Hamas Launches Projectiles From Near Hospital; IDF Responds

Published: Tue 7 May 2024 04:48 PM
On Sunday, May 5th, the terrorist organization Hamas launched a barrage of 10 projectiles into the Kerem Shalom area. The attack was carried out from a humanitarian shelter area near the Emirati Hospital in Rafah. It coincides with international efforts to negotiate a ceasefire and secure the release of hostages taken by Hamas during the heinous acts of October 7th. Notably, this event occurred concurrently with the CIA head's visit to Cairo to discuss these critical issues.
This barrage clearly shows once again that the well-being of the Gazan population is not a consideration for the terrorist organization Hamas. In addition, Hamas once again chose to abuse medical facilities when it fired from the area next to the Emirati hospital. The shooting from Rafah is another example of the need to dismantle the military and governmental capabilities of Hamas and exert clear pressure on the terrorist organization in order to bring the release of all 132 abductees, who have been held in the Gaza Strip for 7 months. It is important to emphasize that one of the goals of Hamas’ shooting, similar to the goal of the October 7th massacre, is to harm the moves to promote normalization in the region, including with Saudi Arabia.
These murderous acts of Hamas show once again why it is not the time to promote unilateral moves to recognize a Palestinian state. We reiterate that unilateral recognition efforts, both bilaterally and within the framework of the UN, will be a reward for the terrorism of Hamas and Iran for the horrors of the 7th of October, and the current barrages only strengthen this claim.
Iran is the driving force behind Hamas, and it is important that the international community, and New Zealand as part of it, take all the necessary steps in order to minimize Iran's ability to harm. Iran continues to push all its agents to act for escalation, as evidenced by the massive firing from the north by the terrorist organization Hezbollah, which was at the same time as the firing on Kerem Shalom.
Following the massive shooting, the IDF announced preparations for a possible limited military activity in the Rafah area in order to destroy the military capabilities of Hamas and expedite the return of the hostages. The dimensions of the ammunition, the operatives, and the terrorist infrastructure that Hamas has concentrated in Rafah require action that will ensure that Hamas will no longer be able to exploit the city of Rafah in order to threaten the citizens of Israel.
As part of the preparations, flyers were distributed to population centers around Rafah, SMS messages were sent to local residents, and messages were published on social networks, calling on residents in the Rafah crossing area to evacuate to safer areas where they will receive full humanitarian aid and where water, food, medical equipment, and shelter will be provided (the messages clearly state where to evacuate and where the safe areas are located).
Israel will continue to act to provide humanitarian aid to the population of Gaza, to convey messages to the non-involved to evacuate to safer areas, and to carry out any military activity while adhering to the rules of international law and mitigating harm to civilians as much as possible.

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