Press Release: Embassy Of Israel In Wellington On The April 13 Iranian Attack

Published: Mon 15 Apr 2024 05:19 AM
On the evening of April 13, 2024, Israel experienced a severe and unprecedented direct attack from Iran. This aggressive act involved the launching of hundreds of missiles and UAVs targeting Israel, marking a significant escalation in regional tensions.
Key Points:
1. Defence and Interception Success: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF), in coordination with international forces, successfully intercepted 99% of the 331 missiles and UAVs launched during this assault. This effective defence underscores Israel's preparedness and advanced capabilities in safeguarding its citizens.
2. Regional Destabilization: Iran’s actions continue to destabilize the Middle East and pose significant risks to regional peace through the use of proxy forces against Israel and the international community.
3. International Solidarity: The United States and other global allies have expressed their solidarity with Israel. There is a pressing need for the international community to respond decisively to curb Iran’s aggressive postures and prevent its pursuit of nuclear capabilities.
4. Ongoing Efforts and Hostage Situation:
The State of Israel continues to negotiate and apply military pressure to secure the release of 133 hostages still held by the Hamas terrorist organization. Despite facing stubborn resistance and unreasonable demands from Hamas, efforts persist to devise a resolution framework that will facilitate their safe return.
Israel is unwavering in its commitment to combat terrorism and ensure the safety of all its regions, allowing for the peaceful return of residents to their homes in the south and north.
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Embassy of Israel in New Zealand

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