It's another... MIC UPDATE

Published: Fri 8 Oct 2004 11:06 AM
It's another... MIC UPDATE
Hi All, The annual Tempo dance fest has started, and there's a lot for fans of moving image (as well as dance of course). The 'Reeldance' film series has great promise, as does the special one-off screening presented by Yours Truly, of classic NZ dance films in 'Homegrown Dance Selector'.
We're marking the return of the Intro to Digital Video Workshops, always high-energy, just scroll down for more.
If you haven't already, check out the ADA forums, check out what's happening with digital art in this country
And finally, Brad McGann's excellent 'In My Fathers Den' starts screening at Rialto Cinemas today with exclusive Q n A screenings on Thursday October 7, Friday 8, and Saturday 9th directly after the 6.00pm session in Auckland with the director and lead actors. For Bookings check Read Phillip Matthews review in the latest Listener here:,
MIC News:
Other News:
1. HOMEGROWN DANCE SELECTOR at the Tempo Dance Festival Presented by the Moving Image Centre One Screening Sunday, October 10th at TAPAC, 100 Motions Road, Western Springs, Auckland
Classic dance films that have screened in MIC's 'Homegrown' prorgrammes over the years in the NZ International Film Festivals.
'Elegy' Director: Chris Graves, Choreography; Douglas Wright, 10 mins, 1993
'Small War' Director: Alyx Duncan, Producer: Malia Johnston, with support from CNZ, 2003
'Breath' Director / Choreographer: Julie Van Renen, Dancer: Alix Bromley, UNITEC, 2002
'Lineup' Choreographer: Erica May Viedma, Dancer: Adrian Smith, UNITEC, 2002
'Lumin' Director: Daniel Belton, Producer: Piaz Olgazzi, Daniel Belton and Good Company with support from CNZ, 2002
'fly' Directed by Shona McCullagh, Produced by Marg Slater, Made with assistance from Screen Innovation Fund, 2002
'Union' Director: Alyx Duncan, Producer / Choreographer: Catherine Chappell Performers: Tim Turner, Boiski, Touch Compass Dance Trust, 2003
'Niche' Director / Choreographer: Sue Healey Performer: Shona Erskine, made with assistance from the NSW Arts Council, 2002
30, 31 October 2004
Taught by Darcy Gladwin and Ben Murtagh
Day one: camera and digitising Day two: editing and output
Digital Video - its accessible, inexpensive and you can do it all yourself. Learn some basic theory, then shoot your footage and finally create your video. Taught by filmmakers Darcy Gladwin and Ben Murtagh, the two day Introduction to DV workshop is a practical guide to the process of shooting, digitising, editing and outputting Digital Video. Using MiniDV cameras (the most popular format amongst short filmmakers) and editing on Apple Macs running Final Cut Pro, the student gets to grips with the camera and edit-suite and takes home a final VHS edit. Basic theory of Digital Video is covered; this includes format comparison, an equipment overview, compression and decompression, avenues of screening, film-festivals, and web video. Limited to 8 participants - Book early. Send an email to to register your interest, or give us a call 09 379 9922
Saturday 8th OCTOBER 1.45pm TAPAC - The Auckland Performing Arts Centre, 100 Motions Road, Western Springs
With Erin Brannigan, ReelDance curator, Leanne Pooley, Producer, Haunting Douglas, Alyx Duncan, dancer, choreographer, film maker
The forum will be followed by the screening of Dance Documentaries DEGAS AND THE DANCE & HAUNTING DOUGLAS at 3.30pm (admission $10.00)
4. AUDIBLE 3 special performance Audible 3 are nearly five years old! To celebrate this, and the release of our first CD, we are holding a concert and sound installation on Saturday October 16th.
The installation is a free afternoon event where we let loose some of the sounds that will feature in the evening. Two pieces have been developed for this performance. Make Over consists of a 20-minute improvisation, reworking tracks from the Audible 3 CD. For Light Metal, the only sound source is cymbals. Expect an extended excursion into various atmospheres inherent in these marvelous discs of metal shimmerings, bursts of radiance, golden tones, ominous textures and meditative interludes. Spread the word to any curious ears. Cheers. Audible 3 Paul Winstanley Marc Chesterman John Kennedy Saturday October 16th Grey Lynn Library Hall 474 Great North Rd Installation 3 pm 5pm Free Concert 8 pm ($8 / $10 or $20 for concert) Reviews of the Audible 3 CD ³The live element of this album makes it fascinating. Although performance, improv and deviations in prediscussed direction are par for course, in the final product there¹s zero cut and paste and an absence of computerisation. The multiple percussive layers are a feature within Audible3 most probably influenced by Marc and John¹s past lives as drummers. ŠThroughout the record, ghostly vocals and machine-like whirrs and distant thumps recur - building, then deconstructing beautiful ambient soundscapes. There¹s an overall feeling of play and of darkness in an album that patiently progresses.² Ben Murtagh, Version Magazine
³ Š an evocative affair in the ambient experimental vein ... Rather than annoy with its esoteric aims, this independent album actually makes for an engaging exploration of soundscapes and spatial manipulations, with only minimal (and subtle) menace to interrupt the flow. It's the organic elements amongst the pulses, drones, clicks and throbs that give the character - in the absence of melody or set structure, and this intuitive method of working together has generated some interesting results. Š this is an earthy, well constructed affair that makes for a wakeful listen.²
Ania Glowacz, New Zealand Musician
Dear home movie makers, Can you please help? I am in the process of sorting and splicing our family super 8 movies onto year spools and I have run out of spools. Any size would be much appreciated but would find the bigger size (400 feet /120 metres) better for the job I'm doing. Many thanks in anticipation Robbie
The NZFC wishes to provide an opportunity for filmmakers who have already produced successful films to apply for devolved development funds.
The Difference Between a DDF and a POF
Applications for DDFs are expected from experienced film producers with substantial feature film production credits. A proportion of monies allocated to DDF funds may be used to cover production company overheads. DDF funds are primarily to be spent on writers and script development. Applications for DDFs may be made up to a maximum of $150,000 over two years.
Applications for POFs are expected from producers with at least one feature film production credit. Monies are allocated to POFs to cover a producer¹s overheads while they develop a slate of projects. Applications for POFs may be made up to a maximum of $100,000 over two years.
€ To devolve to experienced feature filmmakers the decision-making process for cost-effective development of successful New Zealand feature film projects which meet the Commission¹s objectives. € To provide some financial assistance towards non-script related expenditure, including packaging the projects in the international marketplace. € To provide a measure of overhead support to individual producers to ensure a diversity of producers and slates.
Expected Outcomes
The NZFC is looking to achieve the following outcomes from the Devolved Development Funds and Producer Overhead Funds: € Films going into production € Projects developed to a market-appreciated standard (as assessed by the Commission¹s international assessment procedures) € Financial success of films, both domestic and/or international € Critical success of films, both domestic and international € Expansion of the funding pool from non-Commission sources: preferably market
Eligibility Requirements It is expected that applications will be made by experienced filmmakers who have produced successful feature films.
The board has the discretion to consider extensions to existing DDFs and POFs. Competition for these funds is intense. Preference will be given to companies that have used their DDFs and POFs to develop feature films that have been financed, and/or projects in advanced development with demonstrable market support that are likely to be financed within the next 12 months.
Application Requirements
Applicants should provide a proposal which outlines strategies and proposed expenditure for developing a range of feature film projects over a period of time. It should include a business plan for the specified period as well as project development plans.
Criteria for Evaluation
Proposals will be assessed having regard to: € Proposal, including business plan (covering 2-3 years) € Experience and track record of applicant, including their record in the development of successful New Zealand feature films € Nature of strategies for development and outline of existing slate and projects € How the proposal meets the NZFC¹s objectives € Accountability
Applications Deadline Applications must be delivered to the NZFC by 5pm Friday the 12th of November 2004. The applications will be considered by the NZFC Board at its meeting on the 13th of December 2004.
Contact For further information, please contact Matt Horrocks, Development Executive. Phone (04) 382 7697 or email
The NZFC has appointed the following three executive producer groups to manage the development and production of short films for the 2004/2005 financial year.
AIO FILMS LTD (Ainsley Gardiner & Cliff Curtis)
Our challenge to applicants is to bring a story that describes, whether overtly, subtly, thematically, visually or blatantly in content, who you are and how you fit into this place, this world or this time.
We are interested in helping writers/directors/producers/crews to develop sustainable careers. We don¹t expect people to have all of the answers but we expect them to have some real goals for a career in filmmaking.
We will support filmmakers to shoot and finish on 35mm but acknowledge that Super 16 or even HD digital is a possible alternative if it aids in a more realistic budget or the realisation of the directors vision. We will fund 3 films with budgets of around $100,000. Script development assistance will be provided to short listed films requiring additional work.
Tender group aims: € To challenge all New Zealanders to tell their own stories passionately and honestly; •To identify emerging talent with long term potential for filmmaking; •To build successful teams with long term potential; € To aid in the development of more highly crafted scripts; € To aid in the development of more highly skilled Maori producers; and •To encourage industry wide talent development through all skills.
We must ask our filmmakers: Who are you? Where are you from? What is the story that you most need to tell?
We will be looking for the following criteria:
•Narrative or character driven stories that are universally recognisable within a uniquely NZ context;
•Scripts with strong original ideas that know what they are about and what they want to achieve; •Demonstration of aptitude and passion to move into features; • It will be expected the successful applicant(s) will have a track record of quality finished material and the skills and energy to deliver a high quality film; • Scripts submitted do not necessarily require a director or producer attached, a maximum of 2 scripts per writer may be submitted. • Scripts should be a maximum of 15 minutes.
1.Call for submissions, Wed 22 September 2004 2.Deadline for submissions, Fri 29 October 2004 3.Shortlist announced (up to 6 projects), Tues 30 November 2004 4.Final selection of projects to green light, Tues 14 December 2004
•2 x application forms, available from or on request from Aio Films; •2 x copies of script (acceptable script format); •1 x copy of any additional information about the project you wish to include (i.e. director¹s notes, team attached etc).
SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: Aio Films Ltd. Short Film Submission PO Box 6147, Marion Square, Wellington
CONTACT: Ainsley Gardiner Ph/Fx: (04) 385 0192 Mob: (021) 451 456 email:
BLUESKIN FILMS LTD (Catherine Fitzgerald)
Blueskin Films is committed to funding short cinematic films which engage, absorb, surprise and reward an audience, and supporting the filmmakers whose passion and collaboration create them. We will allocate funds according to the demands and scale of the films, with a preference for films no longer than 10 minutes.
We will assess projects for funding on the basis of an application from the producer which addresses all criteria. We are happy to discuss any aspect of the criteria with the team prior to application.
CRITERIA The following criteria will be used for assessing the projects: € A strong, original idea of a scale that can sustain the attention of an audience in the cinema; € A tightly written script; € A director with a fresh, imaginative and coherent interpretation of the script, and who can effectively lead a creative team to deliver at very least, the film the script promises; € A producer who can draw together and manage the creative and available financial resources required to deliver the best possible film, including all delivery requirements for screening in a cinema and broadcast on television; € A clear idea of the audience for the film.
SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Two copies of application (one may be emailed) comprising: € Script (correctly formatted with page numbers, and title in a footer); € Director¹s treatment; € Production Budget top sheet with notes from the producer; € Initial production schedule; € Brief filmography/CVs for Producer, Director and Writer, and an indication of how this film fits into longer term ambitions as filmmakers.
DEADLINES Call for submissions...................................... Wed 22 September 2004 Deadlines for submissions........................ Mon 15 November 2004 Shortlist announced....................................... Wed 15 December 2004 Funding announcement................................. Fri 04 February 2004
POST SUBMISSIONS TO: Blueskin Films Ltd PO Box 27261 Marion Square Wellington
CONTACT Catherine Fitzgerald email: (available October) ph 027 4464591
SHORT INTERCEPT (Nik Beachman, Andrew Bancroft, Hone Kouka)
Short Intercept aims to develop and support future feature filmmakers. We aim to do this by funding short films which have a strong story, tell that story in pictures, and are visionary in form and/or theme. This may include humanistic stories about real experience, or self-aware genre films that advance their genre. Short Intercept will compile a shortlist of projects and will then offer development assistance for final submission. We aim to fund three films for anticipated theatrical release, with individual budgets of up to $100,000.
Scripts must have at least a producer attached at initial submission stage. Application forms and information on how to find a suitable producer can be found at
CRITERIA The following criteria will be used for assessing the projects: • Scripts that are substantially developed, based on a clear central idea; • Directors with previous work that demonstrates cinematic flair & imagination, and a control of story & theme; •Producers with substantial production experience, and an ability to manage the team process; •Projects no longer than 15 minutes, to be finished on 35mm; •No more than 2 submissions per individual.
SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS THREE copies of EACH of the following: •Completed application form (available from; •Screenplay (correctly formatted and page numbered); •A statement of what the script/project is about and how it came into being; •A brief strategy on how the film will reach its intended audience; •Director's, Writer¹s and Producer's CVs; •Director's notes, CV's of key crew, production schedule and a full budget breakdown; •Please do not send tapes & showreels (we will request these later).
DEADLINES Call for submissions...................................... Wed 22 September2004 Deadlines for submissions........................ Fri 29 October 2004 Shortlist Announced....................................... Mon 29 November 2004 Deadline for resubmission ............................ Thurs 13 January 2004 Funding announcement................................. Thurs 20 January 2004
POST SUBMISSIONS TO: Short Intercept Nik Beachman, Andrew Bancroft, Hone Kouka PO Box 78-177 Grey Lynn AUCKLAND
CONTACT ph: 09 303 0284 (available 27 Sept)
The New Zealand Film Commission is looking for a self-motivated individual for this entry level position into the NZ Film marketing team. This is a full time position situated at the Film Commission¹s offices in Wellington.
The position reports to the Distribution Manager and the Short Film Manager and is responsible for:
* Filing of marketing correspondence, contracts and other documents * Dubbing of cassettes required for preview, sale, or festival entries and the despatch of these cassettes * Completing despatches for all domestic and international print and cassette shipping, in conjunction with Distribution Manager * Arranging international and domestic consignments of marketing and sales materials * Providing high-level accurate and accessible materials and information for Marketing staff * Coordinating the availability and freight of prints for short films to international film festivals * Liaising with facilities and equipment suppliers relevant to marketing department activities * Maintaining the library system of publicity material; written, visual and any other information for which the NZFC is responsible * Managing and maintaining electronic and hard copy filing systems in relation to the festival and marketing activities with in the NZFC * Daily reception relief during lunch hour and some light office duties
Whilst this is an entry level position, the ideal applicant would have some experience and/or interest in the international film festival environment and knowledge of video and film formats.
Applications should be addressed in writing to:
Executive Manager New Zealand Film Commission P O Box 11546 Wellington
Or email
Applications close Friday 15th October 2004
Drifting Clouds International Film Festival Jury Panel Announced
Drifting Clouds International Film Festival jury members for its 2005 film competitions has been announced. President of the Jury Rowena H Harvey says ³The Drifting Clouds Festival invites people in the film industry from around the world it wants to recognize for great achievement and commitment to the film industry, some of our jury members are not reknowned but they share a passion and love for the art and craft of film storytelling and this is why from the festivals inception we have invited both known and unknown people to be on our jury.²Past jury members for the 2003/2004 festivals included film directors Alfonso Cuaron (arthouse hit Y tu mama tambien, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban), Sir Alan Parker (Midnight Express, Angel-Heart, Angelas Ashes) and New Zealander art director Dan Henneh (Lord of the Rings) and Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (Sleepy Hollow, Cat in the Hat, Like Water for Chocolate) The panel for 2005 includes Patron of the festival world reknowned cinematographer Michael Seresin. Seresin is acclaimed for his dark and moody cinematography on films such as ŒMidnight Express¹, ŒAngle-Heart¹,¹ Birdy, Angelas Ashes¹, and ŒHarry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban¹. American film director Harold Becker whose films include ŒMercury Rising¹, ŒCity Hall¹, and ŒDomestic Disturbance. New Zealand jury members include ŒLord of The Rings¹ Oscar winners sound editor Mike Hopkins and art director Dan Hennah and Josephine Jardine from Hawkesbays Radioworks.
Drifting Clouds offers the biggest film festival prize in New Zealand over $25,000 dollars worth of film resources to the winner of Best NZ Film and the ŒGolden Dragon¹ Award for Best International Film. The festival will be on in February 2005.
The filmmakers have up until October 20th to enter their films. DEADLINE: OCTOBER 20TH 2004 Entry forms at
The Trash to Fashion® Awards is a high-octane visual spectacle that combines fashion, art and entertainment with the, reduce reuse recycle message. Now in its 9th year, Trash to Fashion® has become NZ¹s largest recycled fashion show, drawing designers and audiences from throughout NZ and internationally. Auditions for professional dancers/actors (men and women) are being held in Auckland on Saturday October 16th at 4.30pm. (venue to be advised) Rehearsals commence at the end of October, with performances on December3/4. To register for the audition please forward a BRIEF bio by Wednesday October 13th to: or for more information, call Wilhemeena Gordon on 817 3051 / 027 661 6618 Required: Musicality, theatricality, improvisational experience, reliability and a sense of humour.
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