LaRouche calls for Obama’s impeachment

Published: Fri 24 Jul 2009 10:02 AM
LaRouche calls for Obama’s impeachment for Nazi health care
U.S. President Barack Obama delivered a nationally-televised press conference at 8 p.m. on 22nd July, in which on five separate occasions he called for health reform legislation featuring the establishment of “an independent board of doctors and health care experts” to make the life-and-death decisions of what care to provide, and what not, based on cost-effectiveness criteria—exactly the infamous “T-4” policy imposed by Adolf Hitler in 1939, for which the Nazi régime was tried and condemned at Nuremberg.
Lyndon LaRouche commented, within minutes of Obama’s remarks:
“President Obama is now impeachable, because he has, in effect, proposed legislation which is an exact copy of the legislation for which the Hitler régime was condemned in the post-war trials. This is an impeachable offence: to propose such a thing in this time, is an impeachable offence. The time has come that the President of the United States deserves impeachment. With this statement from him, the President now deserves impeachment.”
In discussions prior to the President’s address, LaRouche had noted that we are going into a point where everything is going to blow by no later than about the 12th of October. Therefore, the critical thing is to defeat Obama now on his health care agenda. Defeat him now. If they are forced to extend the deadline and go into the fall [Southern Hemisphere’s Spring] before they actually get this thing nailed down, LaRouche explained, then they’ve already lost. So we’ve got to escalate to defeat this thing right at this moment.
The President’s promotion of this “T-4” as the non-negotiable element of his package is really a Nuremberg crime, LaRouche continued, and that becomes a basis for rallying the forces for defeating this thing, proving that this is a “T-4” fascist program. It’s really an act of treason against the General Welfare clause of the Constitution.
Therefore, LaRouche stated, we have got to beat this thing now, because that represents a strategic forcing mechanism; whereas if they ram this thing through in the short term, which they are really desperate to do, then the Constitution is finished, the Republic is gone. It’s the equivalent of the Reichstag fire.

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