Submarine Search And Rescue Exercise

Published: Thu 27 Nov 2008 10:31 AM
Submarine Search And Rescue Exercise
The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) will test their response to a potential Submarine accident by exercising search and rescue protocols in the Western Australian Exercise Area (WAXA) in Western Australia today.
In order to test the reactions of RAN vessels and support units, a simulated scenario will be initiated whereby a submarine, HMA Submarine FARNCOMB, will fail to rendezvous for a scheduled exercise. FARNCOMB will role play a disabled submarine throughout the exercise.
All RAN vessels and support units will be required to respond to initial advice of the scenario, giving details of their ability to participate in a full scale Search and Rescue activity to locate the submarine and determine if they are experiencing difficulties.
Any vessel that is capable of responding to the situation and is within a reasonable distance will be tasked to participate in the Search and Rescue. Warships and submarines in harbour and specialist rescue and recovery vessels in port are placed on standby.
“By testing the response of Navy vessels to an exercise scenario such as this, we give our people the opportunity to practice procedures that would be employed if there were to be a real scenario involving a submarine in distress,” said the Commander Australian Navy Submarine Group, Commodore Stephen Davies.
Should the exercise scenario escalate, additional warships, submarines, rescue and recovery vessels and specialist rescue teams could be despatched to the search area. Royal Australian Air Force aircraft may also participate in the Search and Rescue scenario.
To assist in the search for a missing submarine, the Operational Commander will be able to call upon the resources normally available to detect enemy submarines in wartime. Anti-submarine frigates, other submarines and Air Force search aircraft will use sophisticated sonar equipment to locate the submarine.

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