Gaza: The Governmental Weekly Achievements

Published: Tue 3 Jul 2012 10:32 AM
Gaza: The Governmental Weekly Achievements
July 2, 20120 comments
Government Media Office
Ministry of Agriculture organized a workshop about “Licensing Olive Presses” in Gaza
The General Administration of Guidance and Rural Development organized a workshop about the “the Conditions of Licensing the Olive Presses” in the Gaza Strip. It put conditions for licensing olive presses such as: general conditions and attached documents, the health conditions and conditions related to law provisions. The Ministry said that the area of olive trees will be next year more than 35 thousand acres.
Ministry of Labor announced the payment of the salaries of temporary employment workers for 5/2012
The Ministry of Labor announced that the payment of the salaries of temporary employment workers for 5/2012. The Ministry said that the number of the beneficiaries is about “2100, pointing out that it tries its best to finish the procedures of the salaries on its due time; however, it was postponed for special circumstances.
Ministry of Transport organized an honoring ceremony for media organizations
The Ministry of Transport organized an honoring ceremony for media organizations which participated in the activities of World Traffic Day 2012. The Minister called for strengthen the relation between the Ministry and civil society institutions.
The Ministry organized also an awareness meeting for students participated in the summer camps in coordination with the Ministry of Awqaf.
Ministry of Social Affairs continue its support to poor families
The Ministry of Social affairs distributed 30 kilo meets on the poor and needy families in Gaza city. It also distributed financial aids (390NIS) to three poor families, in addition to 8 fans to 8 poor families.
The Government allocated piece of land to build housing units for freed detainees
The Palestinian Government allocated piece of land to build housing units for the free detainees in the Gaza Strip. The Media Office of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers issued a statement about forming committee to study discounting the amount of money due to the Gaza Electricity Company from the citizens whose houses were completely destroyed during Gaza War. The Council of Ministries adopted the project of Industrial free trade area of Rafah.
Ministry of Health warned from counterfeited medicine
The Ministry if Health warned the people from the counterfeited medicine because it does not meet the constitutional standards and specifications and not suitable for use, such as some anti-bacterial drugs.
Ministry of Health organized a workshop about “Supporting the Health Conditions in Jerusalem”
The Ministry of health organized a workshop about” Supporting the Health Conditions in Jerusalem” with the participation of the Minister of Health, several doctors, MPs and Parliament member from Ramallah through video conference.
The Minister of Health affirmed its support to Jerusalem city through improving the health services in the city to strengthen the steadfastness of the citizens in the face of the Zionist plans.
Ministry of Public Works held a workshop about the reconstruction of Salah El-Din Street
The Minister of Public Works and Housing denounced the declaration of the Zionist plan to construct 23 thousand units in Jerusalem. He warned from such actions which aimed to turn the Palestinian land into Jewish one through building housing units for Jewish immigrants.
The Ministry said that it will start in the processing of technical procedures for the re-establishment of Salah El-Din.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: AL-Bouraq wall is Islamic holy site
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Planning condemned the statement of Russian President when he visited Jerusalem city and said that the” Jewish history carved in the stones of Jerusalem”. The Ministry added that Al-Bouraq wall is Islamic holy sites and the Jews have no right in it.
Ministry of Justice files a complaint to the international legal bodies against the Zionist entity
The Ministry of Justice announced that it filed a complaint to the international legal bodies such as the Human Rights Council and General Assembly against the latest aggressions committed by the Israeli Zionist entity during 18-24-6-2012 that led to the death of 16 citizens, including 4 children.
The Fatwa and Legislation Department at the Ministry of Justice announced that it issued number 50 of the official newspaper “The Palestinian Fact” related to the trademark.
Ministry of National Economy carried out 16581 examinations round during the last 6 years.
Committees of the Consumer Protection carried out 16582 examinations round during the last 6 years , the general director said that they have visited 200 thousands commercial and industrial facilities, confiscated 23376 violations and refer 4051 violations to the attorney General. The ministry formed a committee to damage the damaged goods and activated in the field of control and monitoring weights and measures, which were inoperative since 2003. It also examined the fraud goods and non-compliance to the specification of Palestine.
Ministry of Agriculture: laboratory for plant tissues.
Ministry of Agriculture improved a laboratory for plant tissues as apart of the plane of general administration of plant protection and agricultural quarantine. The lab is working on producing the seedlings as well as of producing improved seedlings with high productivity and free of disease, especially viral ones. The laboratory realized a distinguish achievement in spite of lacking materials due to the Israeli blockade. The laboratory face so much obstacles , for examples the electricity outage which affected the conditions of growth and incubation and the difficulty of importing seeds and seedlings that are good for laboratory use.
Ministry of Labor prepares to launch Ramadan campaign.
Minister of labor met with all chairmen of municipalities , the representatives of ministries of interior and local government and the managers of labor directorates in all governorates in order to prepare for the campaign ” Gaza the most beautiful in Ramadan” to promote the level of hygiene in the Gaza Strip. The minister noted that the level of hygiene in Gaza reduced because UNRWA reduced the number of jobs provided to municipalities.
Ministry of Planning and Foreign Affairs calls UN and the Human Right Council to carry out investigation about the internationally prohibited weapons that are used against Gaza.
Ministry of Planning and Foreign Affairs sent a message to United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon and High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay calling UN and the Human Right Council to carry out investigation about the internationally prohibited weapons by experts in chemical weapons and poison gas where it is unreasonable to leave Gaza as an arena to test the Israeli dangerous military. The Ministry cleared that the Israeli military targeted the civilian areas with mortar made by toxic gases that led to the death of two citizens and 21 suffocation cases described by the Palestinian medical sources as moderate to serious. The occupation forces use these shells deliberately as it prevent providing aid to injure which led to the death o number if civilians.
The Prime Minister praised the Islamic University and the graduates.
The Prime Minister Dr. Ismail Haniyeh congratulated the Islamic University in the 31 graduation ceremonies. The Prime Minister declared that the graduation of the first group of Faculty of Medicine reflects the steadfastness of Palestinian people in spite of the blocked and Israeli aggression and considered it as a national achievements. He also noted to the governments achievements in the health sector and opening a number of hospitals, carrying 450 Open-heart surgery and 9000 cardiac catheterization. On the other hand, the prime minister congratulates the new Egyptian presidents.
Ministry of Women’s Affairs held a cultural symposium for the handicapped.
Ministry of Women’s Affairs held a cultural symposium for the handicapped in order to evolve them in the cultural activities and to improve their conditions. It also aims to enhance the relations between them and the institutions that take care of them.
The Prime Minister’s Advisor calls on the new Egyptian President to break the blockade.
The Prime Minister’s Advisor calls on the new Egyptian President to break the blockade, open the crossings, and facilitate the access of building materials and the funds that is allocated by the Arab and international institutions for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. He noted in a press statement issued by the Government Media Office of the Cabinet Secretariat that there are great expectations after Morsi’s win to improve Gaza Strip Conditions.
Prosecutor held its third conference to damage the narcotics and dangerous drugs.
The prosecutor has held its third conference to damage the narcotics and dangerous drugs at it’s headquartered. They have seized them during the last two years in cooperation with Palestinian police, drugs frightening department and the Ministry of Health. The attorney general stressed that the best choice to fight the drugs is to damage the drugs and save youth of it.
Ministry of Labor warns citizens from dealings with non governmental operating offices.
Ministry of Labor warms citizens from dealing with non governmental offices that finds jobs opportunities for Palestinian labors abroad as these offices do not have licenses. The ministry aims to submit a draft regulation about operating the Palestinian labor abroad including the non governmental offices according to the Article 17 of the labor law No. 7 of 2000 in the coming days.
Ministry of Telecommunication: occupation hinders the work mobile phone national company.
The Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology confirmed that the ministry is working on putting a strategic plane for the electronic government and they have achieved real steps in this field. He noted that the work of the mobile phone national company dependent on interning the needed materials for the company as the occupation authority prevented the access of these equipments. He stressed that the ministry is closely following the telecommunications, e-mail and information technology companies through the development of public policies, which in turn are providing telecommunications, mail and the Internet services.
Specialists: calls for more severe punishment against drug dealers.
The General Directorate of Legal Affairs – Ministry of Justice hold a workshop entitled” drugs crimes, reality and law” the undersecretary of Ministry of Justice confirmed that the Palestinian Government deals severely with drug dealers in addition it put therapeutic and preventing methods , stressing that they will start in the coming days examining samples at the Palestinian criminal Lab.

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