Spotlight on Leadership at Pop-up Globe

Published: Tue 9 Jul 2019 10:45 AM
Auckland’s Pop-up Globe has joined forces with executive training company Inspired Learning to tackle what they see as a dearth of courageous and inspirational leadership.
The two companies are launching a three-day residential program that challenges executives to communicate with power on a stage usually reserved for the masterworks of Shakespeare. Both organisations believe that leaders are in a pitch battle for the hearts and minds of their people who right now are ‘drowning in information but starved of meaning’.
Wade Jackson, co-director of Inspired Learning and author of JOLT Challenge and Stories at Work, says people are jacked up on meaningless connections with no clear purpose. ”I am in different organizations almost every day of the week and more and more I see corporate zombies, people on a daily grind dying to get to Friday,” he says.
The latest research agrees with him. Employee engagement sits at less than 20%. That means 1 in 5 people are engaged with their work, 3 are not and 1 is actively disengaged or in other words crushing your business from the inside.
The solution they believe lies in leaders digging deep for their own values, story, presence and power. Dr. Miles Gregory, founder of Pop-up Globe says he is in the business of amplifying human experience and emotional truth and that is exactly what business needs right now. “There is nothing without meaning. Why would I follow you if you don’t give me a compelling reason? Why does England follow Henry V into battle? Because once he is King he becomes a transformational leader, he shows his people passion and commitment and gives them a united cause.”
Jackson and Gregory believe the unparalleled environment of the Pop-up Globe together with their specific brand of executive training that focuses on organizational storytelling, neuroscience and behavioural science is a potent mix for breathing life into leadership.
“This program isn’t about the cult of leadership or ‘the hero leader’ but rather giving leaders the specific and powerful tools they need to be able to easily and naturally inspire their people,” Jackson explains. “Their people are hungry for it. If a leader shows them why and how then they will become clear on their own purpose, their own passion and do more meaningful work for your business.”
The inaugural Inspired Leadership program begins August 19 with another to follow this year.
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