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Published: Sun 17 Sep 2000 04:31 PM
Media Flash
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Monday, September 18, 2000
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Flash Points
Media Flash headline items
a.. SAM NEWMAN: Wham Bam, Thank You Pam
c.. STEVE HARRIS: Age Publisher In Metro News Rescue Talks
d.. MEDIA AT THE OLYMPICS: What's Happening At Homebush?
e.. 'WORST PRODUCTION EVER': Says Susan Teerds of Queensland
f.. NEWSPAPER OPPORTUNITY: Want To Buy The 'Cook Islands News'?
g.. REVEALED: The Paper That Employs The Man Who Organised S11 Revolt
a.. YOUR ABC: Latest Blood-Letting At 'Aunty'
b.. MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Your Weekly Media Who's Who
c.. GLASS HOUSE DEPARTMENT: For Media Stone-Throwers
d.. STIX AND STONES: Printed Pearls That Paint A Picture
e.. A LONG STORY: Ash Long's Media Life - Painful Week-By-Week Memoirs
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Press Council Conduct Under Fire
* PROFESSOR DENNIS PEARCE'S Australian Press Council's own conduct is in question after claims it failed to communicate with a newspaper under investigation. MICHAEL HANNAN'S well-established Inner Western Suburbs Courier says its Editor 'did not receive any communication, either written or verbal, from the Australian Press Council regarding its inquiry into a matter reported to it by a reader (JOHN COLLINS) of this newspaper. The first the newspaper knew about the matter was when the final letter, containing the Australian Press Council's adjudication, addressed to the Editor-in-Chief, was handed to the editor for publication in The Courier.
* 'The Press Council has made it clear through correspondence that 'it was the Editor-in-Chief and the newspaper group to whim (it0 wrote and (who was) telephoned, not (the) editor of the Inner Western Suburbs Courier, and the Council would be happy for the adjudication to reflect that.' In a final letter, following the handing down of the Press Council's Adjudication, it was stated that the Council expressed concern that after sending an E-Mail, which was not acknowledged, the Editor-in-Chief did not further respond to Council calls or letters'.
Murdoch To Pocket $600 Million?
* RUPERT MURDOCH is using his Australian newspapers to canvass the price range of $600 million - $1 billion for the sale of his holding in Queensland Newspapers Ltd, run now by JOHN COWLEY, to News Limited. Feeler articles appeared in The Courier-Mail and Gold Coast Bulletin newspapers, after the story was broken by LUKE COLLINS this week in The Australian Financial Review. Some reports said Australian Provincial Newspapers, the O'REILLY FAMILY'S division headed by VINCENT CROWLEY, to have participated in possible purchase talks with the News subsidiary. Mr Crowley, of APN News & Media, described the reports as speculation.
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50 - 100% shareholding offered
Due to impending retirement of one partner a shareholding is offered in Cook Islands News Ltd, publishers of Cook Islands News, the daily newspaper of the Cook Islands.
CI News is published on Rarotonga, Monday to Saturday inclusive and is the only daily newspaper in the Cooks. It has 8 to 12 pages Mon-Fri and 16 pages Saturday. Established by the government in the 1940s it was privatised in 1989 and has been run successfully by its current owners since then. Circulation is approximately 1600 for a population of about 8,000 people. The staff of 15 includes 5 editorial. We also have a web site which is updated weekly -
In Jan 1999 we moved into our own new 4000 sq ft building with ample space for expansion, and the shareholding is offered with or without a share of the building.
With its strong democratic tradition, no army, no armed police and very close links to New Zealand (they look after our defence) there is no fear of Fiji or Solomons style coups in the Cooks.
For further information please send a few details about yourself to the Managing Director:
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Sub-Editor Leads S11 Revolt
* DAVID GLANZ, S11 Alliance leader, appeared on Monday night TV bulletins to claim victory for protesters at this past week's World Economic Forum. Glanz's influence is not limited to the demonstration, which saw violence, injuries and damage in Melbourne. Glanz is a Sub-Editor at The Melbourne Times whose Publisher BRIAN STAGMAN, Manager SUSAN McDERMOTT and Editor JANE KENRICK saw almost half-a-page of Opinion given to Glanz's views on capitalism. Surprisingly, the newspaper gave its 'In Our View' column - 'S11 Should Send Strong Message' over to supporting the anti-capitalism protest group. The newspaper management's official line: 'The right-wing warriors of the mainstream Australian media have been warning us for weeks that the tens of thousands of people who are planning to protest against the meeting are a dangerous mob of mad dogs and subversives. The warnings are silly .. the benefits of the supposedly booming world economy are largely confined to powerful elites in a handful of countries.'
* Speaking of capitalism, no mention was given in the MT 'In Our View' column to holding company APN News & Media's half-year net profit up 31 per cent, with an EBIT of $56.7 million on increased revenues of $294.6 million. Should Melbourne Times readers expect DAVID GLANZ'S next opinion piece on the awfulness of capitalism to note that the paper's holding company describes itself as 'the largest operator of regional newspapers, radio stations and outdoor advertising in Australasia'? And should Glanz should have some guilt over his association with global press interests such as those successfully held by the O'REILLY FAMILY?
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The Sydney Report
Sydney's Great Lifestyle TV Program
In A Great Time-Slot: 5.30pm-6.00pm. Tues. & Fri. On Sydney's Channel 31.
The Station Is Now Watched By 240,000 Viewers Weekly (AC Nielsen, Nov. 1999)
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Ad Packages From Just $495
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Wham Bam, Thank You Pam
* SAM NEWMAN'S battle with Port Phillip Council to have a PAMELA ANDERSON mural erected on his 270 Canterbury Road, St Kilda property, excited media interest in Melbourne. CARMEL SHUTE, Council Media Officer, passes on to Media Flash the anatomy of the news coverage that followed. Rehame Newslines reported on radio coverage, listing bulletins on each of 3AW (News Director: ROB CURTAIN), 3MP (News Director: ROB CURTAIN) and 3AK (News Director: ROBERT HICKS). Our PS: Don't pay for three transcripts, each radio station carries the same syndicated Southern Cross news bulletins.
* JOHN CAMERON is listed in the monitoring as News Director for each of the 774 ABC and RN news bulletin mentions; with NICOLE GUNN (3MMM and FOX-FM), DENIS O'KANE (TTFM and GOLD-FM), PAUL McSWINEY (Albury's B104.9 FM); NEIL MITCHELL (3AW program produced by CLARK FORBES); ROB McLENNAN (Geelong's BAY-FM); DEREK GUILLE (774 ABC) also listed. Rehame has also monitored reports in the Herald Sun, 3MMM 'Crud' (producer BRADLEY HULME); ATV-10 News (producer DERMOT O'BRIEN); and GTV-9 News (producer JOHN SORELL).
Schildberger: A Little Short
* MICHAEL SCHILDBERGER'S Infosentials has accumulated losses of $12.3 million, to June 30, 2000. The FYE 2000 loss was $6,951,000, with sales having risen from $7.3 million to $11.7 million. Chairman IAN FERRES was reported in CHRISTOPHER WEBB'S Age column to declare June, July and August as profitable months. The previous 12 months saw a negative net operating cashflow of nearly $10 million.
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Fairfax Community Newspapers
Victorian Head Office: 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong, 3175.
Phone: (03) 9238 7777. Fax: (03) 9238 7682.
Publishers of: Dandenong Journal, Monash Journal, Knox Journal, Maroondah Journal, Yarra Ranges Journal, Whitehorse Journal, Footscray Mail, Altona-Laverton Mail, Williamstown Advertiser, Brimbank Advocate, Melton Express-Telegraph, Bacchus Marsh Express-Telegraph, Macedon Ranges Telegraph, Sunbury Telegraph, Werribee Banner, Community News - Moonee Valley, Community News - Moreland, Frankston-Longbeach Flier, Mornington Peninsula Flier, House & Land, New Homes & Land
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Asia Pacific Wire
* MIKE McCOLL-JONES, TV and radio comedy writer, is working in New Zealand with DENNIS SPENCER on a series of DAVID STRASSMAN specials. Spencer, son of the late NORM SPENCER (of GTV-9 and 3DB), has a TV production company that has amongst it packaging, the TV Bingo program.
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Cover the New Zealand market
* Contact Australian journalist/photographer GREG SWEETNAM at Travel, sport, business, rural, news, fishing, hiking etc Greg lives in the rural heartland at Taumarunui, 45 minutes from the North Island ski fields and the world famous trout river, the Tongariro. E-mail requirements or for samples or snail mail to 36 Sunshine Hill, Taumarunui.
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Essential Indonesian References
The Republic of Indonesia is Australia's biggest and most newsworthy neighbor. How do you easily check Indonesian names, positions and contact details? The updated editions of six major reference books are now available in Australia: Indonesian National Government Guide (updated with new cabinet); Indonesian Provincial & Local Government Guide (including provincial maps and data), Indonesian Associations and NGOs Guide (with Indonesian and English names and acronyms), Indonesian Media Guide (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and bureaux), Directory of Australian Businesses in Indonesia (including trade and business overviews and details on over 300 companies) and Asian Mining Yearbook (26 Asian country reviews, data and government/industry contacts). Inquiries to GORDANA MORAK at Gold Group Australia:; Tel: (03) 9642-3500; fax: (03) 9642-3900
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Olympic Podium
* The Coca-Cola IBM John Hancock Visa UPS McDonald's Kodak Panasonic Samsung Sports Illustrated/Time Xerox Olympic Games, brought to you by NBC.
* We say: 'An extraordinary effort by Australia's newsmen and women to present stunning and efficient press coverage, with extremely tight production deadlines'. Less complimentary remarks for BRUCE McAVANEY'S non-stop chatter on Channel 7, and the placement of 30-second spots in KERRY STOKES' Seven Network Opening Ceremony presentation which were selling for $250,000. See SUSAN TEERDS' Letter below.
* PETER FAIMAN directed Friday's night Olympic Opening Ceremony telecast, assisted by ROZ PLUMRIDGE and a cast of 12,694 performers. The GTV-9 alumni included Director of Ceremonies RIC BIRCH. JOHN FOREMAN, Music Director of BERT NEWTON'S Good Morning Australia (which celebrated 2000 episodes on Network 10 this past week), wrote Carry The Flame, performed by TINA ARENA, prior to athlete CATHY FREEMAN igniting the Olympic flame. Voice-over man JOHN STANTON was Stadium Announcer (Englais).
* MARTIN SAVAGE of CNN-TV savaged Sydney's public transport system, and the difficulties encountered reaching the Homebush stadium.
* GREG HYWOOD'S Sydney Morning Herald team have led the 'Fairfax Alliance' team to produce a 24-page daily broadsheet Olympics 'special'. The 'Alliance' includes JOHN B. FAIRFAX'S Rural Press newspapers, the O'REILLY FAMILY'S Australian Provincial Newspapers, and The West Australian. The Age team includes ALAN ATTWOOD, GARY TIPPET, GARY LINNELL, CAROLINE WILSON, MARTIN FLANAGAN and CORRIE PERKIN.
* ROBERT CRADDOCK of The Daily Telegraph leads the News Limited Olympian liftout each day with a 'Fun and Games' column on Page 2. The Olympian ran 44 pages in Sydney, 36 pages in Melbourne's Herald Sun, and as a broadsheet in Queensland's Courier-Mai. Columnists include MIKE GIBSON. Friday's Herald Sun ran to an impressive 160 pages. Saturday's edition was an incredible 176 pages, plus 16-page Real Estate (run-of-press), plus 28-page New Home Magazine (pre-print). Is the total 220 pages a Melbourne tabloid record?
* HARRY GORDON, veteran newsman, is a prize attraction in The Australian's coverage, which also incorporates vignettes from staff reporters including Media Writer AMANDA MEADE, PATRICK SMITH, GEORGE MEGALOGENIS and PAUL KELLY.
* GLENN FISHER, of Leader Newspapers (Vic.), is leading a team of reporters and photographers. Sports reporter JESPER FJELDSTAD is on his team, as are photographer STUART McEVOY and reporter REBECCA WILLIAMS.
'Worst Production Ever'
* SUSAN TEERDS, at Echo Magazines,, writes: Dear Ash, I hope you will publish something on how badly filmed and produced the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games were. I went to the full dress rehearsal two days before (spectacular) and was looking forward to seeing it on TV with all the best technology can provide in camera angles, zooms, pans etc. What a let down! Which crew and production team were responsible? They should be ashamed. Worse was channel seven cutting in a commercial break! My daughter was in the marching band and in Qld that was the bit lost to the commercial! The whole TV bit was a joke! What did the rest of the world think of us? Susan, Echo Magazines Pty Ltd, Phone: (07) 3801 2408. Fax: (07) 3801 3527. PO Box 3041, Loganholme, Queensland Australia 4129.
Sydney Siders
* JOHN KLEIN, Marketing Manager of Skygarden Shopping Centre, Castlereagh Street, Sydney, has used The Wentworth Courier to distribute his impressive 32-page A4 high-quality bi-annual magazine. With Marketing Co-Ordinator LEANNE VEERMAN, the Centre used The Gallery of Crows Nest for stunning design and production. The magazine is also being distributed in CBD major hotels ... the timing for the Olympics is handy!
* CINDY LEONARD, Manager of The North Shore Times (edited by RON BENDALL), has had to be inventive for retail ad space sales during the close-down of local businesses for the Olympics. The Chatswood-based paper included an 'Open During The Olympics' feature.
* ROSS TUCKER and HAROLD ROSS, proprietors of the Saturday Star, have commenced libel proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW against The Echo (Byron Bay, NSW) and Fast Buck$. The Echo reported: 'They claim they were defamed by an advertisement which appeared on December 7 last year in which Mr Buck$ commented on the treatment of a former Star employee, Ms LEANNE POTTS.'
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Subs Plus - The Subscription Management System
Are you a publisher who values your subscribers?
Do you want a Subscription System that is designed to handle all your subscriptions queries, reports, and marketing?
Subs Plus is an Industrial Strength Subscription Management System used by over 80 publishers (and over 500 titles) in Australia and New Zealand. We also handle the outsourcing of the Subscription Customer Services role for some of Australia's leading publishers.
Whether you have one publication with 500 subscribers or 50 titles with 500,000 subscribers, Subs Plus makes circulation management easy, efficient and highly effective.
Developed by Database Consultants Australia, leaders in database solutions for the publishing and direct marketing industries.
If you want to build and cultivate your subscriber base call DEREK HOLT on (02) 9817 1044 or email at
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Melbourne Memo
* STEVE HARRIS, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, noted to Age staff that the recent industrial action prevented the paper being delivered, for the first time in its 145 year history.
* GLEN ROHAN, Metro News Publisher, met with Age Publisher STEVE HARRIS last week, to discuss a possible merger of his paper with Melbourne Property Guide, as hinted in Media Flash (Sept. 11). Fairfax Community Newspapers boss IAN CROWTHER was in Melbourne on Wednesday night (Olympic football) and Thursday, when the proposal was further discussed.
* JULIE UPSON and RON COLEMAN, Publisher and Editor respectively of The Western Times Group will each be taking extended leave. Their three mastheads already have a joint marketing agreement and national representation through GENE SWINSTEAD'S News Limited Suburban Newspapers. Is an outright purchase of the business to follow?
* NEIL COLLYER, Victorian State Manager of Fairfax Community Newspapers, is examining the possibility of taking the Frankston-Longbeach Flier and Mornington Peninsula Flier titles to weekly publication. Sales Manager JOHN GANNAN has achieved exceedingly strong figures with 100-page and 84-page editions. SYLVIA BRADSHAW'S Frankston Standard has countered with a 32-page color heatset Real Estate liftout in the long-standing Leader Newspapers edition, with a total book of 104 pages.
More Melbourne
* NEIL COLLYER'S Fairfax Community Newspapers won 'Best Overall Full Color Newspaper' for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea at the Annual Single Width User Conference in Tasmania (Tas.). The award was in conjunction with Rural Press Printing. The award was for House & Land magazine, incorporating New Homes & Land magazine. A full-page ad promoting the award was included in the magazine, edited by ALICE ARCHER. Um, sorry to say our copy of the full-page promo was, er, ever-so-slightly, out-of-register.
* SUZANNE SHAW, Editor of the Melton-Bacchus Marsh Leader, carried a double-page spread this past week to celebrate the first birthday of the paper, started immediately after the sale of TONY CERANTONIO'S Western Independent to Fairfax.
* PETER SIMCOCK, Editor of The Whitehorse Journal, has introduced a new attractive masthead, that must be close to 200 point print, including a trademark 'White Horse'.
* GRAHAM COLLING was known in the 1980s as Publisher of the Yarra Valley Post, being the paper went into the hands of HARTLEY HIGGINS (briefly), FRANK CROSBY, then PETER BOYLE. (The paper started its life as The Monbulk Post, founded by JIM MYNARD, these days at PAUL THOMAS' Pakenham-Berwick Gazette group.) Colling now runs the Woori Yallock Hotel, and transferred most of his large advertising schedule from the Mountain Views Mail run by Higgins and GEOFF HEYES, to the Fairfax paper. Colling still has a considerable power base in the Valley.
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John Pasquarelli
Is collecting Papua New Guinea tribal art again. Please feel free to contact me on (03)93144120 or email me at
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Around Adelaide
* HILTON DONALDSON, a nine year Sky Channel veteran, has been appointed resident SA racecaller and correspondent, to call his first meeting at Morphettville on November 11. CEO GEOFF WANT says the appointment brings SA into line with NSW, Victoria and Queensland. 'We have been well served by talented and professional people such as RON PAPPS and TERRY McAULIFFE and we will continue to use the resources of TAB Radio.'
* MELISSA PHILLIPS, Health Writer at Messenger Newspapers, has received the 2000 GORDON YOUNG Memorial Award from Better Hearing Australia, for the print journalism that best promotes community awareness of hearing impairment. The award was presented by Adeliade Lord Mayor ALFRED HUANG.
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The Brisbane Report
Brisbane's Great Lifestyle TV Program
In A Great Time-Slot: 5.30pm-6.00pm. Thursdays On Briz 31.
The Station Now Watched By 70,000 Viewers Nightly
For Advertising Inquiries: Phone 1-800 231 311
Ad Packages From Just $495
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Queensland Quips
* QTQ-9, BTQ-7 and TVQ-10 each advertised in The Weekend Australian to notify test transmissions of digital television from Mount Coot-tha, from October 2.
Advt.: Click Here For A $99 Weekend Package In Brisbane
West Wire
* JO BETH TAYLOR, of Hey Hey It's Saturday fame - real name JOANNE GUILFOYLE - has married tennis star THOMAS MUSTER in Leibnitz, Austria. The Musters have a $3 million estate near Noosa (Qld), according to PETER HOLDER and JO CASAMENTO in 'Sydney Confidential' (The Daily Telegraph, NSW).
* PETER FLYNN, City of Stirling Public Relations Manager, has won a Western Australian Municipal Association Effective Communications Award for The City of Stirling Newsletter carried in the Eastern Suburbs Reporter newspaper, part of the Community News group. Mr Flynn said the Council first decided to run the insert on a trial basis in 1998 after feedback from residents who said they wanted more communication from the Council.
* STEPHANIE COLE, of The Gazette (Community Newspapers, Fremantle, WA), has won the company's Representative of the Year third prize. Stephanie was a finalist in last year's awards run by the Australian Suburban Newspapers' Association.
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This Week In Byron Bay
* BYRON BAY FOLLIES: Fine weather for Fiesta; Harry Woods rules out forced Council amalgamation; SATURDAY STAR sues THE ECHO and Fast Buck$; New Council GM chosen (again); Locals support S11 protests; MUNGO MacCALLUM on 'the ghastly little whinger behind the lectern' (JH in NY); Readers' outrage at 'Shoot to Kill' bill; Prize-winning short story 'Shark Girl'; How to get your holiday kicks in Byron. THE BYRON SHIRE ECHO is an independent locally-owned free weekly covering Australia's most sophisticated rural market. Check it out on Advertising enquiries to or ring (02) 6684 1777.
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Press Gang
* KYLIE McGREGOR and SOPHIE VANDER, Editorial Director and Editor, have launched the first Voyeur magazine: the in-flight slightly-in-your-face 100-pager for SIR RICHARD BRANSON'S Virgin Blue airline. The mag is packaged by Pacific Client Publishing led by General Manager LISA BURCHER and Ad Manager ANTHONY HENNESSY. Printing is by Wilke Color (PMP), Moorebank (NSW). Editorial features include UTE JUNKER'S piece on PR wizard MAX MARKSON, with writers including VALENS QUINN, CRAIG TANSLEY and SALLY MORRELL.
Advt.: Click Here To Save $200 On A Gold Coast Holiday
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An Advertising Agency with a Print Focus
Live & Direct (established by ROBERT DiPIERDOMENICO in 1996) - is a dynamic agency specialising in total print production providing high quality services with a competitive edge. Because Live & Direct don't own any presses or have a financial interest in any print companies, they are able to find the printer best suited to the job at hand. This lowers costs, improves quality and reduces turnaround times - all critical factors when a deadline has to be met. The Live & Direct philosophy is to provide exemplary customer service first and foremost. Live & Direct provide the following services: Concept Creation; Sheet-Fed Printing; Screen Printing; Continuous Printing; Copying; Distribution and POS (Point of Sale) products ... and much more! Live & Direct will look after all your needs, from the initial 'idea' right through to a first-class end product. Let Live & Direct take the stress out of organising your print needs - they will do the LOT! Call KAREN MULHALL, Live & Directs' Marketing Manager (03) 9818 4888 or email
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Air Waves
* 3MP is promoting a weekly 'Melbourne Words' crossword puzzle with Leader Newspapers. Clues are given hourly on air. Prize is a Cadillac King limo ride to JOHN FARNHAM'S 'Man of The Hour' Concert, with accommodation at IRVIN ROCKMAN'S Melbourne hotel.
TV Guide
* SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24. 5pm, ABC-TV. Empire Of The Air: The Man Who Made Radio. Part 1. Story of three men and their successes, failures and ambitions. LEE De FOREST, the father of radio; DAVID SARNOFF, head of Radio Corporation of America; and EDWIN HOWARD ARMSTRONG, creator of FM broadcasting.
Your ABC
* CAROL FRAZER is fielding enquiries for applications for Head of Production, Television, based in Sydney. Carol is also providing information for a Business Affairs Executive, Television position. WENDY HOLLOWAY has information of the Deputy Programmer, Television appointment.
* JONATHAN SHIER, ABC MD, has placed ads for four vacancies for the 12-memvber ABC National Advisory Council.
* PETER JAMES, ABC Classic FM head, has been sacked without warning, according to PETER WILMOTH of The Age Green Guide. James was on sick leave after suffering a heart attack in July. James said he had received a call for new radio head, SUE HOWARD, to say 'we're thinking of you'. 'I bet they were,' Mr James noted. Howard rejected James' claims: 'I have left him alone because he was ill and I don't want to be badgering him.' Also gone are the jobs of STEVEN ALWARD (Radio National), IAN ROLFE (Newsradio) and ED BRESLIN (Triple J).
* ROBERT SERENA, A/Technology Manager at ABC New Media, has advised that the ABC shut down audio sitesw on Thursday on the off chance that a news bulletin might contain Olympics coverage for which they do not have rights. An inter-office memorandum states: 'Our contract with the IOC/SOCOG specifically states that we are not allowed to exercise our radio rights on the Internet. For us, this means that we cannot present any material originated at any Olympic venue in our streaming services .. even if your network is not expressly carrying description of events, there is a certainty that News bulletins will. As our streaming feeds are hard-wired from the network feeds, we are unable to switch alternative sources during the news. To avoid the possibility of an accidental broadcast which may affect our accreditation we must stop our simulcast streaming services.'
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Plenty Valley FM 88.6
Plenty Valley fm. 88.6 serves the outer north eastern metropolitan area of Melbourne and can help you promote your company by cost effective advertising. We can direct your message in to selected age groups , interest groups , ethnic groups or across the station. Please call the station manager MARTIN WRIGHT to put a package together for your business on (03) 9404-2111 or 0407338 161
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Community Broadcasting
* PAUL RASMUSSEN, Chairman of Hawkesbury Radsio 89.9 FM, writes to Media Flash to advise of three new Directors: CR PAUL RASMUSSEN, NOEL SELBY and PHIL McGEE. 'These Directors were part of the rejigging of Hawkesbury Radio over the last two years and offered themselves up for re-election. The membership overwhelmingly voted these three directors back onto the Board. Cr Rasmussen was also re-elected as the Chairman of the Board for a second two-year term.'
* BARRY MELVILLE of the Christian Broadcasters Association of Australia writes: 'The CBAA's Annual Conference is going to held at the Gold Coast - Greenmount Beach Resort - between November 24-26, 2000. There's a link on our newly-revamped website Also let me know what you think of our new format which includes news, features and special reports.'
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98.9 North West FM
Sure, we might "only" be a sub-metro community radio station, but we DO play John Farnham's latest single, we DO have a fantastic mix of music and talk programs AND, our sports program recently kicked serious butt by winning the ABA (Australian Basketball Assoc.) NATIONAL award for radio coverage!!!!
So, whether you want to listen to a fantastic, growing Community Radio Station, or you're looking to reach discerning radio listeners who know a great radio station when they hear one, 98.9 North West FM is for YOU!!
Call our studios on (03) 930 44 98.9 NOW!!
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ABC Appointments
* PETER CORNELIUS, Zenith Media MD, has been elected 2000-2001 Chairman for the Audit Bureau of Circulations. General Committee new members are LOUISE COURTNEY, Director Advertising, Government Communications Unit; GEOFF BAGGET, GM, FPC Magazines; ROB MOREY, Circulation Director, Time Inc., South Pacific. Re-elected Executive members are Deputy Chairman STEPHEN HOLLINGS, News Limited; Treasurer BRIAN GREGSON, Gunnedah Publishing; CHRIS GIBSON, ACP Publishing; HUGH WATT, PAN TV. General Committee Members are: METRO/NATIONAL DAILY AND SUNDAY PAPERS - DARYL FEDDEN, The Age Company Ltd; STEPHEN HOLLINGS, News Limited; STEVE LYONS, Queensland Newspapers Limited; DAVID MAGUIRE, Sunday Times, WA; TONY PROWSE, Herald & Weekly Times Ltd; ROBERT WHITEHEAD, John Fairfax Holdings Ltd.
* COUNTRY PRESS/REGIONAL DAILIES members are GRAHAM GORREL, Wagga Daily Advertiser; BRIAN GREGSON, Gunnedah Publishing; LLOYD JENKINS, Northern United Kerang (Vic.). PUBLISHER MEMBER FROM MAGAZINES. GEOFF BAGGET, FPC Magazines; CHRIS GIBSON, ACP Publishing; MATT HANDBURY, Murdoch Magazines; PETER MILLER, Pacific Publications; ROB MOREY, Time Inc. South Pacific. ADVERTISERS. LOUISE COURTNEY, Dept of Prime Minister and Cabinet; JOHN CREAGH, Australian Pork Corporation; MICHAEL DUNCAN, Coles Myer; HUGH WATT, PAN TV; GARY WILLIAMS, NRMA Limited. ADVERTISING AGENCIES. GARTH AGIUS, OMD Sydney; PETER CORNELIUS, Zenith Media; DYMPHNA JAMES, Initiative Media; JOHN LAMBERT, Starcom Media; ANN MORRISON, Euro RSG.
CAB Appointments
* SOPHIE MADDEN, Australasian Media Controller of Unilever Australia, has been elected to the Circulations Audit Board. Members are president ERIC SPILSTED, Eric Spilsted Pty Ltd; Deputy President ROBERT YEOMANS, Rank Publishing Co.; Treasurer JOHN CREAGH, Australian Pork Corporation; GARTH AGIUS, OMD Austrlai; MARK CHESTERFIELD, Initiative Media; PETER CORNELIUS, Zenith Media; IAN CROWTHER, Fairfax Community Newspapers; ADRIAN FARROW, Westwick-Farrow Pty Ltd, TONY IVERS, News Limited Suburbans; SOPHIE MADDEN; HUGH WATT, PAN TV; GARY WILLIAMS, NRMA Limited.
* GAWAIN McLACHLAN, Publisher of Filmnet,, is verifying all ads for his 'weekdaily' online newsletter: 'I have made this move as one reader ... was seeking subjects for a film about Jews and their experiences with nose operations ... his latests pathetic effort is the lowest thing I've seen in my 2-3 years of reporting on the local industry. To try to use an ethnic group as a tool for a personbal grudge is a severe form of racism.'
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New! Macquarie Dictionary Website
Allows searching by headword in the Macquarie Concise Dictionary. Allows searching on the new edition of the Macquarie Book of Slang. Offers the Weekly Word for word lovers. Invites feedback from dictionary browsers. This web page offers everyone access to the editors of our national dictionary. Address:
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So, This Is Showbiz
* NORMIE ROWE was guest speaker at the WA Drug Summit at Burswood this month.
* GEORGE NEGUS, journalist, is speaking to a Brisbane AM Club Breakfast on October 13. Bookings with the Brisbane Hilton box office, (07) 3231 3231.
And Now In Sport
* PETER BLUNDEN'S Herald Sun boys were due to play their annual footy match against STEVE HARRIS' Age team at the JOCK McHALE Stadium (formerly Victoria Park) in Collingwood. Someone should E-Mail Media Flash with the scores, injuries and any Tribunal reports.
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Balance? Objectivity? Evenhandedness?
Crap. What you need is an opinionated weekly columnist. Not another P P McG. Or even a Kenneth Davidson. But a RED. One who can stick it to Howard and Beazley and their pro-capitalist policies. Why bother? S11 shows there is an audience for radical ideas. You can ignore the Left, or you can have someone like me talking to them every week. And maybe, just maybe, extending your readership and contributing to the debate about the future of Australian society. All done in a way that engages and enrages. If you're interested, call JOHN PASSANT on (02) 6231 3729 (a.h.) or email him at John has been published over the years on an occasional basis in The Canberra Times (God bless their commitment to plurality.) He is a member of the MEAA.
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Big Names Dept.
* PETER ISAACSON has written his second book, Inspiring Words, published by MICHAEL WILKINSON'S Information Australia. PETER KOHN, in NICHOLAS DOWER'S Niche Media Tecprint, says the book has a collection of others' sayings that have inspired him over the years. One quote: 'The difference between reading a computer screen and reading a book is the same as the difference between artificial insemination and making love.'
* DAVID EVANS, one-time GTV-9 GM, and now CEO of US-based Crown Media Holdings, was subject of a revealing interview by JANE SCHULZE of The Age on Saturday. He tells of pulling the plug on CHRISTOPHER SKASE'S Qintex Entertainment.
* PETER GERRAND has quit as CEO of Melbourne IT. "Nearly 80 per cent of the company's market capitalisation was eraed as its share price hit the skids,' reported ELI GREENBLAT. Professor Gerrand receives a one-year payout on his three-year contract. He is being replaced by ADRIAN KLOEDEN, former MD of music retailer Brashs.
Smaller Names Dept.
* BERNARD KING, 'showbiz personality, celebrity chef and raconteur', is performing as 'Ringmaster' (Not going there- Ed) for Circus Culture 2000, main fundraiser for AIDS Trust of Australia. ANDREW MILNES, of Melbourne Star Observer, edited by ANDY MURDOCH, reports King was looking forward to the dress-up: 'A few years ago, Silvers invited me to be a ringmaster. I got the full tails, top hat and riding crop and loved it.'
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Make Your Revenue Strategies Happen!
Mercuri International, the largest and most successful global sales training and development organisation, is pleased to announce the appointment of PETER GRIFFITH to its Consultant ranks. A highly regarded Manager and Trainer in print and online media, Peter was formerly the Online Sales and Marketing Manager for F2 (Fairfax Online), an Advertising Manager with The Age Newspaper, and most recently General Manager Sales and Marketing for Text Online Media. Mercuri International is a global organisation with 77 offices and 45 years experience making revenue strategies happen for leading sales organisations around the world. They accomplish this by developing the competencies, skill and impact of everyone within the sales team, from senior managers to sales teams and customer service. Peter joins an accomplished team of professionals at Mercuri International Australia, specialising in the development of media and online sales organisations. To learn more about the services offered by Mercuri International, or to arrange a confidential consultative session, contact PETER GRIFFITH on (02) 9957 5511 or email: The Mercuri International web site can be found at
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Movers And Shakers
* WILBUR WILDE'S wife gave birth to new son HOWARD in the back of a car this week. Congratulations to Willie and family.
* DARRYL BILLING has been appointed IT/Electrical Co-Ordinator in The Age Print Centre Project Team. ALICIA FOX is now Personal Assistant to that newspaper's Associate Advertising Director ROY WRIGHT. KATIE LYNCH has been appointed Account Manager for Domain.
* MARJ CLIENE, 84, a reporter on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula, is retiring after 60 years at the keyboard. She contributed to the Women's Mirror, The Argus, The Sun and New Idea. Marj started with JOHN GANNAN at The Red Hill Flyer in 1989.
* LOUISE RUDSKI has left HARTLEY HIGGINS' Mansfield Courier (Vic.), edited by PHIL NOLAN, for a new position with Fairfax.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
All Business Writing Services
All Business Writing Services provides professional writing for corporate and government clients. Since she established her business in 1995, journalist ROBYN ANNS has written for: Telstra, the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA), Department of Defence, Australia Post, Norwich Union, local councils and more. Robyn also operates as a public relations consultant who has successfully promoted for clients including Australia Post, the 1999 Import Replacement Expo, and the Department of Defence. Robyn shared the 1999 Defence Department Achievement Award or her part in promoting DSTO's Diamond Jubilee.
Robyn Anns also provides media training. During her 26 year career Robyn has held positions with: News Limited, the ABC, MICHAEL SCHILDBERGER'S Infosentials, and a public relations consultancy. For clean, crisp copy - on time and on target - Call 03 9585 2921 or 0419 128 400.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Writers' Block
* ROSLYN DEAKIN writes: 'When my husband PETER presented me with an armful of home-grown zucchinis. I wasn't sure what to do with them other than stuff them!' Roslyn said she has 'compiled a Zucchini Recipe Book of 87 pages, and 460 recipes and Eggplant recipe book of 55 pages and 70 recipes.' Copies available, for $12 including postage, from P.O. Box 396, Croydon, 3136.
* FR JOHN MacSWEENEY'S new book, A Meddling Priest, has been released by St Pauls Publications. It is described as an entertaining and informative biography of pioneer priest, FR JOHN JOSEPH THERRY who had a great influence in the foundation of the Catholic Church in Australia. RRP$19.95. To receive latest catalogue and to order:
* SHAR DURKSEN asks 'How Badly Are E-Books Hurting Small Bookstores?''After seeing the huge response to STEPHEN KING'S e-book venture, traditional publishing houses are racing to get their books online and small bookstores are bracing themselves for an uncomfortable ride. While most sellers feel that readers will never abandon printed books, the consensus is that e-books will have a significant effect on overall sales. What makes the situation worse is that the large publishing houses do not appear to want any part of sharing e-book sales. A common complaint is that requests from small vendors asking to register for affiliate online sales are being met with silence or refusal.'
* "This is an unnecessary war," says SHAR DURKSEN, editor of Adventure Book Publishers She goes on to explain that, "While some book stores have web sites or at least Internet access, there are many more who don't. None of these booksellers should be made to suffer so we are making our e-book line available to bookstores in shelf-ready versions that are shrink-wrapped and bar coded. This way no one needs to be left behind. E-books aren't going away so this gives everyone a chance at an even playing field without having to invest in computer equipment or services. Judging by the response so far, we are on the right track and readers will soon be able to buy e-books directly from a favorite bookstore shelf the same way they would a printed book. Even better is the fact that we have an exclusive book line so sellers needn't worry about every store and book site offering the same book at bargain prices.'
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
A monthly email newsletter for those involved in the production of formatted print publications -- newsletters, magazines, newspapers etc. Includes news and hints involving QXP, InDesign, PageMaker etc. See back issues at or subscribe with a message of "subscribe" to
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The Short Story Magazine for Short Story Lovers
Over 20 short stories in each edition
This magazine is unique in the World in as much as it is genre specific by edition. So far editions available are:
Crime - Murder & Mayhem, Capital R for Romance
Flights of Fantasy, Ghost Stories, Humorous Tales,
Bush Yarns, Murder Mysteries - each magazine a great read!
rrp $5.00 copy (incl GST) Contact: PAULINE RECKENTIN
38 Warringah Grove, Petrie Q 4502. Phone: (07 3285 2887. Fax: (07 3285 8011
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Absent Friends
* MAX PHIPPS, actor, was remembered in our columns some weeks back upon his death. IVAN KING, writing the 'Ball Points' column in the Westside Observer (Perth's Gay and Lesbian newspaper), noted: 'From what one hears, on stage he was equally impressive in fishnet stockings and high heels, gracing the original Melbourne production of The Rocky Horror Show. Max Phipps died recently and in a week dominated by the IVF debate and the Bougainville boys mardi gras, space was found in The Australian for his obituary - the last sentence of which was that time-honored euphemism, 'He never married'.'
Glass House Dept.
* CR DALE PETERS, Mayor of the City of Banyule (Vic.), wrote a warm welcome published in the first issue of The Banyule Observer. He neglected to mention he and fellow Labor Councillor, COLIN BROOKS, own the newspaper. So his letter virtually congratulates himself. Same for Issue Two - Saturday (Sept. 16) - that includes a cheesy color front-page photo with Victorian Labor Premier STEVE BRACKS, State Health Minister JOHN THWAITES, and Federal Shadow Health Minister JENNY MACKLIN.
On This Day
* Send your 'On This Day' birthdays, anniversaries to
* MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. CHRISTOPHER SKASE, tourist, born in Melbourne, 1948.
* TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19. LOIS SMITH, Kilmore Free Press (Vic.), birthday, 1929.
* WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. DALE PETERS, Director, Banyule Observer (Vic.), birthday, 1975. PETER PHELPS, Stingers actor, birthday, 1960.
* THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21. 2LM opened in Lismore (NSW), 1936.
* FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22. ERNEST FISK, received the first wireless message transmitted from Britain to Australia on this day, at his Wahroonga (NSW) home.
* SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. CHRIS McPHERSON, Director, McPherson Media, Shepparton (Vic.), birthday, 1954.
* SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24. DON FITZGERALD, founder, The Trader newspaper, Monbulk (Vic.), birthday, 1945.
Fan Mail
* PETER GRIFFITH of Mercuri International, writes: 'Dear Ash, Great idea to let your long time subscribers experience the power of advertising on the Media Flash web site. By the way - congratulations on your new format - hard to believe there are still so many antiquated companies out there not allowing employees (and senior ones at that) access to the Internet! I'm sure their thinking dates back to the days when the Internet was viewed as a chat-room haven and a bastion for pornography, rather than a state of the art research and communication.'
Stix And Stones
* STEVE STICKNEY, Editor at The Manly Daily, presents the printed pearls which paint a picture of bodgy docs and dodgy jocks
* 'Imagine a place laid out like the blobby mouth of a jellyfish, and you've got Sydney' - blabbermouth journo HOWARD SHAPIRO'S bitter description of the Olympic city. The Philadelphia Inquirer (US).
* 'The advantage of having five wives is that they can't all have a headache at the same time'' - actor RODNEY DANGERFIELD spruiks up interest in his latest film My Five Wives.
* 'Occasional, constant infrequent head aches'' - doctor's observation on patient's medical notes. The Bandicoot (Manly Hospital house mag).
* 'I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees'' - shunned Aussie goalkeeper MARK BOSNICH describes how he plans to deal with his rift with Manchester United manager SIR ALEX FERGUSON. Sunday People (UK mag).
Bottom Line
* $1.20 - the new low for Text Media scrip - 'meaning a 40 per cent capital evaporation in just five trading days', says CHRISTOPHER WEBB of The Age, who revealed on Friday that shareholders now include PETER ISAACSON, STEVE VIZARD, THE SALVATION ARMY, THE DARLING FAMILY and SIR JAMES BALDERSTONE.
* $100 MILLION more than he has to pay: the value of options for News Corporation CEO PETER CHERNIN.
* $150 MILLION will generate the equivalent of 3000 jobs - with three films to be shot at Point Cook Film Studios (Vic.), according to MATT O'DWYER in The Werribee Banner.
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Now there's a way to get the information you want, how you want it, and its FREE!
PressPass Gives You Back Control
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A Long Story - Part 7
* ASH LONG looks back at some of the various people of his varied media career.
* Held over until next week's Media Flash.
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News Limited Suburbans
News Limited Suburban Newspapers
With more than 90 titles around Australia you can reach over 6 Million people every week with just one number.
Telephone 13 NEWS, that's 13 63 97
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Australian Media Job Directory
Commercial Director/Producer
* Ten Victoria's award winning production team is seeking an experienced Commercial Director/Producer in our Bendigo Studio. Skills in creative writing, conceptualisation and the ability to liaise and work closely with crew, clients and sales people is essential. If you have a strong work ethic, with loads of personal pride and wish to work with a great team of people then... this is a unique career opportunity for the right person. Send your resume & showreel to ANTHONY WEBSTER, Production Manager, Ten Victoria, PO Box 888, Bendigo 3552
Applications close Friday,September 22.
Editorial Assistant
Fairfax Community Newspapers (Vic), an established and fast-paced publisher of 20 quality suburban newspapers is inviting applications for an Editorial Assistant.Based at our office in Footscray and reporting to the West Regional Editor you will be assisting on a day-to-day basis with the maintenance and publishing of FCN-Vic's largest publication, the Footscray Mail and its sister papers. You will also be involved in the co-ordination and publishing of contributor material, data entry of event listings, image sourcing, and some writing and editing duties. This position requires considerable skill in dealing with the deadline demands of a busy newsroom and heavy telephone traffic from readers and customers. This is a stimulating but high-pressure position that is the key to the efficient daily news operation of the paper.The role requires excellent written and verbal communication skills an experience in dealing with the general public. A courteous and efficient telephone manner is vital. An interest in news and current affairs is essential. Applicants must be proven self-starters, good team-workers and adaptable to an ever changing pace of activity. Excellent computer skills and experience in office organisation and management is required. To meet deadlines, you must be well organised, accurate and show great attention to detail. Windows 95/97 proficiency and a typing speed of 60w.p.m. is essential. The right candidate may also view this as an entry-level position suited to a recent graduate wanting to seek a future entry into journalism. Applications for this position, including a resume with references, must be received by Wednesday, September 20, 2000, and should be addressed to: TRACY MOTTOLA, Executive Personal Assistant, 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong, Vic 3175. Ph: 9238 7777. Email:
Editorial Consultant Sales Representative * Leading quarterly aged care trade publication seeks an editorial consultant/journalist and also a full-time + part-time sales representative. Established 12 years as the leading industry publication with subscriber base, direct marketing opportunities, high profile industry editorial committee in the expanding grey market. Looking for results oriented people, enjoy autonomy, flexibility and think outside the square. Research skills, customer focussed and IT efficient. Work hours flexible on contract/consultancy basis or employment depending on suitability to the position. Fast, effective journalistic skills with all-round experience in publishing, marketing and aged care a bonus. Editorial approach is informative, topical and thought provoking. Advertising representative also requires smart marketing skills and an excellent way with people and presentation. Contact: Julia Turner ph: 0414 525 516 Employment
* TRICIA NOLAN, at Q4 Executive, has the job of recruiting a Head, National Talk for ABC Radio. It combines the Radio National and News Radio leadership roles. It is Sydney-based, where else?
* TED TURNER'S CNN Interactive is advertising for a Hong Kong-based Editor, Desk Editors, Journalists, Associate Producers and a Senior Multimedia Designer. humanresources,
* JONATHAN SHIER'S ABC is promoting a number of senior vacancies (Click here).
* JOE THYMIAN and DIANNE EISER of Tanner Menzies, Melbourne, have the job of head-huting the next General Manager - International Publishing for Lonely Planet.
* NEWSNET.COM seeks a General Manager - Australia - witrh a strong sales and marketing background.
* WALT DISNEY COMPANY has placed vacancies for an Operations Assistant; plus these jobs at The Disney Store - Regional Hardlines Buyer, Visual Merchandsiing and Promotions Assistant, Merchandise Planner, and Assistant Buyer Softlines.
* NEIL SHOEBRIDGE, Editor, BRW Magazine, is inviting applications for a Senior Designer's 4-day-a-week position to join the BRW team.
* WALPIRI MEDIA, Yuendumu (NT), wants a Co-Ordinator/Station Manager, with sector and cross cultural experience an advantage. Applications close October 5.
* ANDREW RUTTER, Director of News, Eight National News, Darwin (NT), wants a Chief-of-Staff for the National Nine News affiliate.
* JULIE NARDUZZO, of The Herald & Weekly Times Lrd, is seeking to appoint a Trade Marketing Manager for HWT brands including Herald Sun, Sunday Herald Sun and The Weekly Times.
* PETER BIBBY At Magalaba Books is advertising for an Editor and a Designer, Broome (WA).
* TANIA BRASLIN at the University of Tasmania is fielding enquiries for a Lectureship In Journalism and Media Studies. Total remuneration package is $69,317.
* DEBBIE LEE, Principal's Assistant at Presbyterian Ladies' College, Perth (WA), is answering questions about the Head of Media, Arts and Technology position from 2001.
* AMANDA TUCCI, at Fairfax, lists a vacancy for a Financial System Administrator Team Member. Applications to the Human Resources Co-Ordinator at Sussex Street (Sydney).
* RONDA JONES, Classified Sales Trainer at Courier Newspapers (NSW), is employing Customer Service/Telephone Sales Advisors - with the call that it is 'a great newspaper industry career start!'
* KEN WIDDOWSON, at Learning Network, is hiring a programmer, Acquisition Officer, Scheduler, Promo Producer and Executive assistant, for the new international 'lifestyle' pay-TV channel.
* STEPHEN CRITTENDEN is advertising for a Religious Producer/Reporter, Sydney-based, for ABC Radio National's The Religion Report and other programs.
* WAYNE HARMAN, Editorial Manager at The New Zealand Herald is looking for a Business Journalist, Auckland.
* JOHN MILLICAN, Human Resources at f2 Interactive Network, is accepting résumés for the Management Accountant's position - preferably MBA qualified.
* PAULA JOYE, Editor at Cleo, is wanting a Chief Sub-Editor - 'the faint-hearted need not apply'.
* VICKI THOMPSON at Bloomberg, Sydney, is hiring a Political Correspondent to work in the Canberra Press Gallery. Candidates need to send four clippings and a CV by Wednesday (Sept. 20).
* BROOK TURNER is distributing information about the Chief Sub-Editor's vacancy at the Australian Financial Review Magazine.
* PALACE CINEMAS in Melbourne are recruiting a National Marketing Manager, and will pay up to $60,000. Applications close Thursday (Sept. 21).
* BRAD SPENCE, Operations Manager, Newcastle Newspapers, is on the hunt for a Quality Centre Team Member.
* CILLA WALKER at Big Color Pages Internet and Phone Directory, Melbourne, is looking for Telephone Sales people.
* JIM SMITH requires an Advertising Sales Representative for the Kilmore Free Press (Vic.). 'The harder you work, the more you earn,' says the ad.
Work Wanted
* Advertise your 'Work Wanted' notice in Media Flash. During September and October, we'll print your 'Work Wanted' ad for free. Simply E-Mail it to us by 5pm Friday at
* STEVE HAYDON, freelance AVID Media Composer 1000 and FINAL CUT PRO editor looking for work in Metro Melbourne. Also experienced Announcer and voice over person seeking any voice work in radio, TV, corporate, cinema, multimedia, whatever! Or if you're a voice over agent I would love to be on your books. Already have a number of large clients to my name. View on-line CV, download audio and show reel from web site or e-mail me at and I will send reels out to you in the mail. Always contactable on 0412 443 446.
* EVE SINTON writes: 'Freelance photojournalist with multi-media and pre-press production skills, and full range of DTP equipment. 15 years industry experience, IT, environment and permaculture specialties, former Editor, Permaculture International Journal, current casual with Byron Shire Echo Located near Byron Bay, NSW, Australia; will telework anywhere. Eve Sinton, phone (02) 6684 2133, mobile 0417 434 968, fax 02 6684 4043, email
* ASHLEIGH DJACHENKO writes: 'Journalism student seeks part-time work in media industry, Brisbane. Anything considered. Former registered nurse with experience writing health-related information, currently studying at Uni, samples of writing available, mature, enthusiastic and committed to new career . Please e-mail ASHLEIGH DJACHENKO at
* STEVE BAKER writes: Announcer/Programme Manager with Seven Years Commercial Radio experience looking for the next step in Radio Career, Experience with Selector, Natural Music, Automation, and SAWPro Production Suite and Currently doing FM Breakfast Show, Experienced in all aspects of Commercial Radio and Commercial Production and Voice Overs. Can Supply a CV and MP3 Air Check via Email, contact STEVE BAKER at for more information.
* ROLY SIMS writes: Seeking employment in the radio industry as a team, currently presenting a breakfast show on 88.6 Plenty Valley fm. We are a vibrant entertaining duo with wide experience in community radio wanting to take the next step. Experience in script writing , production , panel and mic. work. We have also presented comedy program at Sport 927 (3UZ) For further details or a demo c.d. please contact Roly Sims at or Ph.0407 365 664, Danny Pedersen at or Ph 0419 489 359
* LISA writes: 'La Trobe University Media Studies Graduate looking for further experience in film, tv and radio production. Happy to start as a production runner or production assistant. Experience in all studio roles, including assistant director, editor, including linear and non linear editing (Final Cut Pro), camera operator, autocue, vision switcher and many more. Willing to start anywhere!!! Also has great writing experience in scriptwriting, writing and editing for multimedia (Radio, Internet, Film & TV)and media issues. Excellent communication and organisation skills. Good knowledge of PC's and Mac's. Contact Lisa in Melbourne if interested on (03) 9720 4926 or e-mail
* MELITA MANSFIELD writes: 'Hi, I'm Melita Mansfield and I am currently in my third and final year of a Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations) degree at Deakin University. My major is Journalism. I am very eager to get into the swing of things, that is, full time work in either PR or broadcast journalism. At the moment I am working part-time at the Surf Coast Shire and loving it. So, if you are working in government PR and need a dedicated assistant, 'I AM YOUR PERSON'. OR, if you are a news director in radio or TV and are looking for a junior drop me a line. email: or PH: (0418) 55 75 44 Seeking work in Melbourne, Geelong or Ballarat.
Anonymous: Work Wanted
* Advertising manager with passion for publishing and almost ten years' experience at two trade magazines and in other publishing environments seeks role to suit background, which includes: editorial feature promotion, client and agency contact at all levels, very strong telephone skills, tailoring proposals to suit clients, designer, ad agency, printer and mailing house liaison, proofreading and more. Marketing and management qualifications. Good computer skills, fast typing and enjoys writing. Prefer location near home (northern beaches) or Sydney CBD or can work from home. Flexible hours ideal in the short term (first year) but will consider any interesting offer. Home tel (02) 9400 2663, Mobile 0410 692 663.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Squawk Jobs . . .
Radio News Journalist
* 98Five Sonshine-FM services the Perth metropolitan area. As an affiliate of the Macquarie News network, we operate a fully digital newsroom using NewsBoss. We are currently seeking an experienced radio news journalist who is able to work within a Christian ethos. Applications need to be sent to BARRY GROSSER, General Manager, 98.5 Sonshine-FM, PO Box 430, Morley, WA 6943.
Breakfast Announcer
* 94.1fm is looking for a breakfast announcer to be based in Wollongong, working in a market of 300,000 plus, just 50 minutes from the heart of Sydney. An attractive wage package is available to the right person. Send tapes and CVs to DENNIS LEE, 94.1fm Living Sound, PO Box 7, Coniston, NSW 2500.
Broadcast Engineers & Project Manager
Christian Voice (Australia) Ltd seeks staff for their Darwin operations: Broadcast Engineers to work with high power transmitters. Experience is required in operating and maintaining the following: High power transmitters, associated power plant and antenna curtain arrays. Project Manager for radio transmission site. Skills required: Excellent leadership and management skills, good written and oral communication skills, computer literacy, an appreciation of management accounting, and an appreciation of broadcasting, particularly, radio. In the first instance, please send a resume to, or for more information contact MIKE EDMISTON on (07) 5442 4444 (BH).
Announcers: Vision FM
Vision FM has an immediate need of at least 2 experienced Announcers. They also have the facilities to take on 4 Trainee Announcers. Naturally, on-going expert training is available freely to all voluntary announcers. Vision FM is a Satellite Network of 100% Christian music/program format based at United Christian Broadcasters (Australia), 30 Vanessa Boulevard, Springwood, Qld 4127. Vision FM broadcasts 24/7 to (at present) 28 localities around Australia. Another 10 locations will be added in the next 2-3 months and the potential is for around 150 download locations. Vision FM is the first Australia-wide satellite Christian radio network. "We go where no broadcaster has gone before!" All statements of interest should be directed to: ANDREW PITCHFORD, Network Manager. Ph: (07) 3808 6522. Fax: (07) 3808 9703 .
Squawk Jobs works!
Trans World Radio's English Production Assistant position was filled directly because of their free ad in Squawk. Yes, Job ads are free!
Who got the Trans World Radio job? Find out in the next issue of Squawk!
Do you need personnel - salaried or volunteer? Send us the details
If you don't subscribe to Squawk, here's what you need to know . .
12 months (25 issues) $80. 6 months (12 issues) $42. Trial subscription for 3 months (6 issues) $22. Subscriptions quoted are Australian dollars.
Rates for multiple copies of each issue on application. All subscriptions are GST-free. Pay by cheque (Aussie dollars please) or credit card.
Email us - - for a subscription form.
Voyage Media, 1 Mensa Place, Castle Hill, NSW 2154. Ph: (02) 8850 7353.
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