Volunteer To Help With Citizen Election Exit Poll

Published: Tue 28 Oct 2008 03:28 PM
Dear Friends of Election Integrity,
With over 95% of U.S. votes counted by machines that use secret software (such that no human being can know after an election what instructions the machines actually executed), and with no scientific, independent post-election manual audits in any state, and with no public oversight over ballot security in most states - there is no reason to trust in the accuracy of U.S. election results. Even the detailed methodology and data of the media pollsters is usually kept secret from the public.
Please help our country by volunteering to help with this citizen exit poll project (See below). It may be the only way to detect suspicious-looking vote patterns caused by vote miscount that could wrongly alter the outcomes of our November 2nd election.
The vulnerability of US voting systems to mass scale fraud has been well documented, but little has been done to establish meaningful checks. Bad as the last few elections have been, coming elections - including this one - could be worse. "Improvements" such as early and mail-voting []
and purging of voting roles []
continue to undermine election integrity and a wide variety of vote suppression []
portends poorly for what we may see on November 4.
One of the few ways to detect mass scale fraud under such conditions is an Election Verification Exit Poll [].
Such polls have been used around the world to ensure election integrity and have been used to overturn fraudulent national elections [].
On November 4, EI is engaged in a two-part exit polling effort:
(1) Our 3rd professional poll to determine and document whether official numbers reflect how people say they have cast their ballots, to investigate any discrepancies and to establish exit polling as a meaningful verification technique (see our May primary pilot project). []
(2) a Citizens Exit Poll with the Election Defense Alliance []
* extend our ability to ascertain the veracity of official reported voting results;
* detect specific indications of election fraud, which can be further investigated;
* develop citizen polling as a means to detect and deter fraud; and
* to give citizens the tools to take control of their elections and their government. volunteer button
The Election Verification Exit Poll project []
To properly prosecute these efforts, we need your help [].
I realized a long time ago that the idea of self-government based on pushing a button for one name or another every few years was inevitably a fantasy. In the end, self- government, or for that matter, good-government demands citizen involvement and oversight. So, please, volunteer []
or donate [].
Democracy depends on it.
Kathy Dopp
About Our Exit Polls: Video: Interview about exit polls and election verification []
Pilot poll to test and develop methodology: Kentucky Pilot Project Report (pdf) []
How to Conduct a Citizen's Exit Poll workshop [] (Video from the Ohio Election Protection Conference)
Interviews: Guernica Magazine Interview: No Exit (Election Q) []
Robert F Kennedy Jr: Was the 2004 Election Stolen? (Rolling Stone) []
TV (KPBS) 2004 Election Results Questioned [;id=7358]
* Radio: Debating Ron Thornburgh (HAVA) on Electronic Voting []
Presentation videos: Elections Can be Stolen, Have been Stolen and Will Continue to be Stolen []
National Media Reform Conference: Stolen Elections and the need for Media Reform []
Presentation slides and text: American Statistical Association debate with Warren Mitofsky []
American Association for Public Opinion Research: Deceptive Polling Practices []
Not just a fringe issue: Bloomberg News: Voter Fraud, a Red Herring []
For more news, join the Google Discusion Group []
About: Exit Polling [],
Election Verification Exit Polls [],

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