Appeal for Justice and Protection of Dr. Raut

Published: Sun 6 Jan 2019 10:34 AM
On behalf of Dr. Raut’s whole family, I would like to draw your kind attention to the current situation of Dr. C. K. Raut, a prominent Gandhian Madheshi rights activist, arrested by the Government of Nepal last time on 7thOctober, 2018 along his four years daughter from the premises of District Court in Rauthat while he was on his court appearance in the previous case of sedition. Dr. Raut has been arresting and harassing through arbitrary arrests, illegal detention, torture, unnecessary harassment and false charges repeatedly for his advocacy for the rights and freedom of the Madheshi people of Nepal since 2014. Dr. Raut holds a PhD from the Cambridge University, UK and worked as a scientist in the USA prior to returning to Nepal to advocate for the rights of the Madheshi, the native and indigenous people of the southern plains. Through peaceful and non-violent means in the capacity of Central Coordinator of the Alliance for Independent Madhesh (AIM), he has been advocating for the racism, slavery and discrimination imposed on Madheshis.
The recent arrest of Dr. Raut is also the continuation of government’s illegal, unconstitutional, and undemocratic acts as before. He has been already arrested more than 18 times and spent several months in illegal detention and prison of Nepal Government till now although he has got a clean chit from the Special Court and the Supreme Court on the five previous charges of treason and sedition for his advocacy. Dr. Raut’s arrest on 7th October and sending him to Gaur Prison (Jail) both are nothing but an infringement of citizen rights entitled to all by the constitution and laws of Nepal, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ICCPR and ICESCR. The Rights to free speech, to free and peaceful assembly and to voice one’s dissent are fundamental to the democratic values of a modern and civilized society. The Government of Nepal violated and breached all boundaries of a civilized conduct by continually arresting and disrupting his peaceful activities. The government denied to dialogue with him through its high level political dialogue committee while the committee dialogued with other armed groups inside the country. Instead of being ashamed of its deeds and seeking a political solution to this. Recently, the Government of Nepal has further intensified its brutal suppression against him and his supporters abusing the state power through arbitrary arrests, illegal detention, torture, unnecessary harassment and false charges for the same issues and subject matter repeatedly which has once been settled by a competent court. It is quite an injustice.
Due to the government's continued oppression and detention, the lives of his wife, 7-, 4- and 1-year old children, with no one else to take care of, has been jeopardy. Currently, Dr. Raut himself is suffering from multiple renal calculi in both kidneys and medical doctors have prescribed him for a medical treatment that may require one or two weeks of hospitalization at a hospital with an appropriate treatment facility. But the government had been denied the urgent medical care he needs. After long time efforts he was transferred from Gaur Jail to Bhadra Jail, Kathmandu on 2nd January for his medical care. Authority of Bhadra jail instead of facilitating his immediate medical care started further unnecessary harassment and torture which is the serious violation of the United Nations (1990) Basic Principles for the Treatment of Prisoners. Furthermore, he has kept with overcrowding convicted prisoners (hardcore criminals) together, proper sleeping accommodation is not providing and other several ill treatments are ongoing with him inside the jail. In such instance, we are really very worried about his life and other fundamental rights. We condemn this gross violation of the basic human right of a citizen by government authority in very strong words.
One thing Nepali establishment should realize that without addressing the genuine grievances of various ethnicity there cannot be a way ahead. Unless the political aspirations of the various ethnicity are addressed, it will inevitably lead to a serious conflict in Nepal.
We hereby humbly appeal to all the Political Parties, Civil Societies, National and International Human Rights Organizations, Diplomats, Lawyers, Bar Associations, Intellectuals, Journalists, Youths, Students and Common People to raise their voice against its anti-human rights, terrors, injustice, all types of undemocratic and unconstitutional acts of Nepalese State and its agencies. We also urge you to look into the matter seriously, monitor Dr. Raut’s situation at Bhadra Jail, Sundhara, Kathmandu and facilitate his medical treatment immediately and prompt unconditional release assuring his physical safety. We are very hopeful for your prompt action on this matter. Thank you very much.

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