Global Voices: Daily Digest - Tuesday Aug 30 2011

Published: Wed 31 Aug 2011 03:22 PM
Tuesday, August 30, 2011
China: Who Could Have Known The Libyans Hate Gaddafi?
One of China's top military analysts at home, has turned the official line on Libya into something of a joke, and abroad, China's nominal support for Gaddafi may end up costing the country oil contracts and much more. Netizens look at the lessons Beijing could stand to learn. read>>
Other reactions towards events in Libya: Russia: Bloggers React to the Storming of Tripoli
Bangladesh: Coming Home For Eid
Eid is the biggest religious festival in the Muslim majority country Bangladesh, and a key part of the celebration is going home to celebrate with family in distant places. During Eid, many inhabitants of the capital Dhaka go back to their hometown to spend the holidays with family. read>>
Malaysia: Generation 709 Calls for Political Reforms
Following the Bersih democracy rally last July 9, a group of young Malaysians has come forward to continue the demand for free and fair elections, calling themselves 'Generation 709'. The group hopes to reach out to more young people and mobilize them for political and civil rights through active use of social media read>>
Blog Carnival: Mexico - Citizen Media on the Scene
In this second entry of the summary of the Blog Carnival: Mexico - Citizenry, Violence and Blogs, we present the posts that discussed the use of the internet in this violent context. Bloggers spoke a lot about the role of the internet in today's society, and issues heavily argued upon like the existence of citizen media. read>>
China and USA: Joe Biden's Noodle Meal
The United States (U.S.) Vice President Joe Biden ended his six-day official visit to China on 22 August, 2011. Most Chinese people do not know whether or not there there has been any diplomatic achievement during this trip, their attention is instead focused on the bowl of noodles Biden had in Beijing. read>>
Brazil: Mozambique Cedes Land to Brazilian Agribusiness
Mozambique is ceding 6 million hectares of land to Brazilian farmers. The idea is to draw on the Brazilian experience in the Cerrado, a biosphere similar to the African savanna, where industrial cattle grazing and soy plantations have already devastated 80% of the richest grasslands in the world. read>>
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