Press Release On Prisoner Strike in Israeli Occupation Jails

Published: Mon 7 May 2012 10:59 AM
Press Release On Prisoner Strike in Israeli Occupation Jails
Government Media Office
03 May 2012
We thank you for joining us to attend the sit-in held by the GMO to support the prisoners who are engaged in a hunger-strike in Israeli occupation and to support their just demands, and against the inhumane policies carried out by the Israeli authorities to degrade and humiliate them, and force them to back down and submit to the degrading conditions of the Israeli occupation.
We support their steadfastness and their sacrifice in the face of such repression because of their attempts to return to Palestinians their rights.
The message from us is that we support you and we feel your suffering; we will never leave you to face your captors alone.
This is what the Palestinian resistance proves in Wafa Al-Ahrar deal to release the prisoners and hoping that the Palestinian resistance will achieve the release of all the prisoners, and release them and return them to their people in dignity.
We call upon all the Palestinian people in the Diaspora to stand by the prisoners, and to leave aside all divisions and to do their best to support their case and support their demands to meet all the needs related to the conditions in the prisons.
Our main demand is for the release of all of the prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails, and we call upon all of the press and media to support this issue because it is an important issue, and to end all the practices carried out by the Zionist Israeli occupation against the prisoners which do not accord with human rights and which contravene all the international laws and conventions related to the rights of prisoners.
We also call on all international organisations to do their best internationally and locally to expose the Israeli crimes against prisoners and to reveal what is happening inside the Israeli jails.
Legally, the Israelis should be taken before the International Criminal Court and punished for the crimes they have committed against Palestinian prisoners.
We call upon the Arab league and our brothers in the Islamic Organisation to take responsibility and support the issue of the prisoners in the Arab and international arenas, to bring an end to the procedures of the Israeli occupation, and to pursue diplomatic avenues to reveal Israeli crimes against Palestinians and to meet the demands of the prisoners for justice.
We call upon the international community and UN agencies to break the silence on the issue of the prisoners, who are now in their third week of the hunger strike, and whose conditions of detention are in breach of international law and the conventions relating to the treatment of prisoners.
We also call upon the international community and UN agencies to protect the integrity of these conventions and take action against Israel for its crimes against Palestinian prisoners, and demand that Israel abide by international law and conventions relating to the treatment of prisoners.
Finally, we affirm that we will never abandon our prisoners, and we will do our best to support them until their just demands are met, and all the prisosners of the Israeli occupation are released.
03 May 2012
Translated by Ibraheem Ghunaim

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