Systems in Colorado! LINK
Connecticut: Random audits of election results scheduled LINK
Florida: Hillsborough County - Counting Ballots Comes At A Cost LINK
Florida: Sarasota County - Paper-trail voting system still long show LINK
Hawaii: Absentees rock the 2006 vote. Walk-in and mail-in votes hit a record 95,000 LINK
Hawaii: Hawaiians Head to Polls for Primary LINK
Indiana: Clark County shoring up before election LINK
Massachusetts: Error of omission is corrected LINK
Maryland: At the Center of the Election Maelstrom. State Elections Chief Draws Array of Critics LINK
Maryland: Editorial - Mr. Ehrlich's Paper Chase. The governor's 'solutions' address the wrong election problem. LINK
Maryland: Maryland Meltdown: More Washington Post Coverage Today Underscoring the Need for Emergency Paper Ballot Legislation NOW LINK
Maryland: Whatever Kind Of Computers The Maryland Elections Board Has, We Want Them LINK
Maryland: Opinion - It's too late to fiddle with Maryland's election system LINK
Maryland: Ehrlich offers poll fix for Nov. Absentee ballots might restore trust, governor suggests LINK
Maryland: Opinion - Voting positivity LINK
Maryland: Columnist - Point is, someone's at fault for vote mess LINK
Maryland: County, state candidates call for investigations into election snags LINK
Maryland: Prince George's County - Board of Elections completes exhaustive count LINK
New York: State could be $50M in hole for voting machines LINK
New York: Editorial - Setting up watchdogs for the voting system LINK
New York: Election commissioners face crucial choice. Advocate presses for optical scanners over touch screens LINK
Oregon: Representative DeFazio Says Voter ID Legislation Threatens Oregonians' Privacy LINK
Tennessee: Hamblen County - Trial in Hamblen Co. contests election results LINK
Wisconsin: Sauk County - Voters try, try again LINK
West Virginia: Voting machines OK, state says. Fewer headaches expected when voters go to the polls LINK
West Virginia: County Clerks Getting Set For November Election. After the May primary, many County Clerks are concerned about the touch screen voting machines. LINK
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John Gideon
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Information Manager

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