First Day of Actions at Sydney WTO Protests

Published: Fri 15 Nov 2002 12:06 AM
First Day of Actions at Sydney WTO Protests
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A successful day first protesting the World Trade Organisation in the streets of Sydney with between 5 and 6 thousand protestors turning out to protest the World Trade Organisation meeting being held here. Several streets were blockaded at different times and the public were generally quite receptive to the message being broadcast loud and clear from people across the globe: SHUT DOWN THE WTO.
At this stage, there is really is no option but to shut it down completely once and for all. Whether the motivation is the human rights abuses encouraged by the WTO economic policy, the environmental disasters they have imposed across the globe or the forced selling of public resources in the name of "removing barriers to trade", the people are in the streets wherever they meet and the message to the WTO is simple: We don't like you.
Also, among the arrested at yesterday’s Sydney WTO protests was a Kiwi journalist. Here’s his account: New Zealand Indymedia journalist speaks of his arrest…

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