Reverse The Massive Increase In World Military Spending

Published: Mon 22 Apr 2024 12:52 PM
“Figures supplied by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) indicate a worldwide large increase in military spending at a time when the world faces problems that cannot be resolved by military action,” said Peter Murphy from the Sydney Anti-AUKUS-Coalition.
“In his recent address to the National Press Club, Australian Defence Minister Marles indicated that Australian military spending will rise to a whopping 2.4 per cent of GDP, up from the current 1.9 per cent,” said Denis Doherty from the Anti-Bases Campaign. “At present the Federal Government spends more on the military than it does on education while public health, housing and welfare are in desperate need.
“While our government loudly assert that Australia is sovereign, in fact US Marines, Navy and Airforce personnel are today able to launch attacks on China from Australian soil without the knowledge of the Australian government,” Denis Doherty said.
“The excessive military spending is forced on us by our relationship with the US. It is not about defending Australia, but to support US foreign policy which has led to catastrophic conflicts such as those in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, and is now preparing for war with China,” said Pip Hinman from Stop the War Coalition and Sydney Anti-AUKUS Coalition.
“The AUKUS nuclear submarine deal alone is a massive increase in military spending, contributing to a rise to $53 billion in the next budget for 2023-24, and $100 billion for 2033-34.
“A US war with China could rapidly become nuclear, a war no one can win. Policy must change because the world faces a huge threat from climate catastrophe and all our energy is required to address that,” Ms Hinman said.

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