World's Most Famous Koala Celebrates Arrival Of Adorable Baby Boy!

Published: Thu 11 Jul 2024 10:41 AM
Baby Koala 'Yirran'
Imogen, who captured hearts worldwide in 2015 while being hand-raised at Symbio, has now welcomed a new addition to her family, and this adorable joey is already winning the love and affection of our dedicated zookeepers!
Born the size of a jellybean, Yirran who is now approximately 7 months old, has begun exploring his new surroundings, spending time outside of mum's pouch and occasionally riding on her back. This developmental phase marks an exciting time for visitors who can see the adorable joey’s playful and curious nature as he discovers the world.
A fascinating and relatively undocumented aspect of the joey’s growth is the process of receiving 'pap' from its mother. This practice involves Imogen producing a special substance, which resembles poo, for her joey to eat. Pap is essential for the joey’s development, providing necessary gut bacteria to transition from milk to eucalyptus leaves. This milestone typically occurs when the joey reaches a weight of around 300 grams, usually at 5–6 months of age.
Following the 2019/2020 bushfires, and the uplisting of Koalas to endangered, this new addition to Symbio Wildlife Park is an important step in koala conservation within the captive breeding landscape. Koalas face numerous challenges in the wild, including habitat loss and disease, making the birth of each joey vital to the species' long-term future.
Visitors to Symbio will be able to see Yirran and mum, Imogen at the Symbio Wildlife Park Koala Sanctuary! Don’t miss the daily Koala Talk at 11am and 3pm to learn more about koalas.

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