Lebanon Press Denounces Arrest Of Manar TV Journo

Published: Sun 11 Jan 2004 10:16 PM
Lebanese Press Federation Denounces Israeli Arrest of Manar's Correspondent
The head of Lebanese Press Federation Mohammed Baalbaki denounced the Israeli occupation troops' arrest of Al Manar correspondent in the occupied territories Deeb Hourani. Baalbaki said, "this action comes under the israeli enemy practices to suppress the Palestinian people and to violate press freedom via blacking out on all the crimes the enemy perpetrates on a daily basis against the Palestinian people.
Baalbaki called on "the Arab Press Union and the international press organizations to put an end to such Israeli practices that challenge the freedom of news reporting in particular and reporting on human rights in general."
Hourani was arrested by Israeli occupation troops early Wednesday January 7, 2004. His arrest aroused feelings of resentment among the residents of his hometown among the other Palestinian towns.
He was arrested with three other Palestinians branded by Israeli authorities as wanted. He was born in Kuwait in 1966. He left with his family to Jenin to live with his mother and sister after the martyrdom of his father. Now his steadfast mother keeps his things in order, confident that he will come back safe and sound.
Deeb’s mother said, "He was arrested in the First intifada. He was jailed for four years. Upon his release he went to Beit Hanoun where he studied computer engineering. Thanks God he got his license and worked in Al Farah Television. Then he became al Manar correspondent. There is nothing against it. This is the case with all journalists. The Israelis have journalists. Why do they kill and arrest the Palestinian journalists. There is nothing against them."
Fellow journalists said the arrest of Deeb targets the media coverage in the occupied territories that aim to disclose the many crimes perpetrated by Israeli occupation troops against civilians.
Saif Dahleh a cameraman said, "Israeli occupation troops always targets Palestinian journalists in an attempt to suppress the Palestinian image and the Palestinian voice."
Deeb’s relatives said this was not the first arrest attempt. Few months ago, Israeli occupation troops raided his house with the same aim in mind. Deeb’s uncle said, "I do not know why did they arrest him. Deeb took pain to give an authentic report on the news he covers."
Deeb Hourani has been al Manar correspondent for as many years. Thanks to his many acquaintances, Deeb could be informed about many of the Israeli aggressions and other events in the occupied territories.

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