Gull discounts biofuel to mark Copenhagen

Published: Wed 9 Dec 2009 05:19 PM
Gull discounts biofuel to mark Copenhagen conference
Gull Regular Plus biofuel 10 cents per litre below opposition
Auckland, 09 December 2009 - To mark the Copenhagen conference on climate change, Gull today announces an eight cents per litre discount on all biofuels sold from 7am tomorrow until 10am Friday.
The eight cent per litre discount applies to both of Gull’s biofuels: Gull Force 10 (98 octane) and Gull Regular Plus (91 octane). Both contain 10 per cent bio ethanol; a renewable fuel that emits significantly less greenhouse gasses than regular petrol.
Dave Bodger, General Manager of Gull New Zealand says that there is no silver bullet for reducing emissions, but there are many simple things any Kiwi motorist can do to make the future cleaner for their children and grandchildren.
“Turn off unused appliances, walk to school or work, keep a bottle of tap water in the fridge instead of buying another piece of plastic to throw away, and use biofuels in your vehicle. It’s all quite simple and it will save you cash as well.
“Bugger where you sit on climate change,” notes Bodger. “There are many possible options that don’t cost time or money and can reduce pollution. This is simple stuff and the best inheritance we can leave future generations.
“If you need a better argument for taking action, look at how New Zealand and many developed countries have implemented an Emissions Trading System, while the Australian Government is incapable of making a decision. If the Aussies have decided not to, logic says it must be a good idea,” says Bodger.
Premium 98 octane Gull Force 10 was the first biofuel sold in New Zealand, launched in August 2007, and is available at all Gull Service Stations. Gull Regular Plus, launched in August 2008, is available at over 20 per cent of Gull’s outlets.
Gull is also a signatory of the Copenhagen Communiqué, which calls for an ambitious, robust and equitable global deal on climate change that responds credibly to the scale and urgency of the crises facing the world today.
Bodger adds, “Gull Regular Plus is already two cents per litre below the market price set at the vast majority of our oppositions sites for “Regular” petrol. During this discount Gull Regular Plus is 10 cents per litre below the oppositions’ 91 octane petrol.”
Discount prices (7am 10 December – 10am 11 December):
Regular Plus (91 Octane) $1.579 per litre
Gull Force 10 (98 Octane) $1.719 per litre
Prices apply at sites where Gull sets the retail price and can be used in conjunction with supermarket vouchers. Prices at some outlets will be up to three cents per litre lower than those noted.
About Gull
Gull Petroleum was founded in 1976 with a single service station by a group of business people in Western Australia who saw the potential for an independent supplier. Rationalisation by the major oil companies at the time offered Gull the opportunity of obtaining sites considered unviable by the multi-nationals. Adherence to a philosophy of low cost management, prudent investment decisions and a carefully planned marketing strategy enabled Gull to increase its number of outlets to thirty-five by 1984, when ownership of the company was consolidated with the Rae family. Without much fanfare, Gull has expanded its network to nearly 100 service stations. It has become a serious player, offering a real choice for motorists in an extremely competitive market. The company remains today a fully family owned operation
The Gull Group of Companies has grown from a small business to a modern, dynamic organisation of significance in the Australian and New Zealand petroleum industries. Furthermore, through Gull’s aggressive marketing approach, a planned increase in market share will herald the strengthening of the Gull name in Australia and New Zealand.
Gull in New Zealand
Gull started operations in New Zealand with the building of a state of the art terminal in Mount Maunganui in 1998. Tanks were relocated from Marsden Point by barge, a feat the opposition said was “impossible”. Gull made the first retail sales of petrol in 1999 and has grown the network to 35 branded sites. Gull was the first company to introduce low sulphur diesel to the New Zealand market bringing environmental benefits well ahead of the opposition. In August 2007 Gull again set new environmental benchmarks for the industry with the first retail sale of Gull Force 10, New Zealand’s first biofuel, 10% ethanol mixed with premium gasoline giving higher octane and cleaner performance. Gull is the only independent oil company operating in New Zealand and is credited with keeping the fuel market competitive and giving savings to the Kiwi motorist.
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