29 KNPB Members Arrested in Merauke

Published: Tue 14 Oct 2014 03:02 PM
29 KNPB Members Arrested in Merauke
KNPB mass when arrested (Photo: Ilustrais)
MERAUKE, --- Police officers (Police) Merauke, Monday (10/13/2014) this morning, reportedly capture 29 members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), which intends to hold a peaceful protest Indonesian government demanded release of two journalists French, Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat.
Chairman of the Regional Parliament (PRD) region Anim-Ha, Panggresia Yem, when contacted by the media via cell phone, explaining, 29th KNBP members who were arrested are now being detained at the police station Merauke, to get the "direction" of the police chief of Merauke.
Chronology, said Yem, mass action moves from the KNPB Secretariat and the PRD is located in the Village Coconut, Merauke, around 06.00 Wit.
Mass using a single pickup, by bringing various devices action, and leading to the monument the Act (Act of) to carry out the action.
Around Wit at 06:20, arriving at a place of mass action, and has just lined up to continue the action to the Immigration Office in Merauke, according to police action pemberitahuaan letter, direct action forcibly disbanded, and several mass action was captured, and then taken to the police station Merauke.
"Letters pemberitahuaan action we posing since last Friday, it was clear in the letter, a rallying point in Tugu PEPERA, and continue the action to the Immigration Office, why did the police arrest us," said Yem.
As Patrons entering politics in Merauke region Anim custom-Ha, according Yem, the ways that the police used to close the democratic space in Papua can not be justified.
"Kan we want the title of a peaceful demonstration, this part of our solidarity to the two international journalists who were detained in Papua, why we were immediately arrested like this," he said.
Yem Further, he is currently heading to the police station to meet with the police chief of Merauke, at the same time requested that all 29 members of the KNPB be freed.
"Earlier my phone Adj cation Intel already know this, I am now going to the police station there, I have them released, and no action is being held device, or taken by the police," he said.
Some of the names that have been captured mass action, and this medium was collected Gento Emerikus Dop (Chairman KNPB), Joseph Novaris Wogan (Secretary KNPB), Emelianus Nemop, Charles Sraun, John Kayop, Peter Wogan, Kristianus Mahuze, Peter Koweng, Emanuel Metemko , Yoseph Imbanop, Yoseph Dila, Peter Katem (PRD secretary), and some names that have not been successful in the confirmation.
Papua Police Public Relations Head, Commissioner of Police, Pudjo Sulistiyo, when this media reporter confirmed the information related to the arrest of 29 members of the KNPB Merauke, do not respond. A number of short messages sent also was not returned.

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