Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 5 October 2005

Published: Thu 6 Oct 2005 03:12 PM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: National Summit to Save Our (US) Elections – Day 1
In this report: - Activist Attorney Paul Lehto Makes a Strong Case - VotersUnite.Org's Theisen Explains How Citizens have "Outsourced" the Voting and Tabulation Process to Corporations - A Huge Opportunity in New Mexico and Three Weeks to Raise the Money ...
2: Bill English Chapman Lecture – 3 October 2005
Last week the class photos came home. In one photo there were only three names I would identify as traditional Kiwi names, and they belonged to the only three obviously European faces.
3: The Real Deal: Regarding The Price Of Milk
Mr. Chairman and ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for the privilege of speaking to you today. I am not an economist with a degree, but for the last 25 years I have published and edited a financial newsletter, and I hope that qualifies me to speak ...
4: Brash pays tribute to Hon John Falloon
National Party Leader Don Brash today paid tribute to the Hon John Falloon, a man who made "a tremendous contribution to the development of the New Zealand economy".
5: John Falloon, MP
John Falloon was an honourable man whose love of the land was central to the unselfish conservative values which characterized him, Agriculture Jim Sutton said today.
6: Bailey a scapegoat for incompetent management
National's Broadcasting spokeswoman, Georgina Te Heuheu, says TVNZ has made newsreader Judy Bailey a scapegoat for its incompetent management and falling ratings.
7: Oil Cos. Disaster Profiteering & Price Controls
Consumer Group Claims Oil Companies' Disaster Profiteering Necessitates Price Controls - Interview with Tyson Slocum, of Public Citizen's Energy Program, conducted by Scott Harris
8: A girl’s total guide to Mary-Kate and Ashley
You’ve seen them on TV, in movies, on their website and gracing the pages of many magazines. Now you can read the ultimate guide to Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, uninterrupted, from cover to cover.
9: Greens Shouldn’t Waste Time With Greed Merchants
Despite a well intentioned and highly publicized meeting, big business still finds the Green Party scary. By the way the media has portrayed this it seems like we are all supposed to be worried that the ‘anti-business Greens’ may well form part of ...
10: John Falloon, MP
John Falloon was a respected Minister and Member of Parliament who worked constructively with people from all walks of life, Minister of Economic Development, Forestry and Progressive Leader Jim Anderton said today.
11: Judy Bailey Stepping Down From TV One News
TVNZ Chief Executive, Ian Fraser, said today that TVNZ has decided not to renew her contract. "I hope to explore fresh options with her for next year, in roles that continue to make the best use of a major talent."
12: War-Hawk Republicans and Anti-War Democrats
The past week in DC found me in many offices of our elected officials: Senators, Congresspersons, pro-war, "anti-war," Democrat, Republican. With a few notable exceptions, all of our employees toed party lines.
13: Elle Macpherson Intimates Go Sky High
Elle Macpherson Intimates is turning heads with 14-storey high billboards in Queens, New York city. The two giant billboards, featuring stunning images from the latest Elle Macpherson Intimates campaign, were unveiled this month as part of the North ...
14: Headless Child Mannequins Paint Disturbing Picture
A nameless department store in Wellington is seeking to lure parents into its classically furbished environs and get them to part with their hard-earned dollars through utilising headless mannequins.
15: National Summit to Save US Elections – Days 2-3
Days 2 & 3: The Ghost You’ll Never See in the Machine (“electronic voting”); Outsourcing Elections to Corporate America; Methods of Monitoring Elections; plus State and Community Level Action.
16: No Right Turn: The Prospects For Progress
Last Parliamentary term is seen as a high-water mark for progressive social legislation, with Acts such as the Civil Union Act, Relationships Act, and Prostitution Reform Act perceived as causing a conservative backlash against the government. National ...
17: Barbara Sumner Burstyn: Sexy Beef
Butchers dancing like Hari Krishna’s, senior citizens thrashing out hard rock, the Evers-Swindell twins smiling furiously, meat, especially red meat is hot right now. “New Zealanders are fond of their meat,” says Richard Umbers, managing director of ...
18: Hon John Falloon
Prime Minister Helen Clark today paid tribute to the memory of the Hon John Falloon, who passed away overnight.
19: Public Address 05/10/05 - Big Day
What a day! The Mother of the Nation announces her departure, three Cabinet ministers step down in advance of a major Cabinet reshuffle … but never mind all that. Check out the first tranche of the Big Day Out lineup announced this morning...
20: Were British SAS Soldiers Planting Bombs in Basra?
Does anyone remember the shock with which the British public greeted the revelation four years ago that one of the members of the Real IRA unit whose bombing attack in Omagh on August 15, 1998 killed twenty-nine civilians had been a double agent, ...
21: Marjorie Cohn: Harriet Miers - Bush's Pit Bull
Bush has nominated his Texas crony as a stealth appointment to the Supreme Court. Although the Senate will be hard-pressed to discover Harriet Miers's positions on the critical issues, she does have a long record of loyalty to Bush, whom she calls ...
22: And It's Goodbye To Ronnie Barker
British comedian Ronnie Barker died yesterday, after a long illness, aged 76. During the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s there was scarcely a Ronnie Barker-free week on New Zealand television.
23: Viewing Terrorism through a Different Lens
Remember in September of 2001, when the US President (appointed by Katherine Harris) dissembled to the American public about why the Middle Eastern "terrorists" hate America? In case you forgot, here is what he told us:
24: ASPA Supports Salient
The Aotearoa Student Press Association (ASPA) spoke out today in support of Salient’s decision to publish an article on student fees based on leaked information, and condemned the actions of Victoria University in taking out an injunction against Salient and ...
25: Victoria University 5-10% FEE RISE!
Leaked documents reveal that Vic students are in for a massive increase in fees in 2006, with the University considering 5-10% across-the-board fee rises.
26: Kiwi's Destroy Largest Ammunition Cache to Date
Members of the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team (NZPRT) in Afghanistan have destroyed a large cache of ammunition.
27: Military Grade Biological Bacteria At Peace Demo?
What do we make of the Saturday, October 1 Washington Post headline “Poison Found in Air During Anti-War Protest”? Washington D.C. Public Health Director Greg A. Pane posed the right question in the Post article, “Why that day? That’s what is not explained.” ...
28: Putin congratulates Germant on national holiday
President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram of congratulations to German Federal President Horst Kohler and German Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on the occasion of Germany's national holiday - the Day of German Unity.
29: Bonus Joules: The Zone of Ozone
My heart is not really in this blog as I start to write (Sunday 11 September 2005). I am watching my country take humans ever closer to war, chaos and misery. It is now less than a week to our elections and everyone is looking at the signposts around ...
30: Dorak Diggers Weigh In On Anna & Royal Treasure
I've heard from a variety of figures in the antiquities world about the evidence I presented recently on these pages, which essentially cracks the case of one of the great art mysteries -- the whereabouts of the so-called priceless Dorak treasure. ...
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