CEAC – Government - Stop NZTA Being Anti-rail.

Published: Tue 7 Apr 2020 09:26 AM
CEAC again reviewed the NZTA National Land Transport Programme “2021–24 NLTP development” plan and CEAC is shocked that NZTA has assumed itself as “Transport Agency” - but is only a Gov’t designated “Road controlling authority” (RTA)
NZTA is now solidly ‘anti-rail’ in the NLTP plan; - contrary to Government policy to use more rail.This use of NZTA over biased dismissing rail must be stopped and heads must roll Government.
We are highly critical of NZTA not including local communities into the ‘planning’ consultation under NZTA’s plan for NLTP and not taking Government directives onboard like investing in rail, plus considering the carbon emissions and climate change directives and the new ‘Local community well-being Act’ of 2019, perhaps that is why NZTA made so many errors seen here?There was a distinct lack of care given by the MBIE bureaucrats in Wellington obviously not hearing the community’s views and needs as the government is? review of this NZTA 4th December 2019 transport document above shows why.Consider this opening statement; Quote;“2021–31 Regional Summary Gisborne – Version 1 for engagement
AT A GLANCE Our focus in Gisborne is to help create a safer, more resilient transport system. One that can support a lift in social and economic outcomes for local communities, maintain critical connections to neighbouring regions and enable growth. Our focus is also to help provide appropriate levels of service across networks while increasing use of public transport, walking and cycling.”Unquote;Questions are;If NZTA wants to “help create a safer, more resilient transport system” then where was rail mentioned here?
· Then on the next page it says “Gisborne is one of the country’s most remote regions and home to 48 000 people” so If Gisborne is so isolated then isn’t this more reason to provide a safe rail journey?Next page it says; quote;“GISBORNE TOMORROW The population is forecast to reach at 50,000 in 2028,1 with growth heavily focused in Gisborne city. Elsewhere, rural communities are projected to decline.1 If current settlement patterns continue it could increase reliance on private vehicles and make journey times longer”NZTA said; “it could increase reliance on private vehicles and make journey times longer”We suggest that if no rail service is available to lower truck volumes, that will make road travel more hazardous.Next page; more errors here;
Quote; “Coastal erosion, sea level rise, flooding, storm intensity is forecast to increase over the next 30 years raising risk to communities and the road and rail network. This will add to existing resilience challenges due to steep-to-hilly country and a large proportion of land that is unstable and susceptible to erosion”. Unquote.
CEAC wants to make a correction to NZTA submission; - For your information NZTA we have a partly damaged washout & cut off rail network since 2012.
NZTA you should know as it was you that oversaw it’s closure and who took the $4 million dollars provided to fix the washouts and instead used the funds for a couple of highway 2 passing lanes, that insulted our community by showing this arrogant misuse of rail funding for roads.
Then on the last page; “KEY INSIGHTS”quote;
• “Gisborne’s social and economic opportunities are dependent on connections north to the Bay of Plenty and south to Hawke’s Bay, to support key industries, enable visitors and allow communities to thrive. Providing a safer and more reliable journey is important on these routes, particularly through the Waioeka Gorge. Consideration should also be given as to whether rail freight can support the region’s economy.”Unquote;
NZTA astonishingly said; “Consideration should also be given as to whether rail freight can support the region’s economy.”CEAC now are strongly saying;if tourism is expanding.along with well as exports.Then we will need rail for all those reasons.Most importantly along with our ‘community health and well-being’.Again to use Winston Peters words here; “It is just common sense”.

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