The Nation: Patrick Gower interviews Mike Lindell

Published: Sat 12 Nov 2016 04:22 PM
On The Nation: Patrick Gower interviews Mike Lindell
Youtube clips from the show are available here.
Trump supporter and pillow entrepreneur Mike Lindell talks to Newshub political editor Patrick Gower about how Donald Trump won the presidency.
Mike Lindell: When he came in with his family behind him, when he came in to announce that he’d been elected, you know, you could see the humbleness. And all of them — from him all the way down, even his children — were ready to cry. It was just like a… it was just an amazing feeling. I’ve never… You know, they’ve never been politicians, none of them, and they’re just, like… It was a different— We all felt it, and we all felt, you know… It was amazing.
Patrick Gower: And what was so amazing about it? The change that happened in America last night, the victory by Donald Trump?
You felt the whole change. You felt the change of what, you know… This change of this stuff we’ve been dealing with, it’s almost like dragging us through mud, and we don’t have the answers, and years go by, and then another four years go by, and we don’t have the answers of what, you know… They make promises. Politicians make promises — ‘We’re going to do this for the inner cities. We’re going to help those people. We’re going to help that people’ — just to get votes, and then you don’t hear from them. They’re not hands-on with the people, and we don’t hear from them for four more years, and then this goes on again. And Mr Trump, who I know personally, that’s not going to happen. We’re going to hear from him all the time. He’s not going to break his promises. That’s the difference.
So how would you sum up what happened, then?
When they said it’s a movement, I would say what happened was, because all the polls was wrong, this was a miracle; this was from God. How else do you explain every poll being wrong? These are polls done by everybody in the country, everybody in the world, basically, doing their own polls, going, ‘Oh, you know, Mr Trump’s going to lose. It’s just by how much. It should be off by that much.’ It wasn’t even close. This was divine intervention. This was like, you know…
Well, how did he win, then? Who voted for him? You know, who voted for him?
The people who voted for him are the silent majority. The people who voted are the silent majority. Political correctness has just run so rampant in this country, and everybody is afraid to say anything any more, to stick up for themselves and to be who they are. ‘You can’t do this. You can’t do that.’ Everybody lives in fear.
Sure. So Donald Trump taps into that, doesn’t he?
He taps into the silent majority that have been the unheard. We’ve been unheard, you know. I guess partially I bet there’s a big majority that never voted, so we have no one to blame but ourselves — some of us that didn’t vote in past elections.
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