One killed as Seven Indonesians shot in Nafri, West Papua

Published: Tue 30 Nov 2010 10:56 AM
One killed as Seven Indonesians shot in Nafri, West Papua
There was a shooting in Nafri village Abepura District, Jayapura, West Papua (Papua Province) on Sunday 28 November 2010, 9.30am (Papua local time).The shooting incident is reported to have continued for 5 minutes.
The victims of the shooting were all Indonesian. One man Riswandy Yunus was shot dead in the incident.A number of different vehicles were shot at including public transport, rubbish truck and motorcycles, including the one driven by Riswandy Yunus.
This incident superficially appears, as though, it was carried out by Pro-independence guerrillas. Paula Makabory, from Institute for Papuan Advocacy and Human Rights, believes that the Indonesian military are most likely responsible for the incident.An Independent investigation is necessary as the Indonesian Police, alone will be unable to investigate what appears to be an Indonesian military 'black operation'.
Dead Victim:
Riswandy Yunus, male 35 years old from Ternate/Indonesian.
Suffered a bullet wound on his chest went through his shoulder, grazed wound on his right leg, and bruised on his face. He died in the crime scene. He was shot while driving passing the crime scene from Abepura District toward Yoka.
Wounded victims:
1. Baharuddin (male/35YO), from Java/Indonesian.
Suffering of bullet wound on his right palm. He was shot while driving a public transport (Yotefa-Arso) passing the crime scene from Abepura District toward Yoka.
2. Zaenal (male/9 YO), Indonesian.
Elementary/primary student who was one of the passengers in the public transport. Bullet wound on his left palm and a grazed wound on his right chest.
3. Sahari Bowo (female/38YO), Makassar Indonesian.
Passenger of the public transport. Suffering of grazed wound in both of her knees because she jumped out from the public transport.
4. Alex Nongga (male/32YO) from Manado/Indonesian.
Bullet wound on his right arm and grazed wound on his face.
5. Dian Novita (female/28YO) Indonesian.
Scratched of bullet on her helmet. She was the passenger of the motorbike drove by her husband, Riswandi Yunus.
6. Deby Diana Rumansah (female/21YO) Indonesian.
Bullet wound on her hand.
On Sunday 28 November 2010, at 9.30am (local Papua time) all the victims were passing the crime scene from Abepura district direction toward Koya district, when a group of unidentified armed men shot at them, many times.
At around 10.00am the police security forces arrived at the crime scene and secured the place and took the victims to Abepura hospital.
At around 1.10pm, the victims Alex Nongga and Zaenal were transferred to Dok II Public hospital in Jayapura.
Other evidences:
1. Rubbish-truck Police number DS 5754 AD, was shot at the front, windscreen wiper broken, three sharp bulled holes at the front bumper.
2. Motorbike Honda Tiger Police number DS 2337 AP, belongs to Riswandy Yunus (dead victim)
3. Motorbike Jupiter Z Police number DS 5244 AR, was shot from the left side.
The situation around the crime scene was reported ass secured by Police and no further incidents have occurred.
A Incident requiring independent investigation
This incident requires independent investigation. It is doubtful that the Indonesian Police can carry out such an independent investigation, without involvement of a more impartial institution.
The incident superficially appears as though was carried out by Pro-Independence guerrillas.The event occurs just days before December 1 which is the usual day raising day the outlawed 'Morning Star' flag by Pro Independence Papuans.
The incident is similar to the shootings at Freeport as in that it has occurred in a highly militarized area.The region between Jayapura and the PNG border has quite a number of military camps, is one of the most militarized and secure regions in West Papua.The possibilities for Pro-Independence guerrillas to carry out an attack and then to disappear are very limited.
Those responsible for the incident are most likely to the Indonesian military and either the Kopassus or the military backed Pro-Indonesia militia.The Indonesian military has a long operational agenda of 'black operations', which continue, exacerbate and justify the armed conflict in West Papua.
Pro- Papuan groups within West Papua are currently working to establish a Peace building process with Indonesia Government.Whoever is behind this incident it is an attempt to this subvert the process to make Peace in West Papua.
Reported by Paula Makabory, Institute for Papuan Advocacy & Human Rights

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