Global Voices: Daily Digest—August 18-19, 2011

Published: Mon 22 Aug 2011 04:34 PM
Global Voices: Daily Digest—August 18-19, 2011
Sri Lanka: The Return Of The Grease Devils
In many rural areas of Sri Lanka the Grease Yaka (Grease Devils) panic is spreading real fast. According to reports, nighttime assaults on women and thefts/robberies by grease rubbed men are being blamed on this mythical character prompting women to stay indoors and putting men on alert. A number of suspects have been arrested and a few of them were even mob lynched by villagers. read>>
Costa Rica: Slut Walk Reactions, Religion and Women's Rights
Last Sunday 14 August, 2011, the Costa Rican Slut Walk took place in the capital city of San Jose causing both a media and religious backlash due to allegedly violent anti-church chants and performances. The ongoing debate has been covered on both citizen and mass media outlets as people react to the Costa Rican version of this worldwide protest. read>>
Kyrgyzstan: Bloggers Take a Stand Against Manas-pulation
As Kyrgyzstan prepares for its 20th anniversary of independence and subsequent presidential elections, its legendary warrior king Manas is becoming more and more real by the day. Bloggers discuss the phenomenon. read>>
Libya: Anxiety and Hope as Revolutionaries Edge their Way to Tripoli
As Libya's revolutionaries edge their way towards the capital Tripoli, Libyans share their hopes and anxiety on Twitter. Here is part of the conversation being tweeted tonight. read>>
Russia: Bloggers Remember 20th Anniversary of August Coup
On August 19, 2011, Russians commemorate 20 years since the "August Putsch," (August Coup) a failed coup d'etat conducted by a number of KGB officers and military units who were opposed to Gorbachev's reform program and decentralisation of power to the Soviet republics. Citizens took to the streets to defend the White House, the then-residence of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, against the coup. read>>
Uganda: Ugandans Take Fight to Save a Rainforest to Internet
Mabira is the word almost every Ugandan on social networking sites has mentioned in the last one week. The Mabira Forest is found in central Uganda near the capital Kampala. It's one of the few natural rain forests that remain after years of degradation took away many hectares. read>>

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