Tao Climate Propels Sustainable Aviation: Airline CO2 Emissions Transformed Into Sustainable Housing

Published: Thu 21 Mar 2024 06:24 AM
Unique Model Uses Hemp to Remove CO2 from the Air, Hempcrete to Sequester the Carbon in Sustainable Housing
Dublin, Ireland - March 20, 2024 – In a groundbreaking endeavour poised to redefine the relationship between aviation emissions and sustainable living, Tao Climate proudly announces its visionary project to recycle CO2 emissions from aviation into sustainable housing. This innovative model leverages the power of hemp, harnessing its remarkable properties to remove CO2 from the air and sequester it within sustainable housing structures, thus mitigating the detrimental impacts of carbon emissions on our planet.
With the aviation industry contributing significantly to global carbon emissions, Tao Climate recognises the urgent need for innovative solutions to combat climate change. By transforming CO2 emissions into sustainable housing materials, the company not only addresses the environmental challenges posed by aviation but also pioneers a sustainable pathway towards a greener future. Hemp is also the perfect feedstock for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Tao Climate’s technology roadmap leads with the delivery of effective, measurable flight carbon offset products for sale to airline passengers, and expands to include the delivery of SAF feedstock at scale.
At the heart of Tao Climate's transformative model lies hemp, a versatile and eco-friendly resource renowned for its ability to quickly absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, at a rate of 15 tonnes/hectare in just 5 months (Source: European Commission). Through a meticulously designed process, Tao Climate harnesses the power of hemp to capture and store carbon emissions, effectively turning a byproduct of aviation into a valuable asset for sustainable construction. Tao’s technology solution efficiently measures all CO2 emissions, to deliver effective verification, trust, and transparency into carbon markets.
Moreover, Tao Climate's pioneering approach utilises hempcrete, a sustainable building material made from hemp hurd/shiv stalk fibres and lime binder, to sequester the captured carbon within the very fabric of sustainable housing. Hempcrete not only offers superior insulation properties but also serves as a carbon-negative building material, effectively locking away CO2 for the long term.
"We are thrilled to unveil our innovative vision of transforming aviation CO2 emissions into sustainable housing," said Gary Byrnes, CEO at Tao Climate. "Through the power of hemp and sustainable construction techniques, we are not only mitigating the environmental impact of aviation but also creating a tangible solution that promotes sustainable living. This marks a significant step towards our commitment to combat climate change and build a more resilient future for generations to come."
"By harnessing the transformative potential of hemp and sustainable construction, Tao Climate is not only revolutionising the way we approach aviation emissions but also leading the charge towards a more sustainable future,” said Felix Roick, COO at Tao Climate. “Our vision is to redefine what's possible, turning challenges into opportunities to build a world where environmental responsibility and technological innovation go hand in hand."
Tao Climate's pioneering initiative exemplifies the fusion of environmental stewardship and technological innovation, showcasing the potential for transformative solutions to address the pressing challenges of climate change. By reimagining the lifecycle of carbon emissions, Tao Climate sets a new standard for sustainability in aviation and beyond.
As the world grapples with the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change, Tao Climate's visionary approach offers a mechanism that can deliver measurable, meaningful outcomes. Through collaboration, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, we can forge a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet and future generations.
Tao Climate, a greentech software company, is committed to utilising technology for a positive, measurable impact on the environment and addressing the urgent challenge of climate change. Tao Climate’s mission is to unite industrial hemp growers and makers worldwide, to capture and permanently sequester CO2. By offering high quality carbon credits for sale to airline passengers, Tao Climate generates additional funds for industrial hemp growers and makers globally, ultimately increasing hemp production and closing the UN Emissions Gap of 23Gt of CO2 per year. The company’s proven model ensures the safe sequestration of captured CO2 for decades, in sustainable housing. Tao Climate delivers systemic solutions to the climate and housing crises, at scale.
Tao Climate is proud to be a selected member of Google's Startups for Sustainable Development program, leveraging a uniquely powerful competitive advantage from participation in the program. Tao Climate welcomes enquiries from companies that want to effectively manage their carbon footprints by building a better world.

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