Our Nations Identity Crisis

Published: Thu 4 Apr 2019 05:29 PM
Choosing not to hear, or take into consideration the voice of everyday New Zealanders has never been as prevalent as what we are seeing now with the government’s agenda in the coming weeks.
This government appears to operate under a genuine false belief of entitlement, assuming the right to autocratically discard our founding values, culture and faith that New Zealand established itself on in 1840 when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. Advisors on the 9th floor of the beehive have failed to hear a large faction of individual taxpayers, who keep them in their jobs. Our elected MPs, that fill seats in this government, have lost touch with the voters.
• The Prime Minister has abused her executive office when she unilaterally commandeered tax payer funded broadcasting channels to publicly fund the Islamic call to prayer.
• The Prime Minister has inconsistent policy with regards to religion. Her government removed the Name of Jesus from Parliamentary prayer – yet has allowed the propagation of Islam over our airwaves.
• They are hastily reviewing our hate speech law, limiting free speech
• Without a doubt our gun laws need updating, however the Prime Minister is setting a dangerous precedent by rushing through gun laws without adequate public or expert consultation – this violates democratic parliamentary process but more importantly sets the precedence of creating bad law.
The Prime Minister leads her government in an unprecedented and unorthodox manner showing no sign of understanding the pathway she is steering our country down.
Ms Adern is either completely naive or unaware that the decisions being made will have negative effects on the New Zealand we know. In my view, she has abused her executive powers over the country she leads.
It is not the Muslim community who are asking for the token gestures we are currently witnessing. It is the liberal leftism of our decision-makers and government! They are using recent tragedies, their position and power to push their liberal agenda.
• Did the Muslim community ask for their Islamic prayer to be played over the airwaves……I understand, No!
• Did the Muslim community ask for their Islamic prayer to open New Zealands Parliament……I understand, No!
• Did the Muslim community ask that women wear their Hijab….I understand, No!
• Did the Muslim community ask that the name of the Crusaders is changed….I understand, No!
• Did the Muslim community insist that an Islamic prayer be included in ANZAC commemorations….I understand, No!
In an Islamic country we would not question these gestures. In Islamic Nations, death to Christians (with figures being in the hundreds in recent months) struggle to get published in the obituraries of those national papers.
Now it is time to stand up and be heard, and remind ourselves that freedom of speech, as this government proudly claims to champion, should be desired and encouraged. We should not be fearful and allow the often loudly opinionated miniority of individual leftists, keyboard warriors or armchair revolutionaries to silence our own views and concerns that an increasing number of New Zealanders share.
When I speak to NZ Muslims, they ask “why do Kiwi’s not uphold their own country’s founding faith?” When I am in large Maori gatherings I’m asked “why did NZ, and specifically the last Labour Government, not convey their empathy and grief over the Tuhoe raids and share the same sentiments?” Or when I am asked by the ethnic groups in our communities “This government preaches human rights and anti racism so why has it taken 9 months, and counting, to appoint the Race Relations Commissioner?”
I like other New Zealanders, am embarrassed. Partly because of how we portray ourselves to the rest of the world with our highly sought after and desirable image. I am embarrassed because as New Zealanders I know we should, and could, be doing better.
So my question to the Prime Minister is…
Ms Adern, will you stop using Christchurch to advance your agenda, be it personal or political? Or will the Christchurch shooter, who by your decree “shall remain unnamed”, quietly go down in the unwritten books, as the “monster” who took a coalition government struggling to relate and communicate any sort of vision, to new and unforeseen heights? All done by way of compromising our countries values and culture along the way.
I end by telling New Zealanders, this is not about me being a religious leader, the Bishop of Destiny Church or a Christian.
This is about being a New Zealander! This view has been reinforced by the hundreds that I have engaged with and the thousands that written to me over the past weeks.
The latest example of suggesting that the Muslim prayer be acknowledge on ANZAC day, should be a stern warning to us all, that the leadership of this country is opening a door which will be hard to shut once ajar. This week it is the stomping on the graves of our war heroes through the Titahi Bay RSA decision that will only be the beginning of what is to come when dealing with our Nation’s Identity Crisis.

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