Remarks to the Media on Six-Party Talks

Published: Tue 26 Jun 2007 10:57 AM
Remarks to the Media on Six-Party Talks
Christopher R. Hill, Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs
Okura Hotel
Tokyo, Japan
June 20, 2007
QUESTION: Any new developments since last night?
ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE HILL: No, we’re looking forward to moving ahead with things.
QUESTION: Have you spoken with the North Koreans since yesterday?
A/S HILL: We’ve had conversations with them, yes. And we’re talking about the IAEA, making sure everything’s okay with them.
QUESTION: Is it okay to understand that they were satisfied about what the US has done on BDA issue?
A/S HILL: I think everything’s resolved on BDA.
QUESTION: Have they said that they’re satisfied?
A/S HILL: I didn’t ask them. It’s not my job to ask if they’ re satisfied. It’s not my profession.
QUESTION: Are they willing to welcome the IAEA still?
A/S HILL: Oh, absolutely. I think everything’s set for Tuesday for the IAEA. So you know, we’re okay. We’ve done a lot of work.
QUESTION: There’s no bump right now?
A/S HILL: Only that you’re standing in the way between me and my cup of coffee. No, no bumps in the road right now. But I’m sure there will be in the future.
QUESTION: In the future?
A/S HILL: Oh, who knows? Look, this is going to be a very long process, and we’re going to have problems. We’re going to have to get through the problems. Then we’ll have a couple of good days, then a bad day. It’ll just continue like that.

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