Global Voices: Weekly Highlights—July 21-27, 2011

Published: Mon 1 Aug 2011 01:59 PM
Global Voices: Weekly Highlights—July 21-27, 2011
Is Russia's Political "Black Hole" About to Reach Tipping Point?
In December 2011 Russian voters will elect a new parliament, and than in March 2012 a new (or perhaps, not so new) president. Analysts predict that the upcoming elections threaten a confrontation between the old political parties and their new, network-based, alternatives. read>>
Norway: The Online Traces of a Mass Murderer
Bloggers and journalists in Norway and abroad continue to look for any online traces of murder suspect Anders Behring Breivik in hopes that it could help explain his actions on Friday, 22 July 2011. read>>
Saudi Arabia: New Anti-Terror Law Crushes Protests
Amnesty International's leaked draft of the new Saudi anti-terror law has prompted a strong reaction to the proposed legislation. Twitter users are using the hashtag #SaudiTerrorLaw to voice their opinions. read>>
Republic of Congo: Is the New 'Made In Africa' Tablet Actually Chinese?
A new 'made in Africa' tablet computer from the Republic of Congo was announced in June 2011 to much fanfare. While technical innovation in Africa is worth celebrating, it's worth double-checking whether the new VMK tablet is actually designed, developed and engineered in Congo as advertised. read>>
Serbia: Government Officials and Social Networks
Some Serbian government officials are eagerly embracing Twitter as a way to engage with their audiences, while others have found the challenge of fake satirical accounts difficult to accept. Find out more in this interview with former Minister, Jasna Matic. read>>
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