It's Currency... With A Difference

Published: Fri 23 Oct 2020 04:01 PM
With the Global Economic growth projection at -4.4% in October (WEO), the world is far from recovery and great caution is still taken with future forecasts.
Whilst the recession arrived quickly, it will leave slowly and with reducing benefits over time, New Zealand and the world still faces a big cash crunch over the next 12 months at least.
Enter the alternative, the new player on the world economy stage. Cryptocurrency to the traditionalists, first emerged just over 10 years ago. But, like most currencies since the dawn of time, they evolved, as has this industry. For the most part, the world of crypto has operated in a strange lane all by itself, confined to Twitter and Telegram private chats!
On the back of the weakening of so many global Fiat (cash) currencies, it is not just ‘mums and dads’ that are becoming more inquisitive about Digital Currencies (Crypto). JP Morgan, the largest retail bank in the U.S. who in recent years has been a staunch opponent of Digital Currencies announced in May that they are already processing digital currency transactions on their platforms and plans to create their own coin in the future, and they are certainly not the only ones.
Because of the evolution of this new era of currency, many ‘normal’ New Zealanders, thanks to Digital Currencies like Qoin, are looking into the future and where their ‘money’ is better spent or saved.
Qoin is a little different. Entering the market in January this year in Australia, Qoin is a ‘Utility’ coin. Put simply, a Digital Currency that can be used every day. “The Qoin vision is to create a global community supporting local businesses and their customers”, says Andrew Barker, CMO of Qoin. “In just 9 months, more than 10,000 businesses have joined the Qoin community across Australia and accept payment in Qoin for their products and services”.
In October, Qoin Australia welcomed its first consumers into the community and have seen great interaction and transactions occurring every day and now it is New Zealand’s turn with the official Qoin launch being held on Wednesday 28th October with an online event. “It’s wonderful to see how the Australian public have embraced Qoin but not surprising with the uncertainty people have in the current economy”, said Mr. Barker. “The Qoin community is excited to now open its doors to New Zealand and we encourage everyone to join us at the upcoming online event and see what all the fuss is about”, Mr. Barker commented.
“We know we are different to the more traditional, speculative currencies currently in this space, but we are in a different market, where the Business Owner, Mum and Dad, their family and friends can all try out an alternative to earning, spending and saving. We’ve made it very simple through our Qoin wallet, available for download through The App Store or Google Play. There is a directory of participating merchants and they can kick off their Qoin journey right there and then”, said Barker.
“Come and join us at the free online event from the comfort of your home or office, 28th October”. Click on link
“The Qoin community is growing and we would love you to be part of where the world going”.

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