Gaza Government Weekly Achievements 08 May 2012

Published: Wed 9 May 2012 03:59 PM
Gaza Government Weekly Achievements 08 May 2012
1. Prime Minister takes part in World Press Freedom Day celebrations.
Prime Minister Dr. Ismail Haniyeh participated in the World Press Freedom Day celebrations held by the Journalists Union and greeted all Islamic, Arab and Palestinian journalists, pointing out their important role in the media.
He congratulated the union on that day which unified the people of Palestine, and praised the union elections as it is the right way to enrich union life even if the elections break down. He says: we have to back all types of elections whether it is parliamentary elections or students bodies in the universities. The elections that will happen on part of our homeland are the first step.
He noted the professionalism and objectivity media work, and called to give room to media provided that it adhered to national culture and professionalism. He said Palestinian journalists stand in the front line facing the occupation as many of them became martyrs and others are detained.
2-The Government Media Office issued a press statement on World Press Freedom Day
The Government Media Office greeted the Palestinian journalists on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day and invited them to contribute in achieving national Palestinian reconciliation. The GMO also mentioned the great space of press freedom in the Gaza Strip, and condemned the daily aggressions committed by the occupation and the settlers against the journalists in the West Bank and Jerusalem. It called on all journalists to expose their practices and crimes against the Palestinian people and the detainees in Israeli jails.
3-Palestinian Government adheres to freedom of journalism.
The Palestinian Government confirmed that it is committed to freedom of journalism and of expression, and is keen to protect it from any dangers and challenges that it may face. The Cabinet Secretary congratulated journalists and thanked them for their great efforts.
4- Palestinian Government issued a report about its achievements in the social sector during 2011
The Palestinian Government issued a report about its main achievements in the social sector during 2011. The media office of the Council of Ministers affirmed that the government provided services and aids to different groups of the society and in different sectors such as: education, health, culture, women, and workers despite the difficulties and great challenges. The statement said that the government provided financial aid to 45,923 families, and built five new schools.
5-Ministry of Social Affairs did its best to protect juveniles.
Ministry of Social Affairs participated in the conference held by Addameer Associations for Human Rights entitled "Youth in Gaza, reality and expectations". This conference is part of a project that seeks to respect and protect the rights of youth in Gaza, funded by UNDP and PAPP. The Ministry has confirmed that it does its best to protect youth. The ministry has reviewed its efforts which the most prominent is AlRabeea Association for Young Offenders and Alamaan House Women’s Refuge, which offers women social and psychological support.
6-Government Media Office: hunger strike battle needs more media efforts.
The government Media Office greeted the detainees who have launched a hunger strike for dignity called the Batlle of the Empty Stomachs. The third statement of the office pointed out that the demands of the detainees on the hunger strike fair according to international humanitarian law,which the Israeli prison administration are violating. The Office called on the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Conference, UN and all international human rights organizations to take action to improve the detainees living conditions.
7- Minister of Detainees: Israeli offer in response to the detainees' demands is like throwing sand in their eyes
The Minister of Detainees' Affairs said that the response of the Israeli prison services to the demands of the detainees is like throwing sand in their eyes. He affirmed that the detainees insist on achieving all their demands, such as ending the policy of solitary confinement, allowing their families from Gaza to visit them, and their right to complete their education. The Minister called on everyone to support the detainees in their hunger strike, and to support their demands.
8-Ministry of Education and Higher Education held a solidarity sit in with detainees.
The Minister of Education and Higher Education has confirmed that the Ministry works hard to promote the detainees cause in schools by teaching the students that the detainees’ cause is currently the most important issue for the Palestinian people, noting they have spent their youth in detention. The minister said that the detainees’ cause must be included in the curriculum and in all school activities.
9- Minister of Public Housing condemns the building of 1100 housing units in Jerusalem
The Minister of Public Works and Housing condemned the Zionist Government’s approval of the building of 1100 new housing units in Jerusalem, considering it a new crime against the people of Jerusalem.
The Minister of Public Housing received a senior delegation from the Egyptian Engineers Union headed by Dr. Omer Abed Allah. The Minister expressed his happiness to receive such a delegation, stressing the need to hold training courses in cooperation with engineering unions in neighboring countries such as Egypt.
10-Minister of Women affairs: raising the awareness of women’s laws.
Minister of Women affairs Jamila Ashanti met the head of the High Court and the Head of Supreme Judicial Council to discuss improving means of communication between the Ministry and the judiciary in the Judicial Council on laws relating to women.
11- Ministry of Education affirmed the necessity to implement an electronic management system
The Department of Business Administration and Finance at the Palestinian Technical College organized a workshop about " The Future of Electronic Management," attended by the Undersecretary of Education Affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. He demanded the government and higher education organizations develop clear vision about implementing electronic management, adding that it needs administrative and systematic steps and new legislation to cover moving from traditional management to electronic management.
12-Palestinian Government: increase work opportunities.
On International World Workers day The Palestinian Government decided to increase work opportunities based on part-time contracts. The Cabinet Secretary said a part-time contract program has added 500 work opportunities for graduates. He informed that the government has provided 20,700 job opportunities within the program of temporary employment during the last year, at a cost of 16 million NIS.
13- The Head of the Government Aid Committee: 15% of our aid provided to special cases
The Head of the Government Aid Committee affirmed that 15% of aid is provided to special cases that don’t meet the standard criteria set by the Committee. He said that the committee makes an extensive assessment of each application on a case-by-case basis.
14-Ministry of Telecommunication prepares a national strategy.
The Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology decided to form a committee to develop a proposal for a national strategy for telecommunications and information technology 2012 – 2014. The Undersecretary said the national strategy of the Ministry focuses on determining the policies and procedures that will organize the work of the telecommunications and information technology sector in order to achieve a comprehensive improvements. The General Administration of Government Computers has produced publications aimed at raising security awareness in the use of various forms information technology such as computers, the internet, email, telecommunications and others.
15- Ministry of Education received delegations from Oman and Bahrain
The Minister of Education and Higher Education received an Omani delegation which came to Gaza to contribute in building new schools in Gaza. The Minister praised the initiative, considering it a positive step to overcome the problem of crowded classrooms. Also the Ministry signed an agreement with Al eslah Society- Bahrain to equip 12 schools in the Gaza Strip.
16-Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Culture held solidarity sit in with detainees.
The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture launched a series of activities during their weekly sit in with detainees. The Ministry will hold a sit-in tent next Thursday in the Palestine sports arena in solidarity with Mahmoud Sarsak, a [prisoner who was a player in the national football team. The Ministry also cooperated with Ministry of Education to hold a Palestinian heritage awareness program for high school students in the Directorate of the northern Gaza Strip,"Tales of the past," which is part of the strategic objectives of the Ministry for protecting Palestinian cultural heritage.
17- Minister of Education inaugurated two prayer rooms and murals
The Minister of Education and Higher Education inaugurated two prayer rooms in Dalal Mughrabi and Asa'ad Saftawi Schools in Gaza City. The number of prayer rooms in the governmental schools has now reached 165.
18-Minister of local Government receives Turkish delegation.
The Minister of Local Government and a number of directors of the ministry received a Turkish delegation, including the Secretary-General of the Organization of United Cities and Local Governments, and the Secretary of the Federation of Municipalities. The delegation came to get acquainted with the conditions of local bodies in Gaza for the first time since the siege is imposed. The Minister showed them the condition of municipalities in Gaza and the challenges that they face because of the siege. The Minister praised the ongoing support of Turkey.
19- Minister of Foreign Affairs and Planning received senior delegation from Oman
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Planning received an official delegation from Oman represented by Mr. Ali Ben Ibrahim, the executive manger of Oman Charitable Organization. The Minister expressed his appreciation for the support provided by the government and the people of Oman, and praised the strong relationship that connects the Palestinian and Omani nations. Dr. Ibrahim expressed his happiness at visiting Gaza, affirming that Oman supports the Palestinian people in all possible means whether directly or indirectly.
20-Minister of Justice: huge number of criminals with death sentences.
In a workshop entitle "Execution …… problems and solutions" the Minister of Justice confirmed that the Palestinian Government has a huge backlog of people sentenced to death, but who have not been executed. As a result the public has lost confidence in the justice system. The Palestinian Government prevents interference by executive authority in judicial rulings, and prohibits bribery and favoritism in the implementation of provisions and other issues.

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