Governmental Weekly Achievements 21-28 May

Published: Wed 30 May 2012 10:21 AM
The Governmental Weekly Achievements
The Government Media Office honored mass media for their converge of the detainees' hunger strike
The Government Media Office, under the auspices of the Prime Minister, organized a ceremony to honor the mass media for their excellent coverage to the detainees' hunger strike "the Victory of Dignity". Hundreds of journalists attended the ceremony where 40 media organizations were honored.
The Head of the Government Media Office said that "the Victory of Dignity" is just a stage in the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis and he called the mass media not to stop working because the battle is still open until cleaning all the Israeli prisons from the Palestinian detainees.
The Minister of detainees' affairs spoke about the great role of media in the success of the detainees' hunger strike
Ministry of Agriculture participate in "wheat" harvest
The Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture participated with the farmers in the wheat harvest season of 2012. The Ministry said that 2012 season is the best since years because of the heavy rains, affirming that their will be self- sufficiency.
Palestinian Minister of Communications congratulates his Jordanian counterpart on the impendence Day of Jordan
The Palestinian Minister of Communications congratulates his Jordanian counterpart on the impendence Day of Jordan, hoping that enjoy security, safety and stability. The Minster of Communication affirmed the strong relation between the two nations and the support of the Jordanians to the Palestinian nation.
Minister of Education received "Jerusalem Convey"
The Ministry of Education received "Jerusalem Convey" which is international convey from 16 countries came in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza. The Minister of Education distributed souvenirs to the members of the delegation, praising their efforts to support the Palestinians.
Minister of Justice praised the decision of the Irish government to prevent the settlers from entering Europe
The Minister of Justice praised the decision of the Irish government to prevent the Israeli settlers from entering Europe in case it headed the EU. The Minister said that this step enhance the human rights in the world and in Palestine in particular, since the occupation still committing the crimes against the Palestinians.
Land Authority suspended its campaign in Al-Mawasi area
The head of Land Authority held a meting with the committee representing the residents of the west of Khan Younis and Mawasi, and they agreed that the Land Authority suspend its campaign to remove the encroachments in the region. They gave the residents an opportunity to settle their conditions within two months.
Minister of National Economy decided to maintain the Investment Promotion Law and discusses the important investment projects
The Minister of National Economy decided to maintain the Investment Promotion Law No. (1), 1998 to encourage the investment. The Law identifies the minimum capital of any project with 10,000$, in order to help the investors due to the hard conditions in Gaza Strip.
The Minister said also that the Authority has decided to give an opportunity to the projects that were implemented after the events of 2007 to regularize their status and register to take advantage of the Investment Promotion Law, explained that this decision is to reduce the risks that may face investors as well as to enable the Authority to direct investment towards sectors needed by the Palestinian community
Ministry of Social Affairs held a workshop and training courses
The Ministry of Social Affairs held a work shop entitled "The Work of Child Protection Network", in cooperation with Ard Al-Insan. They discussed several issues such as the definition of the network of protection and how it will provide assistance to the community.
The Ministry also launched the project of the comprehensive campaign for disabled in the Gaza Strip, in cooperation with the Central Bureau of Statistics.
The Ministry also received a delegation from UNICEF and discussed many ways to protect and support the child protection network through developing the capabilities of the workers in these networks.
Ministry of Agriculture receives Arab and international solidarity delegations.
Ministry of Agriculture received Arab and international delegations. The ministry has received a delegation from the Jordanian Agricultural Engineers syndicate who came to support the agriculture sector in Gaza and enhance cooperation between the syndicate and who works in the agriculture sector. The ministry also received a delegation from the Indonesian humanitarian organizations that consists of 14 activists who came to get acquaint with the needs of Palestinian people and ways to break the blockade. The ministry accompany the delegation in a tour to the important projects in Gaza. On the other hand the ministry carried out a series of activities and scientific lectures that is attended by 20 Palestinian farmers.
Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture inaugurate Al-Raed sport program and honors convoys.
Ministry of youth, sport, culture – general administration announced the names of first group of temporary employment program in cooperation with ministry of labor. The ministry works hard to help the unemployment graduates and provides the suitable places for work and training. Preparing Youth institute inaugurates Al-raed sport program in the Olympic Committee Hall in Gaza. The program contains a lot of subjects that raising the knowledge. On the other hand, the ministry held an art evening in which it honored the convoys that came to Gaza to break the blockade.
Ministry of Education opens " Education Voice" radio.
Ministry of Education and Higher Education opens the first educational broadcast in the training center in the educational directorate- west Gaza. The minister said the broadcast aims to provide education for all. The minister said they will opens educational channels entitled "education " in a year later. On the other hand, the minister proposed the idea of setting Institute for High Education for detainees during a meeting with Ministry of Detainees Affairs in which they discussed ways of cooperation and other issues.
Ministry of Public Work and Housing reconstruct tens of house units.
Minister of public work and housing denounced Israeli Government approval the law of settlements in the second and third readings and described it as a racist law that aims to tightening control over Palestinian land displaced its people. This law contradicts all international laws and treaties , the minister calls to expose the crimes of occupation in front of international community and human rights organizations. On the other hand, the ministry could during the first quarter of the year reconstruct tens of house units that is destroyed during the war and it carried our maintaining projects for the main roads in Gaza. Moreover, the minister accompanied by number of officials paid an international visits to singe agreements, especially in the field of construction and attend conferences and workshops on the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip
Ministry of Women received a delegation " Decamp for the Liberation of Palestine"
Minister of Women received an Indonesian delegation at the ministry
of headquarter , as a part of activities held by Indonesian parts under the slogan "Decamp for the Liberation of Palestine". The minister praised the role of Indonesian people in supporting the Palestinian people epically during the blockade. This shows that Indonesian people is concerned with Jerusalem cause.
Ministry of Women's Affairs issued the Legal Guide for Palestinian Women.
Ministry of Woman Affairs will issued the legal guide next week. This guide is prepared by the legal department in the ministry which is aims to leach the women with their rights in the law. The guide includes all the Palestinian legislation that concerned women in all political, social, economical, cultural, criminal and penal fields. This guide will motivate the Legislator and specialists to reform the Palestinian legislation which is unfair to women.
Prime Minister: Gaza is the key to liberate Jerusalem.
The Prime Minister Dr.. Ismail Haniyeh welcomed praised the convoy "Decamp to Liberation Jerusalem" and expressed his happiness of their coming as the convoy consists of 14 Arab and Islamic countries. He considered this step as a fulfillment to Jerusalem , denounced the normalizations with occupation , and condemned visiting Jerusalem while it is under occupation like what some did to facilitate the way to negotiate with occupation. He emphasized that choosing Gaza as a path to Jerusalem noted that it is the key to liberate Jerusalem. The massage of the convoy exceeds to reach Jerusalem and its people as they are in the front line facing the occupation. The Prime Minister praised the efforts of global alliance to decamp to liberation Jerusalem , epically confronting the occupation practices to falsify the facts and blur of the Islamic identity of Jerusalem, which reflects the increasing awareness of the nation and restore its role .
General Personnel Council carried out a work shop entitled " Standards of recruitment examination"
General Personnel Council carried out a work shop entitled "" Standards of recruitment examination" . they discussed the stages of the recruitment examination since the beginning of the council till the moment. These stages are: employing by setting personal interviews just, then setting examinations till the electronic examinations. The Participants proposed some ideas to improve the examinations.

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