Hulk Hogan Ups Divorce Court Request

Published: Thu 12 Mar 2009 12:47 PM
Hulk Hogan Ups Divorce Court Request From $300,000 Per Year to $300,000 Per Month!
Hulk Hogan has changed last weeks request for $300k total from frozen marital assets to $300k PER MONTH ! He wants to extract funds from the community property estate of he and his soon to be ex-wife, Linda Hogan’s community property prior to finalization of the divorce. Hulk is requesting the court allow, not just a one time $300k disbursement for additional expenses,(what he requested last week,) but a $3.6 million annual increase!
“With the recent dismissal of attorneys on Hulk’s side and the addition of insurance company attorneys in the accident case, there should be a reduction, not increase,” says Ray Rafool, attorney for Linda Hogan. Rafool further adds, “This is a bogus attempt to bleed the frozen marital assets. The purpose of freezing marital assets during a divorce proceeding is to prevent either party from spending money that belongs to both parties. Linda is not allowed to touch that money either. We are not supporting Hulk Hogan’s poor financial choices or his indiscriminate spending habits to the detriment of the community estate. Documents reveal he is paying his attorneys far over and above what he needs to be paying them. We also feel these are not current expenses,” states Rafool.
Linda Hogan must live on the monthly amount the judge has allotted her, which is far less than what she is accustomed to. Hulk, on the other hand, requested in excess of $800k in additional funds, for last year alone. According to inside sources, Hulk is paying exorbitant sums to accountants to basically do nothing more than bookkeeping. Hulk also “employs” his girlfriend for $4,000 a month. During the marriage, sources close to the family indicate the success of the estate was largely due to Linda handling all the finances. Hulk lacks the ability to do so. Now Hulk is attempting to soak funds from frozen assets to pay myriad extraneous expenses. Ironically Hulk is the one who is dragging the divorce out far beyond the time frame it should have taken to settle.

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