Chris Brown support indefensible, says advocacy group

Published: Fri 2 Oct 2015 09:43 AM
Chris Brown support indefensible, says advocacy group
The group that raised concerns last year about rap group Odd Future says it is alarmed at the support Chris Brown is receiving from a growing number of high profile individuals including from another five prominent Maori women this afternoon.
Stop Demand, which works to combat the sexual denigration of women, says that while it welcomed genuine cases of redemption, it does not believe that Mr Brown is a changed man.
Founder Denise Ritchie said that behaviours such as violence against women do not take place in a vacuum; they are fuelled by attitudes and beliefs. The group believes that if Brown had truly reformed, his change of attitudes would be reflected in his more recent lyrics. Not so.
It points to lyrics in Brown’s latest 2015 album “Fan Of A Fan: The Album” performed with rapper Tyga that include:
- ‘I’m known to keep my bi*ches on a leash nigga’ (Bi*ches N Marijuana);
- ‘Ho, shut the fu*k up’ (I Bet)
- ‘Make her lift her skirt up, if she nervous I’m a pervert/I be in the pus*y deep, a nigga fu*kin’ up her cervex’ (I Bet)
- ‘Any nigga tryna fu*k my bi*ch/Then its off with his head’ (Remember Me)
- ‘she cook and clean and I got it made/Handcuff like she a slave’ (Remember Me)
- ‘I need you on all fours/Now a*s up, face down… I got the camera recordin’’ (Lights Out)
- ‘I’mma take her a*s down when she bring her friend around/Fu*k ‘em both’ (Ayo)
- ‘I’m the man with these bi*ches, if you watchin’, pay attention/You shoulda left her in the kitchen’ (She Goin’ Up)
A review of all tracks on the 2015 album painted a bleak, women-denigrating picture, says Ritchie. “Young women are referred to as “bi*ch” or “bi*ches” over 80 times. They are positioned as the sexual property of men (‘my bi*ch/ your bi*ch’) and reduced primarily to ‘pus*y’, ‘a*s’ or ‘booty’, whose worth is largely reduced to sex as men want it, and on demand.”
Dame Tariana Turia’s comment this afternoon, that Brown’s lyrics “was the way that young people today spoke” is a huge over-generalisation and worthy of challenge, says Stop Demand. It is precisely such toxic, male-privileging, women-denigrating messages and language, amongst a likely minority, that lies at the heart of issues like domestic violence. To support any man who speaks about women in such derogatory terms, as being a suitable advocate against domestic violence and a healthy role model for youth, is indefensible.
To avoid accusations of ‘cherry-picking’ extreme examples, excerpts from tracks off Brown’s 2015 album “Fan Of A Fan: The Album” are below
(Warning: graphic.)
Westside: all six bi*ches; that bi*ch; party with bi*ches; that pus*y leak; bring your a*s.
Nothin’ Like Me: your bi*ch; my new bi*ch; bi*ch; call that bi*ch; drill bi*ches; I’m on your a*s; I fu*ked his granddaughter; got pus*y calling.
Ayo: all my bi*ches; fu*king bi*ches three ways; I make that bi*ch walk; I can spot your bi*ch; but my bi*ch; got your bi*ch; I’m gonna take her a*s down when she bring her friend around/fu*k ‘em both; my hobby’s her body; that pus*y’s my lobby; hope my dic*’s too conceited; that pus*y.
Girl You Loud: bi*ch; that a*s; I swear this time no foreplay and games/shoot it straight to your naval ring, put it back in, go again.
Remember Me: when I pull out [during sex], bi*ch nervous, better ride this wave – bi*ch; bi*ch I aint; I don’t trust her as far as I can throw the bi*ch; any nigga tryna fu*k my bi*ch/then its off with his head; got that pus*y on my mind; show that a*s; make that pus*y remember me; her booty; all that a*s; girl, you better keep them legs open; [on taking girl out for a meal] that’s too much work for the pus*y/I don’t work for the pus*y; bi*ch I ain’t got time to play, I need it now, not a minute late; her new name A*s-Zilla, that pus*y tight; that’s my bae/she cook and clean and I got it made/handcuff like she a slave, her a*s on my mind; I dream booty.
I Bet: Ho, shut the fu*k up; balling like a bi*ch; bring some bi*ches; your bi*ch; bi*ch; bi*ch; I bet your bi*ch’ll be ready, why your bi*ch wanna bang with me?; make her lift her skirt up, if she nervous I’m a pervert/I be in the pus*y deep, a nigga fu*kin’ up her cervex, I gave her fu*k, I’ve been playing with the pus*y, after the thuggin’ I be nuttin’ in her mouth; ho.
D.G.I.F.U: you barely maintain your bi*ch; don’t predict, bi*ch, what I’m gonna do; look who talkin’, bi*ch, fu*kin’ with a bad bi*ch, nigga, you a geek, still talkin’ ‘bout me fu*king yo’ bi*ch; I lick the pus*y; ho sh*t; I got a bunch of bad hoes and a wife on the side; we pilin’ all of your whores.
Better: them bi*ches ‘round you.
Lights Out: I’m makin’ that pus*y leak, you a bad mothafu*ka, I need you on all fours/Now a*s up, face down../ I got the camera recordin’…/Makin’ that pus*y too soft. That a*s is the bomb; the pus*y what I’m missin’.
Real One: bi*ches overnight it; I know them bi*ches; that’s some good pus*y.
Bi*ches N Marijuana: got bi*ches n marijuana; I might just be right with my bi*ch; our bi*ches; your bi*ch; I’m known to keep my bi*ches on a leash nigga… I dic* your bi*ch down then I walk out; bi*ch you looking silly.
She Goin’ Up: I’ma take nigga’s bi*ch; I’m the man with these bi*ches; your bi*ch; got a bad bi*ch; you shoulda left her in the kitchen; she used to kiss it for you, now she swallow me; pus*y open.
Wrong In The Right Way: real bi*ch, trill bi*ch; gave my bi*ch; bi*ches ain’t loyal; said she on her period, she told me just to fu*k her face; when I get that a*s in my bed, Imma bust her head open; pu*sy purr.
Bunkin: my bi*ch; my bi*ch grind; fu*king bi*ches; your main bi*ch; my bi*ch; a super bad bi*ch; that bi*ch; your bi*ch choosy, I told that bi*ch; my bi*ch; she only clap that a*s for me; the pu*sy; yo a*s; your booty
Banjo: guess it’s ho season (bi*ch); bunch of bad bi*ches; bi*ches looking for a sponsorship; bi*ch I throw racks; this bi*ch; model bi*ches; I’m a nigga with money bi*ch; ice the bi*ch; alley-oop bi*ch; a bi*ch with some real hair; the pus*y; all the hoes in the party; ho season; that a*s; tryna dance in that pus*y; I take that pus*y; you know a nigga play whores; I play with pus*y; that booty; that a*s; dance in that pus*y; I’m advancing these strippers; I got my hand on the pus*y; then she say she got a twin, I started fu*king her sister.

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