Revolutionize Ocean Conservation: End Bottom Trawling And Dredging

Published: Wed 27 Sep 2023 05:51 AM
Independent Whangarei Candidate Fiona Green thinks bottom trawling and dredging should be phased out because they have significant negative impacts on marine ecosystems.
"Bottom trawling involves dragging a large net along the seafloor to catch fish and other organisms living on or near the bottom. This method is incredibly destructive as it indiscriminately sweeps up everything in its path, damaging seafloor habitats, and marine life," she says.
Dredging, on the other hand, involves scooping up sediment from the seafloor to extract valuable resources such as minerals or building materials.
"This practice disrupts the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and destroys critical habitats for various species," she says.
Both bottom trawling and dredging not only cause immediate physical damage but also have long-lasting repercussions by destabilizing ecosystems and reducing biodiversity.
"It is crucial to recognize the urgency of phasing out these destructive practices and embracing more sustainable fishing and resource extraction methods that prioritize the health and preservation of our oceans," says Fiona.

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